Did Abu Bakr Really Lead The Salat?

A Facts Check

In this book, the author is thoroughly investigating the Sunni reports on the alleged leadership of salat by Abu Bakr during the fatal illness of the Messenger. He will be analyzing the bewildering contradictions between the so-called “sahih” Sunni ahadith on the claim; and he will be questioning the historicity of the whole episode. In particular, he will be examining the correct implications of leadership in salat, according to orthodox Sunni Islam. Does it indicate superiority? Does it confer the khilafah? Do our brothers from the Ahl al-Sunnah really have any case, even if the tale about Abu Bakr had been true?

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  1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Preface
  4. 1. An Exclusive “Merit”?
  5. 2. A Game of Contradictions (Part 1)
  6. 3. A Game Of Contradictions (Part 2)
  7. 4. Did Abu Bakr Lead The Prophet?
  8. 5. Was Abu Bakr Even Qualified To Lead?
  9. 6. Imamah of Bastards and Children
  10. 7. Abu Bakr’s Presence in the Army of Usamah
  11. 8. Were The Sahabah Expecting Abu Bakr’s Reign?
  12. Bibliography