All Solutions are with the Prophet’s Progeny

In this text, the author Al-Tijani Al-Samawi tries to present the idea that a contemporary Muslim, who lives in the civilization of the twentieth century and faces different challenges, cannot abide by the Islamic Sharia correctly unless he follows and associates with the Immaculate Progeny of the Prophet (S). The fact that the Holy Qur'an and the Prophet’s Sunna have been liable to misinterpretation and distortion creates more need for us to understand more the need of the infallible Imams to guide us and provide the correct interpretations as teachers and experts of the holy Qur’an.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Preface
  3. This is the true Islam
  4. The Ahlul Bayt are the natural continuity of the Mission of their grandfather
  5. Keeping to religion in the past and the present
  6. Is Islam difficult so that people cannot comply with it?
  7. Does Islam accept development?
  8. The political problems created by civilization
  9. Enjoining of good and forbidding of the wrong
  10. Modern man and the lenient religion
  11. The Shia in brief
  12. Today, I have perfected for you your religion…
  13. Striving to remain firm on guidance
  14. The Shia are the followers of the Sunna, but…
  15. Every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala
  16. The Shia and the prayer
  17. The Shia and the Friday Prayer
  18. Smoking in the places of prayer
  19. I bear witness that Ali is the Friend of Allah
  20. Epilogue to the previous chapters
  21. The Shia and the Sunni refute the Wahabis
  22. Kharijites’ doubt in the past and Wahabis’ in the present are the same
  23. Argument with one of the Wahabi ulema
  24. The Prophet refutes the Wahabis and their misleading
  25. The companions seek the blessing of the Prophet’s hair
  26. Companions and caliphs seek blessings in the Prophet’s belongings after his death
  27. The Prophet admits seeking blessing and teaches it to his companions
  28. Muhammad is a human not like other humans, but as corundum among gems
  29. Seeking healing by the Prophet’s blessing
  30. Wahabism has historical roots
  31. Wahabism prohibits visiting of graves
  32. The Ahlul Bayt and a modern Muslim
  33. The solution is in the Ahlul Bayt’s school
  34. This is the wudhu’
  35. This is the prayer
  36. This is the Zakat
  37. Temporary marriage and its importance
  38. Woman is wronged among us
  39. Temporary marriage is the very solution
  40. Temporary marriage was legislated for woman’s welfare
  41. Temporary marriage and its benefits
  42. This is al-Mahdi
  43. “Then I was Guided” is the Ahlul Bayt’s book
  44. “Then I was Guided” in the court
  45. Reference Books