Ethical Discourses: Volume 2

The second of two volumes containing the transcribed lectures of Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi on a range of topics mainly dealing with ethics, morality, and self-building.

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  1. Discourse 1: Tawhid In The Actions (Of Allah) And Benefits Of Belief In This
  2. Discourse 2: Characteristics Of The True Believer – Part 11
  3. Discourse 3: Fulfilling the Needs of Your Enemy
  4. Discourse 4: Good Of This World And The Next Life
  5. Discourse 5: A Noble End
  6. Discourse 6: Advice Given To Abu Dharr On Sustenance
  7. Discourse 7: Commentary Of “Keep Us On The Straight Path”
  8. Discourse 8: Being Spiritually Awake And Ready
  9. Discourse 9: The Relationship Between Religion And The  Material World
  10. Discourse 10: Taqwa (Consciousness of Allah)
  11. Discourse 11: The Description of the Material World and our Responsibility While Living in it
  12. Discourse 12: A Description of The Material World and a Comparison Between its Past and Future
  13. Discourse 13: How To Gain The Love Of Allah And The People
  14. Discourse 14: Two Opinions In Regards To The Material World And The Next Life
  15. Discourse 15: The Psychological Effects Of Loving The Transient World
  16. Discourse 16: The Qur’an: A Divine Light In The (Spiritually) Dark And Gloomy Nights]
  17. Discourse 17: Making Use Of The Opportunities We Have While In The Transient World
  18. Discourse 18: The Levels Of Certainty
  19. Discourse 19: Showing Thanks For The Divine Blessings
  20. Discourse 20: Attaching Worth To One’s Self
  21. Discourse 21: Modesty
  22. Discourse 22: Misguidedness
  23. Discourse 23: Jihad Against The Soul
  24. Discourse 24: The True Followers (Shi’a) Of ‘Ali B. Abi Talib
  25. Discourse 25:The Muslims Are of Three Types
  26. Discourse 26: The Angel Of Death Visits Every House Five Times A Day
  27. Discourse27: Warnings And Preparedness
  28. Discourse 28: The True Shi’a
  29. Discourse 29: The Sincere Shi’a
  30. Discourse 30: The Signs of a Person With Character
  31. Discourse 31: The Effects of Sins
  32. Discourse 32: Swallowing The Anger
  33. Discourse 33: The Worst Of People
  34. Discourse 34: An Unpleasant Demeanor
  35. Discourse 35: Apologizing to Others and Accepting an Apology
  36. Discourse 36: The Spiritual Life and Death of The Heart
  37. Discourse 37: Three Things Which The Muslim Nation Does Not Have The Strength To Bear
  38. Discourse 38: The Best Of People
  39. Discourse 39: The Best of Actions
  40. Discourse 40: Three Important and Fate Deciding Traits in the Life of a Person