Enmtiy With Shi’ism and Calumny Against It

Every tracer of nations’ and groups’ circumstances can evidently conceive and be sure that it hadn’t happened throughout all history that a party or a group had been subjected to calumny and been defamed in every purport as shi’ites had been subjected to in whatever is related to it as groups and sometimes as individuals.

They were subjected to the worst accusations and stigmatized of what they had been innocent, related to have what others had and perhaps to what the accuser himself had. We shall recite some examples of what we have said and we shall try to mention them briefly because of the very long list and the huge amount being accumulated throughout several centuries.

This subject has been treated elaborately and so much had been written on it so we will refer to it briefly. Certainly if those who wrote about shi’ites and explained their beliefs had been motivated by a good intention or a searching for truths they would have found in what shi’ites themselves wrote, what they answered questioners and by what they had refuted biansed inquirer what satisfied them in order to manifest truths, to scatter obscurities and to illuminate the darkness that had been wanted to cover their history.

But it appears that the issue is far from being a searching for truths, rather it is an unveiled attempt to obliterate symptoms, to slander truths, to blockade shi’ism and shi’ites and to oust them from islamic identity at all costs, this goal has not been fulfilled throught years in so many attempts but those people are still insisting on that aim in a strange consensus.

Some regimes insist on it for unhidden reasons while ordinary people do that for different motives, some are mercenarized for that, another is led astray and grown up in an environment that norished him with these ideas while he has agood intention about them, another one keeps step with the current without minding to examine such issues, another has taken that as a sacred tradition then he find it difficult to suspect least he should hurt his religious conscience which has been brought up to take them as axioms and so on.

But we can except few ones from those we have mentioned whose religion and conscience had obliged them to be fair. Or that who has realized the dangers of such issues on islamic nation.

Those had called shyly for moslems to equit shi’ites and to attempt to adjust their Islamic Identity from the viewpoint of other islamic sects This may be done by taking some of the ideas related to shi’ites as to be of some individuals or relating them to some perished sects of shi’ites, or by regarding some of their views as wrong discretions from which they must be advised to desist, others proposed to leave them out and to arrange quiet campaigns to contain them in order to preserve unity and to protect islamic structure from cracking.

But I have found neither of those intending to review his traditional stored thoughts which insist on shi’ites’ enmity nor was he ready to examine his items to know wheter what he espouses is sound or merely some fancy which has taken the shape of religion or a belief the items of which, as he thinks, are conceded truths that cann’t be discussed or reviewed.

I said that those who called for sh’iite’ equity are very few and their sounds diappear in the long distant space, and that their wishes vanish…, in an overwhelming trend which calls for eradication of shi’ietes and to separate them from life in all its fields. All this happens at the sametime we find sunnis throughout all of its currnents devote themselves to persuade a single person to join their sect,

but they at the sametime do their best to expel three hundred million shi’ites moslems out of the nation’s body depending on unjustified evidences if those - so called - researchers bothered to examine the foundations of their warrants they would find that they are related to sentiments not to bases or evidences, and that the conslusions from them are built on a collapsed groundwork.

They also hadn’t taken in consideration the dangerous probable results of such practices, the least of which is preparing the background for those who intend to rift among moslims to serve their own interests and attempt to provoke doubts in minds that Islam is not the religion of unity,

rather the religion of dispersion in addition to what we believe that Allah willn’t grant us his mercy and success Allah said in Quran “They forgot Allah so He made them to forget themselves”.