An Overview of The Mahdi’s (‘atfs) Government

The Shi‘ah is waiting for the Living Imam (‘atfs) for waiting for his advent is one of the highest forms of worship. From the Shi‘ah viewpoint of history, the world will certainly witness the government of justice of the Imam of the Time (‘atfs) and tyrannical systems will cease to exist. In An Overview of the Mahdi’s Government, the esteemed author deals with an issue that is rarely discussed in the study of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs). He delves into the manner of the Imam’s uprising, government system and method of rule.

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  1. Transliteration Symbols
  2. Foreword
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction
  5. Part 1: The World before the Advent of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs)
  6. Governments
  7. The Religious Condition of the People
  8. Morality before the Advent of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs)
  9. Security before the Advent of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs)
  10. The Economic Condition of the World During the Advent of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs)
  11. The Rays of Hope
  12. Part 2: The Global Revolution of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs)
  13. The Uprising of the Imam of the Time (‘atfs)
  14. The Leader of the Uprising
  15. The Soldiers of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs)
  16. The Wars of Imam al-Mahdi (‘afs)
  17. Hidden Help
  18. Imam al-Mahdi’s Mode of Conduct with Enemies
  19. The Revival of the Muhammadan (S) Sunnah
  20. Part 3: The Government of Imam al-Mahdi (‘afts)
  21. The Government of Truth
  22. The Growth of Knowledge and the Diffusion of Islamic Culture
  23. Security
  24. The Economy
  25. Health and Medical Services
  26. Conclusion
  27. Addendum
  28. Du‘a al-Faraj- Ilahi ‘azuma’l bala’u
  29. Du‘a’ Imam al-‘Asr
  30. Bibliography