76. The Semi-Diptotes

The Semi-Diptotes is another category that includes colors, the elative patterns of adjectives and some broken plural patterns. They behave like Diptotes and, therefore, they do not take Nunation and they take the accusative marker for the genitive case.

The ruler is on a green book.                  ألمِسطرَةُ علی کتابٍ أخضرَ .

They (m) study in private schools.يُدَرِّسونَ في مَدارسَ خاصَّةٍ.

I talked to a girl who was taller than her sister.تکلـَّمتُ مع بنتٍ أطولَ من أختِها.

However, they can take the definite article. When they do, they behave like regular nouns or adjectives.

**ألمِسطرَةُ علی الکتابِ الأخضرِ.**

**يُدَرِّسونَ في المَدارس ِ الخاصَّةِ.       **

.**تکلـَّمتُ مع البنتِ ال** أ **طول ِ من أختِها**