History of The Caliphs

In this book, the author covers the history of Shi'i Islam from after the death of the Prophet . He discusses in detail the rule of the three Caliphs and of Imam Ali after that. He also delves into the history of the Ummayad rulers and their actions.

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  1. Translator’s Note
  2. Abu Bakr’s Caliphate
  3. Umar’s Caliphate
  4. Uthman’s Caliphate
  5. Imam ‘Ali’s Imamate
  6. Imam Hasan’s Imamate
  7. Mu‘awiya’s Monarchy
  8. Karbala’s Movement
  9. Transfer of Caliphate to the Marwanids
  10. Iman as-Sajjad (a)
  11. The Marwanids’ Government
  12. Shi‘ite Muslims In The Last Decades Of The Umayyad State
  13. Decline of the Marwanid
  14. References