A Strife-free Dialogue (A Step towards Understanding)

This book aims to establish a suitable method of communication with Wahhabis to familiarize them with Shi‘ism, and to prepare a proper ground for their conversion to the school of thought of the Household of the Prophet, peace be upon them.

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  1. Transliteration Symbols
  2. Introduction
  3. The Primary Discourse
  4. How to Present the Imamiyyah School of Thought to the Wahhabis
  5. Stage 1: There is No Association between the Shi‘ism and the Ghulat
  6. Stage 2: Analytical Study of the Imamiyyah
  7. Stage 3: A Meticulous Understanding of the Imamiyyah’s Faith
  8. The Epilogue: The Future Belongs to the Shi‘ism