Transliteration Table

The method of transliteration of Islamic terminology from the Arabic language has been carried out according to the standard transliteration table mentioned below.

ء ‘ ض z ا a ط t ب b ظ z ت t ع ' ث th غ gh ج j ف f ح H ق q خ kh ك k د d ل l ذ dh م m ر r ن n ز z و w س s ي y ش sh ه h ص s Long Vowels Short Vowels ا a ـــَـــ a و u ـــُـــ u ي i ـــِـــ i (s.w.t.) - Free from Imperfections and Exalted is He
(s.a.w.) - Prayers be upon him and his family
(a.s.) - Peace be upon him
(s.a.) - Peace be upon her