Contemporary Topics of Islamic Thought

The essays presented by the author here were written in Iran over a period of about ten years (1989-1999). The title of the collection is not meant to suggest that these are the most important topics of contemporary Islamic thought, merely that they are some topics of current discussion among Muslims. These are semi-popular essays written with several purposes in mind.

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  1. Preface
  2. Who Can Enter Into The Dialogue Of Civilizations?
  3. Contemporary Problems Of Christian Theology In Islamic Thought
  4. The Relationship Between Philosophy And Theology In The Postmodern Age
  5. Human Thought, Divine Wisdom, And Islamic Philosophy
  6. Empiricism And The Philosophy Of Islam
  7. 'Allamah Tabataba’i And Contemporary Philosophical Theology
  8. Islamic Law And Muslim Life
  9. On Islam And Ethics
  10. Warnings Of Corporate Moral Failure In Islam
  11. The Islamic Righting Of Human Rights
  12. Considering Whose Justice? Which Rationality?
  13. Islam Vs Feminism
  14. Appreciation Of The Tao Of Islam
  15. The Nurture Of The Heart