Explanation to the Belief of Mahdism in Shi'a Imamia

The author debates, discusses and corrects the book “Islamic Messianism” written by the respected scholar, Abdul Azeez Sachedina, which gives erroneous impression to readers of the Real and Right Islam which Shia’sm is, and enabling readers to analyse faith to mastership (Imamat) and Mahdaiyyat (Mahdi).

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  1. Introduction
  2. Foreword
  3. 1. The Prophet, A paragon of perfection and high above an ordinary man, The Prophet is above an ordinary man
  4. 2. One Universal Government Islamic Justice, and the Imamate of Mahdi
  5. 3. Shia’sm and the meaning of Imam, the Redeemer
  6. 4. The Shia and the meaning of Mahdism
  7. 5. Mahdi, a term and a sense, and the false claimers
  8. 6. Belief of the Mahdism of Imams
  9. 7. The Sons of Imam Husayn; the Reason for their coming to front
  10. 8. The title of Mahdi is applied on all the Imams
  11. 9. The Shia Doctrine and Ideology
  12. 10. Support to the Imams
  13. 11. Knowledge of the Imams about the unseen
  14. 12. Various phases of the Deeds of the Imams
  15. 13. Division of the Dominion of Leadership
  16. 14. The Practical Ideology of Shia’sm
  17. 15. The salubrity and Islamic tendency in the behavior of Shia towards Sunni
  18. 16. Extraordinary Qualities of Imams and the Knowledge of Secret
  19. 17. Division of religious principle - Shia and the religion of Etezaal
  20. 18. Doctrine of Imamate and super exaggeration
  21. 19. Discrepancy in the date of birth of Mahdi
  22. 20. The Issue of absence or occultation is a reality and not a theory or a fancy
  23. 21. Belief in a redeemer
  24. 22. Imamate of Imam Musa bin Ja’far
  25. 23. The appearance of the Imam and his administration of Justice worldwide
  26. 24. The House of Ali and Motawakkil
  27. 25. ‘Taqia’ a strong command from the Divine in the Holy Quran:
  28. 26. The first writer who wrote the book about the occultation
  29. 27. Division of Groups
  30. 28. Books about the Sects
  31. 29. Saleem relates a news
  32. 30. Titles of the Twelfth Imam
  33. 31. The title “Al Qayem”
  34. 32. Mahdi the twelfth Imam
  35. 33. Miraculous birth and the date
  36. 34. The creation of the Prophets and the Imams
  37. 35. Mahdism after the martyrdom of Imam Husayn
  38. 36. Absence of Imam al-Mahdi
  39. 37. The absence from the view of narrators
  40. 38. The view of Narrators about the issue of the Imam’s disappearance
  41. 39. The Ghaybat of the 12th Imam- Two kinds
  42. 40. The writer regarding the 2nd Ambassador says that it was a period of chaos and tumult in the history of the Shia
  43. 41. The Way the 3rd Ambassador selected
  44. 42. The 4th ambassador and the end of the period of his embassy
  45. 43. The total Ghaybat (Occultation):
  46. 44. Rise of a Question
  47. 45. In spite of the congruity conditions what is the philosophy in Imam Mahdi still remaining absent?
  48. 46. Immunity from sins is it a new thing?
  49. 47. Proofs of total absence
  50. 48. Primary sources and the extend of the Ghaybat (Absence)
  51. 49. Evidence of reason
  52. 50. Reality of reason or audience
  53. 51. Standard of mercy “Lutf”
  54. 52. ‘Ismat (infallibility) of 12th Imam
  55. 53. A collective rejection to the Caliphate of Abu Bakr
  56. 54. About “Ijma” again Mistakes
  57. 55. The Return of Al-Mahdi
  58. 56. The Rise (Qiyam) of Al-Mahdi
  59. 57. Near future, the Rise (Qiyam) of Al-Mahdi