Dua For 1st Day

Allah be pleased with my fasts, in this month, as Thou gives credit to those who (sincerely) observe fasts; and (be pleased with) my special night prayers, in this month, as Thou give credit to those who pray (sincerely) in the night; direct me to be on guard and pay attention to free myself from the lethargy of forgetfulness; O the God of the worlds overlook my wrongdoings, and grant amnesty to me, O He who shows sympathy to the wrongdoers.

دعاء اليوم الاول

اللهمَ اج'عل' صِيامي فيه صِيام الصّائِمينَ وقيامي فيهِ قيامَ القائِمينَ ونَبّه'ني فيهِ عن نَومَةِ الغافِلينَ وهَب' لي جُرمي فيهِ يا الهَ العالَمينَ واع'فُ عنّي يا عافياً عنِ المج'رمينَ

Dua for 2nd Day

O Allah let me come nearer to Thy benevolence in this month; let me be far off from Thy displeasure and contempt; let me grow used to the recitation of Thy verses (in the Holy Quran), through Thy mercy O the Most Merciful.

دعاء اليوم الثاني

اللهمّ قَرّب'ني فيهِ الى مَر'ضاتِكَ وجَنّب'ني فيهِ من سَخَطِكَ ونَقماتِكَ ووفّق'ني فيهِ لقراءةِ آياتِكَ برح'مَتِكَ يا أر'حَمَ الرّاحِمين

Dua for 3rd Day

O Allah keep me alive, in this month, in a state of alertness and watchfulness; and keep me away from impudence and cynicism, let me share everything good there is in this months, which is in plenty, O the Liberal Most Beneficent.

Dua for 4th Day

O Allah make me stronger to carry out Thy commands, in this month, let me taste the sweetness of Thy praise, put me in the mood of giving thanks to Thee, and protect me with Thy most reliable cover, O the discerning Perceiver.

دعاء اليوم الرابع

اللهمّ قوّني فيهِ على إقامَةِ أم'رِكَ واذِق'ني فيهِ حَلاوَةَ ذِك'رِكَ وأو'زِع'ني فيهِ لأداءِ شُك'رَكَ بِكَرَمِكَ واح'فَظني فيهِ بِحِفظ'كَ وسِت'رِكَ يا أب'صَرَ النّاظرين