" To comprehend the foundations and purposes of Imam Mahdi's (a) global government it is necessary to analyse the prevailing world situation and how the present status will pave way for the ultimate revolution of mankind. In doing so, this paper begins by outlining the prospect of the global government and presenting the existing global conditions to draw from the need of his return. In evaluating mankind's needs, this paper will not substantiate his return, since his coming has been ordained.

It will however examine the 'time of his appearance' to meet these needs. These will help to formulate the purpose of his global governance. His coming will be in response to the peaceful kingdom of God on earth that has been promised to man. The paper will then cite evidence of his coming through the Quran and Hadith, to prove his return being authentic and then draw upon past governed systems to project the foundation of his governance. This will lead to proposing the foundations of the Imam's governance in the global perspective, which will remain purely hypothetical.

The idea of a global government is not wishful thinking; rather it is an aspiration of every individual who believes in the essence of humanity and who looks towards an ideal world where kindness and humanity intertwines in spirit. This expectation of solace is geared towards the 'Saviours return' alias the Mahdi (a) who will lead to the emergence of the system of governance that will dominate the entire world arena.

This belief in universal peace forms an anchor of faith which one cannot lose hope in, yet stirs resistance to despair and oppression. The foundation of this belief springs from several divine books such as the Quran, Torah and Psalms and the notion that 'The righteous among my slaves shall inherit the earth". (Surah al-Anbia. 21:105) is a sign towards hope.

The current world governing powers constitutes the Group of Eight (G8) with the United States of America (US) leading. They dictate who is to be supported and maintained, who is to be alienated and sanctioned. Their decisions are based on who tows the line of the big powers or stands up to oppose them.

To work against these powers often means walking alone as Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and some other nations have chosen to do. One of the global bodies which was formed to freeze world crisis was the United Nations Organization (UN). However the UN's inability to establish authoritative rules has been its greatest failure.

The genuine desire to make the UN more effective is being underplayed by forces controlling the world economy namely the G8 which is strongly influenced by the US. They are maintaining pressure to ensure international economic policy is kept out of UN's control and transferred to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank which they totally control. Right now these very nations that talk of democracy make dirty deals with strategic allies who have no use of democratic values. These are double standard policies which govern the world.

The global situation shows that the world economy is being looted by powerful nations under the pretext of democracy. Nearly 80% of the known oil reserves of the world are in the hands of government controlled national oil companies. Countries are attacked and their economies are looted under the guise of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and undemocratic rule, whereas the real reasons are found in enriching their own coffers and those of their allies.