Vehemence1 الحَمِيَّة

  1. It is to the extent of one’s vehemence that one is protective of his honour.

1ـ عَلى قَدْرِ الحَمِيَّةِ تَـكُونُ الغِيْرَةُ.

  1. Allah! Allah! I warn you servants of Allah, against feeling proud of your bigotry and boasting over your ignorance, for indeed these are the fertilizers of enmity and the bellows of Satan.

2ـ فَاللّهَ اللّهَ عِبادَ اللّهِ في كِبْرِ الْحَمِيَّةِ وفَخْرِ

الْجاهِلِيَّةِ فَإنَّهُ مَلاقِحُ الشَّنَأنِ وَمَنافِجُ الشَّيْطانِ.

  1. There is no vehemence in one who has no sense of honour.

3ـ لاحَمِيَّةَ لِمَنْ لا أنَفَةَ لَهُ.

  1. In the sense of protecting one’s dignity and integrity.