Translator's Note

This book, On the Islamic Hijab, is a translation of seven lectures delivered by Shaheed Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari on this topic in 19661 to the Islamic Physicians Association.

As it will be seen from the text of these lectures2, this issue is presented through lively discourse in which the process of ijtihad (that is, strenuous endeavours to reason an issue) unfolds for those who wish to understand it.

It is the hope of all of those who endeavoured to present this translation, but even more important, it was the aspiration of the one who originally presented the lectures and was martyred defending the real Islam, may Allah rest his soul in peace, that Muslim women come to understand their duties and then turn towards putting them into action so that the Islam practised during the time of the Holy Prophet (S.A.) may be realized through the conduct of our Muslim women. Insha Allah. Laleh Bakhtiar 1. On September 30, 1996 (Mehr 8, 1345), October 14 (Mehr 22), October 28 (Aban 6), November 26 (Azar 5) December 9 (Azar 18), December 23 (Dey 2), and January 6 (Dey 16).

  1. Footnotes are elaborations from the book " Issues on the Hijab" by Shaheed Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari.