A Journey To The Fact

This book tries to answer some serious questions and respond to related doubts concerning faith and belief in God. It also discusses the reasons why some religious people let others go astray.

Originally found in Al-Islam.org. Please support their great work!
  1. Translator’s Preface
  2. Obligation.. Doubt.. Who Is God?!
  3. Anxiety And Prayer
  4. The Conscientious Reason
  5. Doubt… Certainty
  6. God Or Nature
  7. Organization Proof
  8. Can Chance Be Considered A Proof?
  9. Monotheistic Proof
  10. Accident…Again
  11. Rational And Evaluation Reasoning
  12. Mind and Freedom
  13. The Impossibility of Succession
  14. The Evidence of Intention
  15. The Philosophy of Contradiction
  16. The End