A New Perspective: Women in Islam

"A New Perspective" is a dialogue between an Islamic scholar and a Muslim woman. The book discusses and expounds various issues regarding the rights and laws that pertain to women in Islam, and unwraps some of the distorted images and misconceptions that surround Muslim women.

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  1. Presentation
  2. About the Authors
  3. Introduction By Sayyid Al-Qazwini
  4. Introduction by Fatma Saleh
  5. Preliminary Notes
  6. Chapter 1: Seeking Clarity
  7. Chapter 2: Matrimonial Rights, Adolescence, Mahr
  8. Chapter 3: Divorce, Divorce and Mahr, Proprietorship
  9. Chapter 4: Hijab (Veiling)
  10. Chapter 5: Child-Custody
  11. Chapter 6: Testifying & Judging
  12. Chapter 7: Disciplinary Action
  13. Chapter 8: Polygamy
  14. Chapter 9: Inheritance
  15. Epilogue
  16. References
  17. Glossary of Arabic Terms