Majority Vs. Minority (part Vii)

Tradition #12 continued:

... O' Hisham! God has condemned majority as criterion of truth with the words:

"And if you obey the majority of those on earth, they will lead you astray from the path of God. [6:116]"

"And if you ask them: Who created the heavens and the earth? Certainly they will say Allah. Say: All praise belongs to Allah. Nay, but the majority of them have no knowledge. [31:25]"

{my comment: the majority mentioned in the above verse is the majority of believers since the verse mentions that they believe in Allah}

"And if you ask them: Who sends down water from heaven thereby revives the earth after it's death? Certainly they will say Allah. Say: All praise be to Allah. Nay, but most of them have no understanding. [29:63]"

and He said: "... but most of them do not know {6:37, 7:131, 8:34, 10:55, 27:61, 28:57, 39:49, 44:39, 52:47]"

and said: "... and most of them have no understanding [5:103]"

and said: "... but most of them are not thankful [10:60, 27:73]"

O' Hisham! On the contrary, Allah has praised the minority, by saying:

"Few of My servants are thankful. [34:13]"

and also said: "... And how few they are! [38:24]"

and said: "... and those who believed, and they did not believed with him (Noah) but a few [11:40]"

Shi'ite reference: Usul al-Kafi, Arabic-English version, part 1, pp 31-49, Tradition #12

Love of a Friend

There was a friend of Amir al-Muminin, a good and believing man, who unfortunately fell into error, and who had to be punished. Imam Ali cut off the fingers of his right hand. The man took hold of his cut hand, with the blood dripping from it, with his left hand and went away. He was then instigated by a seditious Kharijite, who wanted to take advantage of the course of events for his own party and against Imam Ali, so he came up to the man with an utter of compassion and said:

Who cutt your hands off?

The Chief of the Prophet's successors, he said, the leader of the untainted ones at the Resurrection, the most righteous among the believers, Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Imam of Right Guidance, cutt of the fingers of my right hand ..... the first to reach the Gardens of Felicity, the hero of the brave, the avenger against the promoters of ignorance, the giver of zakat .... the leader on the right and the perfect path, the speaker of what is true and appropriate, the Champion of Mecca, the steadfast exceller.

Poor you! said the man, he cutt of your hands, and You extol him thus!

Why should I not extol him, replied the companion, now that his friendship is mixed with my flesh and blood? I swear by God that he did not cutt off my hand except with a right that God has established.

Such was the love, attraction and the affection of the companion for Ali.

Sunni reference: Tafsir al-Kabir, by Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, v9 - Under the explanation of the chapter of al-Kahf - 9 ]

Shi'i reference: Bihar al-Anwar, v40, pp 281-282

On Imam Ali (AS)

Kufa was now the seat of the Islamic rule. The entire Muslim world with the exception of Damascus looked towards Kufa for guidance. They travelled to Kufa often.

Two men were in each other's company on the road to Kufa. One was a muslim and the other was a non muslim. As they progressed, the non muslim traveller asked his companion:

I am going further than Kufa, to a small village where I live. Where are You going?

His muslim companion said:

I live in Kufa

They proclaimed happily, discussing various things, helping each other, all in a spirit of cordiality. When they drew near to Kufa, the non muslim took a side road towards his village. Just as he was about to bid farewell, he observed that his muslim companion was coming with him.

Didn't you tell me that You are going to Kufa where You lived? The muslim replied Yes of course On this the non muslim inquired Then why were you coming this way? That is the only road leading to Kufa?

I know, said the muslim, But we have long been companions. Our Prophet (PBUH&HF) said that when two are companions to each other on a journey they have obligations and duties towards each other. You gave me company and now it is my duty to follow You a few steps and then make a gentle departure.

No wonder that Your Prophet (PBUH&HF) managed to spread his faith so quickly. His (PBUH&HF) teachings were indeed great.

And then it so happened that once the same non muslim entered Kufa. There he found that his muslim companion had been none other but the Khalifa of his time, Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS). He soon became a muslim and remained the most faithful of companion of the Imam.

To judge Your own souls before the time of judging of your action arrives. Make an assessment of Yourself before You are called upon to account for Your conduct in this existence. [ Imam Ali (AS)