A Guidebook for Women on Rites of Hajj

According to the Rulings of Ayatullah Ali as-Sistani

This is a guidebook from a series of Guidebooks that aim to answer all the questions a woman would have in relation to Islamic issues in order to help them gain more Ma'rifat and Spirituality in their religious acts. This guide is according to the rulings of Grand Ayatollah Ali AI-Husayni Al-Seestani.

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  1. Presentation
  2. Preface
  3. Personality of Woman and Hajj
  4. Conditions for Pilgrimage
  5. Hajj by Appointing a Deputy (Niyaabat)
  6. Umra al-Mufrada
  7. Types of Pilgrimage
  8. Philosophy behind Miqat
  9. Rituals of Umra-ut-Tamatu
  10. Philosophy of Ihram
  11. Philosphy of Circumambulation (Tawaf)
  12. Hajj al-Tammatu
  13. Obligatory Acts in Mina
  14. Philosophy behind Circumambulation of Nisa
  15. Philosophy Behind Prohibitions In Ihram
  16. Miscellaneous Issues
  17. Glossary