Hayat Al-Qulub Vol. 2

This is the second volume of the three volume series by Allamah Al-Majlisi, titled Hayat al-Qulub (Life of the Hearts). This volume is a very detailed and comprehensive biography of Prophet Muhammad [s], starting with an account of his esteemed ancestry and ending with the events that transpired shortly after his death.

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  1. Publisher’s Preface
  2. Translators Foreword
  3. Ancestry of the Holy Prophet (S) and Circumstances of His Forefathers
  4. Prophecies about the Holy Prophet (S), Birth, appointment, conditions of some faithful persons who lived during Fatara
  5. Prophet’s appearance, character, physique and some miracles
  6. The Holy Prophet (S) assumes the prophetical office
  7. Miscellaneous skirmishes till the Battle of Badr
  8. Greater Battle of Badr
  9. Skirmishes and incidents between Badr and Uhud
  10. Battle of Uhud
  11. Battle of Humral Asad
  12. Battles between Uhud and Khandaq
  13. Battle of Khandaq
  14. Battle of Bani Quraiza – Martyrdom of Saad bin Maaz – Abu Lubabah repents
  15. Battles and events between Khandaq and Hudaibiyah
  16. Hudaibiyah and Rizwan
  17. Conquest of Khyber and Ja’far’s return from Habasha
  18. Expedition of Umratul Qaza – letters inviting Kings to embrace Islam – events upto the Battle of Mutah
  19. Account of the Battle of Mutah
  20. Battle of Zatul Salasil
  21. Conquest of Mecca
  22. Expedition of Hunain and events upto the Battle of Tabuk
  23. An Account of the Mubahila (Imprecation) ceremony
  24. Events that took place till the Farewell Hajj]
  25. Farewell Hajj – description of Hajj and Umrah rituals
  26. Miscellaneous points about the Prophet – details of his companions –debates with polytheists, Jews and Christians etc.
  27. An Account of the Prophet’s Children
  28. Wives of the Prophet – their number and a brief account of them
  29. An Account of the relatives and servants of the Prophet
  30. An Account of some Senior Companions
  31. Excellence of the Ummah of the Messenger of Allah (S) and some facts about it
  32. Bequests of the Messenger of Allah (S) and incidents that occurred at the time of his death
  33. Death of the Prophet and the incidents after his demise
  34. Incidents that occurred at the tomb of the Prophet