Ayat ut Tatheer: To Whom Does the Purification Verse Refer To?

This text, written by Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba and translated into English by Jerrmein Abu Shahba, is a brief research to identify without any reasonable doubt whom the verse of purification in Surat Al Ahzaab (33) refers to. Using logical reasoning, authentic prophetic tradition, context of the verses, and grammatical analysis, all arguments and possibilities are investigated and refuted leaving only one convincing conclusion pointing to none other than the purified Household of the Holy Prophet (SA), the Ahlul Bayt (AS).

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  1. Translator’s Foreword
  2. The Purification Verse in Surat Al Ahzaab
  3. Truthful is Allah, The Great
  4. Introduction
  5. Importance of the Purification Verse
  6. Our Focus
  7. Supporting Arguments For The 1st Possibility
  8. Lack of Harmony in the Context of Verses
  9. What Happens When Allah (SWT) Desires Something to Happen?
  10. History Testifies
  11. Grammatical Alteration
  12. Absence of Grammatical Conjunction
  13. Parenthetical Clause
  14. Relying on the Position of a Verse in the Qur’an
  15. Meaning of “Ahl”
  16. What Does the Holy Prophet (SA) Say About This?
  17. Regrouping & Reflecting
  18. The Purified Progeny of the Holy Prophet (SA)
  19. Conclusion