Fatima The Gracious

Biography of Lady Fatima (a), the daughter of the Prophet (s), her titles, family life, the birth of her children, verses of the Qur'an revealed in her favour, the event of the cloak, love of the Prophet (s) towards her, her dispute with Abu Bakr after his (s) demise, her knowledge and piety, and her death and its circumstances.

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  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Chapter 1: The Law of Inheritance
  4. Chapter 2: The Prophet's Marriage
  5. Chapter 3: On the Way to a Blessed Life
  6. Chapter 4: Transcendental Events
  7. Chapter 5: Fatima az-Zahra's Birth
  8. Chapter 6: Naming Fatima az-Zahra (sa)
  9. Chapter 7: Fatima az-Zahra (sa)
  10. Chapter 8: Al-Siddiqah
  11. Chapter 9: Al-Mubarakah
  12. Chapter 10: At-Taherah
  13. Chapter 11: The Event of Cloak
  14. Chapter 12: Az-Zakiyyah
  15. Chapter 13: Ar-Radhiah
  16. Chapter 14: Al-Mardhiyah
  17. Chapter 15: Al-Muhaddathah
  18. Chapter 16: Az-Zahra
  19. Chapter 17: Al-Batoul
  20. Chapter 18: Al-Adhra
  21. Fatima’s (sa) Dowry
  22. Preparations for The Wedding
  23. The Year of Fatima's Marriage
  24. Fatima's House
  25. Fatima 's (as) Marital Life
  26. Historical Distortions Regarding ‘Ali's (as) Right
  27. Imam Hasan (as) is Born
  28. The Birth of Imam Husayn (as)
  29. The Birth of Lady Zainab (as)
  30. Lady Umm Kulthum
  31. Fatima az-Zahra (sa) in the Verse of Relationship
  32. Fatima az-Zahra (sa) in the Verse of Mubahala
  33. Fatima az-Zahra (sa) in Surah Al-Insan (76)
  34. Spending in The Path of Allah
  35. Fatima’s (sa) Glorification of Allah (SwT)
  36. The Prophet's (as) Love for Fatima az-Zahra (sa)
  37. Fatima’s (sa) Knowledge
  38. Islamic Dress, a Social Necessity
  39. Allah's Messenger (as) Reveals Fatima’s (sa) Future
  40. The Prophet Muhammed’s (as) Death
  41. After The Prophet's (as) Death
  42. Following ‘Ali (as) to The Mosque
  43. Abu Bakr Versus Fatima az-Zahra (sa)
  44. The House of Grief
  45. Lady Fatima Zahra (sa) on The Last Day
  46. Brief Bibliography