Raja Ferrell

I am a revert. I became muslim on July 21st of 2000. One night I was sitting at this computer, thinking of nothing, watching my screensaver bouncing around. Then for no reason I started to cry. I felt pain in my heart so bad. Then I felt and somehow heard the word Islam. Then I felt and or heard in my mind the word Muslim. Now since Jan 1 2000 I had felt the desire to change. And these changes came slow but dramatic. I quit drinking, smoking. I had the desire to cover. So I started wearing loose pants with big legs. Still I was kaffar as a kaffar can be. But on July 21st Allah thought I was ready. So as soon as these words went thru my heart I started searching online. I found out how to do shahada, I did it. I got in an Islamic chat room, of course there seemed to be everything in there but a muslim. I typed that I think Im a Muslim, some made fun, others laughed. Then I got an Instant message from this brother. He asked if I was Muslim. I told him I think so, I did shahada, he said lets do it together, so he took me step by step thru shahada again, by then I was crying I was so happy and excited. It was like 4 in the morning, he told me to find a masjid and do shahada in front of Imam and the Imam would teach me Islam. I found one close 30 miles away, it was in a town called Riverdale. I didnt tell anyone about my shahada, my husband came home and said, he had to go to Riverdale, my heart almost stopped, I told him Im going too. After he took care of his business, I told him the directions to where I needed to be. We went there. The Imam was as excited as I was, he told me to bring my husband inside. I got him in there, I did shahada again. The Imam asked

my husband if he knew what I had done, he said yes but he didnt really know until later after it all hit him. The Imam told me to cover and gave me dress code hijab etc. I didnt have the clothes, had a piece of cloth that covered my hair. I wore it. The Imam invited me to have breakfast with his wife. We went out, the women together and the brothers together. I was invited to some scholars that were with them. The imams wife gave me some clothes to wear, and hijabs, I was on my way. My husband flipped out late as he saw the transformation, I went from tight levis and short tops to abayas and hijab then a few months later to full hijab niqab, gloves etc.

Holy Quran 7:154***
And when Musas anger calmed down he took up the tablets, and in the writing thereof was guidance and mercy for those who fear for the sake of their Lord.***