Fabricated Traditions

Fabricated Traditions: A Critical Assessment of Traditions on Classification of Caliphs and their Excellences

The author discusses traditions about caliphs relating their names in order; he proves that such traditions are fabricated and forged by studying various chains of these kinds of traditions available in Sihah al-Sitta and other credible Sunni sources.

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  1. Foreword
  2. Author’s Preface
  3. The (first) three Caliphs enter Paradise
  4. Caliphs visit the Holy Prophet (S)
  5. The Holy Prophet (S) talks to Mount Hira
  6. As Prophet (S) falls ill he wants to meet someone
  7. Unknown Excellences
  8. Caliphs build Prophet's mosque
  9. Messenger of Allah’s dreams
  10. Caliphs equal Muslim Community
  11. Caliphs and glad tiding of Prophet
  12. Caliphs and their Distinctive Position
  13. Heterogeneous Excellences
  14. Writing on the leaves of Paradise trees
  15. Caliphs on Day of Judgment
  16. Fabricated Traditions and Final Word
  17. Bibliography