Exemplary Youths during the Early Days of Islam

Wonderful book discussing the many amazing, and truly faithful companions of Rasul'Allah (saws). Mainly speaking of the youth among the Ansar (The early believers) that have embraced Islam and continued throughout their entire lives until death to remain strong in their faith with utmost pure and sincere actions in the path of Allah (swt), the Prophet (saws) and his holy progeny Ahlu-Bayt (as) after his (saws) demise. The brief yet beautiful biographies and stories herein of these pious individuals among the companions of the holy Prophet Muhammad (saws) are coupled with lovely hadith (narrations), as well as their respective sources.

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  1. Transliteration Symbols
  2. Foreword
  3. Author’s Preface
  4. The Distinctive Features of the Prophet’s (S) Companions
  5. ‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib (‘a), the Incomparable
  6. The Sagacious Youth, Abān ibn ‘Ās
  7. Ubayy ibn Ka‘b, the Scholarly Youth
  8. Abū Qutādah Ansārī, the Brave Youth
  9. Bilāl Habashī, the Role Model of Islamic Resistance
  10. Barā’ ibn ‘Āzib, the Faithful
  11. Khālid ibn Sa‘īd, the Noble Youth
  12. Khabbāb ibn Aratt, the Youth Strong as Iron
  13. Zayd ibn Hārithah, The Youth Who Never Disobeyed the Noble Prophet (S)
  14. ‘Abbād ibn Bishr, a Youth of Iron Faith
  15. Jābir, the Noble Prophet’s (S) Courier
  16. Ja‘far Tayyār, the Youth of Eloquence
  17. The Youth who Achieved Certainty
  18. The Youths of Medina and the Idol of ‘Amru ibn Jumūh
  19. Hanzalah Ibn Ubayy ‘Āmir
  20. Thawbān, the Youth that Loved the Noble Prophet (S) Very Much
  21. ‘Abd Allāh ibn ‘Abd Allāh Ubayy, the Prolific Youth
  22. ‘Abd Allāh ibn Mas‘ūd, the Forerunner and Propagator of the Glorious Qur’an
  23. ‘Abd Allāh Muznī, the Youth with an Enlightened Heart
  24. ‘Ammārah ibn Ziyād, the Youth Overflowing with Devotion and Service
  25. Mus‘ab ibn ‘Umayr, the Passionate Defender of Islam
  26. Ma‘ādh ibn ‘Amru, the Brave Front-line Warrior
  27. Yazīd ibn Hātib, the Happy and Prosperous Youth
  28. The Nightly Litany of a Youth