Publisher's Note

On the basis of ideology of Islam, covering ("hijab") for women is considered one of the basic and important principles. Islam's view regarding women is quite different from what the West thinks about women. Islam considers women as half of the body of the society and holds that women, like men, should live with humon standards and values.

Western society looks at woman merely through the windows of sexual passion and regards woman as a little being who just satisfies sexual desires. Before everything else the question of sexual passion is set forth even in marriage.

Therefore, such a way of thinking results in nothing other than the woman becoming a propaganda and commercial commodity in all aspects of Western life, ranging from those in the mass media to streets and shops. This is the ultimate degree of woman's slavery and fall in Western societies which has no consequence other than corruption and misery. While Islam with the permssibility and opening vast and extensive fields for social activities for women, has restricted sexual activities and liberties. With exact and all-round laws it has established a reasonable and just balance in the context of woman's individuality and social life.

The first practical issue in this connection is hijab. The women are duty-bound to observe this degree in order to prevent corruption and deviation.

In this book, this subject has been surveyed in a number of lectures which give the reader, particularly the women, a knowledge of the Islamic view regarding hijab.

We wish for the dominance of human value for women in human societies, particularly Islamic societies.

International Relation Department, Islamic Propagation Organization