Fifty Lessons on Principles of Belief for Youths

This text contains fifty chapters, each containing an important lesson on the fundamental beliefs of our faith that are especially relevant for the youth of today. Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi presents these lessons using both philosophical reasoning as well as Qur'anic verses, and concludes each lesson with a few relevant questions which are intended to increase understanding of that particular lesson.

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  1. Preface
  2. Prelude
  3. Part 1: God and His Attributes
  4. Lesson 1:Why do we think about God and study ways of knowing the Creator of the universe?
  5. Lesson 2: The Signs of God in our Daily Life
  6. Lesson 3: Two Clear Ways of Knowing God
  7. Lesson 4: An Answer to an Important Question
  8. Lesson 5: A True Story
  9. Lesson 6: The Second Way of coming to Know God
  10. Lesson 7: Examples From Creation
  11. Lesson 8: A World of Wonder in a Small Bird
  12. Lesson 9: Love for Insects and Flowers
  13. Lesson 10: In the World of Infinitely Small Things
  14. Part 2: God’s Justice
  15. Lesson 11: What is Justice?
  16. Lesson 12: Proof or Reason for The Creator’s Justice
  17. Lesson 13: The Philosophy of Signs and Evil
  18. Lesson 14: The Philosophy of Undesirable Events in Life
  19. Lesson 15: Once Again the Philosophy of Signs and Catastrophes
  20. Lesson 16: The Issue of Predestination and Free Will
  21. Lesson 17: The Clearest Reason for Free Will
  22. Lesson 18: A World of Wonder in a Small Bird: What is the “Middle Way”?
  23. Lesson 19: Guidance and Error are in God’s Hands
  24. Lesson 20: God’s Justice and the issue of Eternity
  25. Part 3: Prophethood
  26. Lesson 21: Our Need of Divine Leaders
  27. Lesson 22: The Need of having Prophets who Present The Law
  28. Lesson 23: Why are the Prophets Free of Sin and Error?
  29. Lesson 24: The Best Way to come to Know the Prophets
  30. Lesson 25: The Greatest Miracle of the Prophet of Islam
  31. Lesson 26: A Glance at the Miracle of the Qur’an
  32. Lesson 27: The World View of the Holy Qur’an
  33. Lesson 28: The Holy Qur’an and Modern Scientific Discoveries
  34. Lesson 29: Another Proof of the Rightfulness of the Prophet of Islam
  35. Lesson 30: The Prophet of Islam is the “Seal of Prophecy”
  36. Part 4: Imamate (Leadership)
  37. Lesson 31: When did Imamology Begin?
  38. Lesson 32: The Philosophy of the Existence of Imams (Guides)
  39. Lesson 33: The Conditions and Special Qualities of the Imam
  40. Lesson 34: Who has to Select the Imam?
  41. Lesson 35: The Qur’an and Imamate
  42. Lesson 36: Imamate in the Traditions of the Holy Prophet
  43. Lesson 37: The Tradition of Manzalah and the Tradition of Yawm Ad-Dar
  44. Lesson 38: The Tradition of Thaqalayn and Noah’s Ark
  45. Lesson 39: The Twelve Imams
  46. Lesson 40: The Twelfth Imam, The Great Leader and Peace-Maker of the World
  47. Part 5: Resurrection
  48. Lesson 41: One Crucial Question: Is Death considered as One’s End or Beginning?
  49. Lesson 42: Belief in The Resurrection Gives Meaning to Life
  50. Lesson 43: An Example of the Trial of the Day of Judgment is within You
  51. Lesson 44: Belief in Resurrection is Manifested in our Primordial Nature
  52. Lesson 45: The Resurrection and the Scales of Justice
  53. Lesson 46: We Have Seen the Resurrection Many Times in this World
  54. Lesson 47: The Resurrection ad The Philosophy of Creation
  55. Lesson 48: The Survival of the Spirit, a Sign of the Resurrection
  56. Lesson 49: The Physical-Spiritual Resurrection
  57. Lesson 50: Paradise and Hell are the Embodiment of our Deeds