Shiavault was built with the mission of making Islamic books maximally accessible. Shiavault strives to serve as a central repository of books for Shia Islamic knowledge, with a focused goal of content aggregation and content quality.

The vision of Shiavault is to leverage Islam's human capital by creating an open-source, collaborative project for any Muslim to contribute to. The differentiating factors of Shiavault compared to other existing organizations include:

It must be understood that Shiavault is a content aggregator, thus significant appreciation goes towards organizations such as Al-Islam.org and Alhassanian.org that have created the content in the first place, and to the authors and publishers that have contributed their content. In the big picture, Shiavault is standing on the shoulder of giants and hoping to contribute back to the community by leveraging the technical savviness of its team.

We sincerely hope the site helps you in your quest to understand Islam, and we hope you find the answers you are looking for.