A Shi'ite Creed

This text is a translation of one of the most important works of Shayh Saduq; it presents a summary of all of the core tenets of the Shi'ite creed.

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  1. The Author
  2. Introduction
  3. Tract on The Beliefs of The Shi'a Imamiya
  4. The Belief of The Imamiya Concerning Tawhid
  5. Attributes Of (His) Essence And Of (His) Actions
  6. Belief Concerning Taklif (Responsibility)
  7. The Belief In Respect Of Human Actions
  8. Regarding the Denial of Both Constraint And Delegation
  9. The Belief Concerning (Allah's) Intention (Irada) And Will (Mashi'a)
  10. Concerning (qada') Destiny And Decree (qadar)
  11. Concerning Man's Original Nature (fitra) And His True Guidance (hidaya)
  12. Belief In The Capacity Of Human Beings (al-istita'a)
  13. Regarding the Source of Creation (mabda' )
  14. Concerning Abstention From Disputation (jadal) And Contention About Allah (mira')
  15. Concerning The Tablet (lawh) And The Pen (qalam)
  16. Regarding The Chair (Kursi)
  17. Concerning The Throne
  18. Concerning Souls (nufus) And Spirits (arwah )
  19. Concerning Death (mawt )
  20. Concerning The Questioning In The Grave
  21. Concerning Resurrection (Raj'a)
  22. Concerning Return (Ba'th) After Death
  23. Concerning The Pond (al-Hawd)
  24. Concerning Intersession (ash-shafa'a)
  25. Concerning The Promise (al-wa`d) And The Threat (al-wa'id)
  26. Concerning What is Written Against The Slave
  27. Concerning Justice (al-'adl)
  28. Concerning Purgatory (al-A'raf)
  29. Concerning The Bridge (as-Sirat)
  30. Passes On the Road to Mahshar
  31. Concerning The Reckoning (al-hisab) And The Scales (al-mawazin)
  32. Concerning The Garden (al-janna) And The Fire (an-nar)
  33. The Manner Of Descent Of Revelation (nuzulu'l-wahy)
  34. Revelation Of The Qur'an In The Night Of Power
  35. The Belief Concerning The Qur'an
  36. Concerning the Extent of The Qur’an
  37. Concerning Prophets Apostles, Imams And Angels
  38. The Number of Prophets And Vicegerents
  39. Concerning Infallibility ('isma)
  40. The Denial Of Excess And Delegation
  41. Belief Concerning Evil Doers
  42. Concerning Dissimulation (Taqiyya)
  43. The Ancestors Of The Prophet
  44. Concerning The Alids ('alawiya)
  45. Concerning Reports Detailed And Summary
  46. Concerning Prohibition And Permission
  47. Concerning The Reports Regarding Medicine
  48. Concerning Two Divergent Traditions