Conjunctions, Definite Nouns With The Alif-Lam and Prefixed Nouns

  1. What is a conjunction?

  2. What is a definite noun with the alif-lām?

  3. What is a prefixed noun?

  4. A conjunction denotes something specified by the sentence that follows it. That sentence is called an attributive conjunctional clause. The following are conjunctions:

• Masculine:

    1. الّذی (single)

    2. اللّذانِ اللّذَینِ (dual)

    3. اللّذِینَ (plural)

• Feminine:

    1. الّتی (single)

    2. اللّتانِ اللّّتَینِ (dual)

    3. اللّواتی اللاتی اللائی (plural)

  1. A definite noun with the alif-lām is any noun where an alif and lām is added to make it definite. For example: السَیف (the sword), القَلَم (the pen)

  2. A prefixed noun is a noun that is constructed to a definite noun. For example: کِتابی (my book), کتابُ ﺇبراهیمَ (Ibrāhīm's book), کتابُ المُعَلّم (the teacher's book)