Introduction Hussain - the Universalist Preface

( 05 )

Imam Hussain (a.s.) has been the source of much interest for scores of writers and researchers. His revolt against the autocratic rule of Yezid, of the Umayyad dynasty, has been a particular magnet for this flurry of writing

However, there remains a vast area yet to be discovered about this great revolutionary, not least because he so closely emulated his father, Imam Ali (a.s.) and his grandfather - Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.). In this regard, it is worth noting that, in his praise, the Prophet said, "Hussain and I are one".

In this booklet, the author discusses Imam Hussain's revolt in brief as he had already examined the revolt in great detail in his monumental work "The Hussaini Epic - al-Malhamal Hussainiyyah".

The author differs with the arguments of mainstream biographers and historiographers. Though this does not mean that we must agree with every detail he has put forward, the opinions expressed in this text are novel and worthy of pondering.

And despite the brevity of the booklet, the approach is far from ambiguous; it is direct, clear and to the point. Thus, reading the booklet will, no doubt, serve in some measure to get to grips with the subject matter of Imam Hussain's revolt. A rising that has been a symbol of Shi'ism and Alawite gallantry and a bravery that has characterised this Muslim School of Thought,

i.e. the followers of the Progeny of the Prophet (s.a.w.).

We take pride in presenting this great work of the martyr Murtadha Mutahhari about the life and sacrifices of the Lord of martyrs Imam Hussain (a.s.). This is also a manifestation and recognition of the played Hussaini rising in supporting the umma's work with sublime principles for which the Imam laid his life.

In the end, I pray to Allah, the Most High to bestow success on us all and guide us to that which is capable and worthy of bringing us closer to Him.