Resembled the Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.)

It was rumoured that Hussain was leaving Medina to arrange the marriage of his son Ali Akbar with some, some lady of a noble stocks I it in some distant land. Could this rumour be correct? They all knew that there was not a young lad of marriage able age in Arabia who could be said to be fit to hold a candle before him. His handsome looks were matched by his handsome deeds. His nobility of character, his sense of duty, his generosity, his chivalry, his geniality, his love of justice and fairplay had endeared him to every soul. It was a well-known fact amongst the Arabs throughout Hejaz that Ali Akbar was bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.). In looks, in voice, in mannerism, in gait and in every way, he resembled the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.). The resemblance was so marked that people from far and wide were coming to see him, to be reminded of the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) whom they were missing so much. Those who had not had the good fortune to see the Prophet were told by their elders that Ali Akbar was the very image of Muhammad(S.A.W.). There could, therefore, be no room for doubt that the noblest families of Arabia would consider it a signal honour if this scion of the Holy Prophet's family were to ask for their daughter in marriage.