Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets

This is the first volume of the three volume series by Allamah Al-Majlisi, titled Hayat al-Qulub (Life of the Hearts). This first volume is a collection of the details of the life and circumstances of all the Prophets (prior to Prophet Muhammad [s]) that we have access to through either the Qur'an or hadiths.

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  1. Translator's Preface
  2. Aim of sending the Prophets; their miracles
  3. Merits of Adam and Hawwa’ (Eve), Reasons behind naming them so, the beginning of creation
  4. An Account of Idris
  5. An Account of Nuh
  6. Circumstances of Hud and his people
  7. Salih, his she-camel and his people
  8. An Account of Ibrahim and his righteous sons
  9. An Account of Lut
  10. An Account of Dhu’l-Qarnayn
  11. An account of Ya‘qub and Yusuf
  12. An account of Ayyub
  13. Prophet Shu‘ayb
  14. An Account of Musa and Harun
  15. An account of Hizqil
  16. Prophet Isma‘il
  17. A Brief Sketch of Ilyas and Yusha‘
  18. An account of Dhulkifl
  19. An account of Luqman and his words of wisdom
  20. An account of Ishmae’il, Talut and Jalut
  21. An account of Dawud
  22. A Brief Sketch of The Violators of the Sabbath
  23. An account of Sulayman
  24. An account of the People of Saba And People of Tharthaar
  25. An account of the people of Ras
  26. An Account of Shaiya and Haiqooq
  27. An account of Zakariyya and Yahya
  28. An account of Maryam, the mother of ‘Isa
  29. An account of ‘Isa ibn Maryam
  30. An account of Irmiya (Jeremiah), Daniel and Uzair
  31. An account of Yunus ibn Matta and his respected father
  32. An account of the people of the cave and Inscription
  33. An Account Of The Makers Of The Pit
  34. An account of Jirjis
  35. An account of Khalid bin Sinan
  36. Accounts of Some Unnamed Messengers
  37. Stories of the sages and pious personalities of The Israelites
  38. Accounts of Rulers and Kings
  39. An Account of Harut and Marut