Greater Sins Volume 2

Ayatullah Dastghaib has exhaustively explained the phenomenon of sin, the classification of sins, and the necessity of avoiding them. He has also described fifty different types of Greater Sins. See also part I and III of this book. About sins and particularly the greater sins (Gunah-e-Kabira). Covers sins such as association with God (Shirk), fornication, drinking alcohol, and gambling. Volume I: Volume III:

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  1. Dedication
  2. Translator’s Preface
  3. Preface
  4. A Short Biography of Ayatullah Dastaghaib Shirazi
  5. The Sixteenth Greater Sin: Singing
  6. The Seventeenth Greater Sin: Lying
  7. Eighteenth Greater Sin: False Oath
  8. The Nineteenth Greater Sin: False Testimony
  9. The Twentieth Greater Sin: Concealing Evidence
  10. The Twenty-First Greater Sin: Non fulfilment of a Promise
  11. The Twenty-Second Greater Sin: Khayanat
  12. The Twenty-Third Greater Sin: Stealing
  13. The Twenty-Fourth Greater Sin: Short-Wheghing and Cheating (in Business)
  14. The Twenty-Fifth Greater Sin: Consumption of Harām
  15. The Twenty-Sixth Greater Sin: Usurping the Rights of Others or Non-Fullfillment of Rights
  16. The Twenty-Seventh Greater Sin: Avoiding Jihad
  17. The Twenty-Eighth Greater Sin: Becoming A’Arāb after Hijrat
  18. The Twenty-Ninth Greater Sin: Helping the Oppressors
  19. The Thirtieth Greater Sin: Not Helping the Oppressed
  20. The Thirty-First Greater Sin: Sorcery
  21. The Thirty-Second Greater Sin: Isrāf
  22. Glossary of Islamic Terms