The internal reasons:

The internal reasons are the ones that take roots from our society. In other words, we are responsible for their emergence. They are the strokes, coming to us from friends.

A: There are so many internal reasons, for examples:

1. Commonness:

Since fifteen centuries ago, learning has become vital, but unfortunately, more than sixty percent of our society are illiterate, and the statistics about women may exceed by ninety percent!! And how many of the literate are in contact with the ideological and philosophical sources of Islam and have a real understanding of them?! Their knowledge is just to read newspapers, leaflets, notices, and novels. And those in higher ranks mostly think about how to seize the opportunity to make money or pass the time happily. Seize the day and make most of it, for tomorrow is unknown. They have no high opinions and assume no responsibility.

Unfortunately, our literate and learned are mixed with the illiterate or secluded with their own pride, and these factors prevent them from learning, knowing, and teaching. Their speeches and actions are mostly rootless, as they always quote others as saying: “ An authoritative person has said so and so”.

Commonness is spreading in spite the fact that the number of the students are increasing. Our educational system is in a way, that keep us away from the authentic sources and make the roots of ignorance in our hearts stronger. But now who is responsible for this situation? Who gives answer for these ignorance ? And who must respond is a fact that needs to be analyzed separately?

2. Lack of the accurate leadership:

The past negligence of those who have had opportunity, thought, power, and facilities for leadership and have not cared about the nature of the people in the society, especially women, has been the main cause of emerging disorder in the society.

Unfortunately, those who had knowledge assumed no responsibility and perhaps they had assumed responsibility but they did not enjoy authority. As a result, the ignorant people, those conversant not with their own responsibilities and positions, seized the power and reigned over the people.

Misinterpretations and misunderstandings in one side, and ill-naturedness, shortsightedness, and interference in the personal and social affairs in the other side have multiplied this mischief.

We just tried to ban the individuals, but never thought how to fill the gaps, resulting from prohibition and replace creativity. Thus, the society resorted to other programs the losses of which were not less than the prohibited ones.

Women were prevented from working outside, but nobody cared about their unemployment. They then spent their time, thinking about luxury, decoration and how to be more attractive, and sometimes making evil plots. Therefore, the status got worse.

3. Lack of correct propaganda:

What steps have we taken for the sake of our daughters and women’s blessings? What programs have we presented to bridge the gap of their relationship with the society? What methods have we applied to eradicate the plots of others? And at last, what grounds have we prepared for their development and elevation?

Man finds his way under the protection of correct or incorrect propaganda takes his way, changes himself, and therefore, constructs or destroys himself, because the role of inculcation is undeniable.

To be able to continue a fruitful life, defend the values and dignity, and keep them alive, each society or group needs an equipped organization of spirituality and rationality; an organization, showing the real direction, introducing the by-ways and then asking the individuals to move in that logical direction.

In a limit extent, this organization is just a family, and in the broader extent, it is mosque, school or society as well as mass media.

Have the aforementioned organizations made their utmost to achieve their aims? Have they had any special programs to present? Our mass media assumed the responsibilities of our ads, and in that way, there were a lot of damages, betrayal, negligence, and ignorance. The result is if we do not educate the minds, which have not been trained yet, they will do and use their lures to attract them.

4. Lack of presenting sample:

The samples are constructive and attract the individuals to them with their awareness. The samples presented for the men and women of our society have not been clearly specified, and their positions and sides towards the for and against movements have been vague.

Mohammed and Ali, peace be upon them, are two true samples in Islam and the way indicators, and due to their capabilities, they can be considered as the true samples for the whole world. Fatima and her daughter, Zeineb (peace be upon them) can be samples for the whole women communities.

But what is our supposition of these samples? If they ask us to imagine their faces and write about their attributes, what will be our reaction?

Unfortunately, most of us have made no effort to know our samples to value their manners, to take lessons. What we have done is to love them sincerely and emotionally and even sometimes worship them, but their features as well as our duty towards them have not been clearly defined.

It must be considered that Mohammed, Ali, Fatima and Zeineb (Peace be upon them) are not only our spiritual samples but our practical ones in this world. We have to be conversant with their high attributes and what have made their characters so elevated in the first step and then make every endeavor to be their real followers. Besides, we have to clean this idea that we are so small to follow and achieve their attributes. This viewpoint prevents us from act and instead, makes them unapproachable. Therefore, the people resorted to the sublunary samples, easy to follow in this world, and due to this fact, a lot of deviation and misunderstanding emerged, and we sustained a lot of losses.

5- Ill-teachings:

Many of the religious and moral concepts were set forth in a way that caused abuse and miscellany.

The unreal understanding of such concepts, including Dua (prayer), repentance, forgiveness, etc. have brought our beliefs from sublime to ridiculous. The people are of the opinion that they can commit any kind of sin, hoping that they then cleanse themselves of their sins by means of the tears of mourning. They also suppose that any kinds of problem can be resolved by means of Dua and spell, and any kinds of ambition can be achieved just with hope to the Absolute Divine Power.

There is no shadow of doubt that those whose knowledge of the religion and its concepts were insufficient have issued the unreal beliefs. They supposed Allah’s duty is like a technician’s, unaware that He is aware of the smallest amounts of good and bad deeds. As a result, these ill-teachings and shortsighted views have left great damages in our minds and actions, and now to remove them, we need to make every endeavor.

6. The inappropriate pressures:

Most of our today’s problems are due to the fact that the application of pressure even against the unknown matters has not been normal and natural. Our reaction towards the ordinary errors has been as our reaction towards the mortal sins.

We have always prevented our women and daughters from participating in the social activities and in cases, deprived them of their civil rights, and today we see that we had not to. If only we regarded morality in prevention and did not pretend that those activities were illegal and indecent.

We would better replace logic and rationality in lieu of stick; that is a problem in social communities and discussible in jungle.

Our society has paid how much fines and is also paying now! When in a society the mother is beaten in the presence of the children, we must say goodbye to logic and education.

The prevention, lack of logic, and injustice instead of resolving the problems have caused disorder in the society that can be eradicated by the aid of a rational and practical revolution.