The Reasons of the Hostile Attitude Towards Shi’ism

We may wonder as we are dealing with the identification of this issue and others wonder too about the reason and the secret of this attitude. To answer this questions I will summurize what I could find, hoping them to be sufficient for explaining that enmity, so I say:

  1. Since shi’isim was born at the prophet’s lifetime and a group of people had been identified as Ali’s shi’ites like Selmaan, Abuzer, Almekdad, Ammar Ibn Yaser and others, it was bombseiged because it’s birth had been an evaluation of Ali Ibn Abitalib (A.S) and was a result of distinguishing him from others according to the texts ascribed to the prophet (s.w.a) and his attitudes towards Ali (A.S) as a result of the great achievments which Ali (A.S) has fulfilled to serve Islam and Moslems.

  2. As for the texts, from the verses of the Holy Quran we have a number that ranges from 70 to 300 verses of the Quran as Abdullah Ibn Abbass and others stated.

These verses dealt with some concerns of Ali(A.S) alone one time and with others another time, the books which explain the reasons of the verses’ descendence from heaven had undertaken the task of counting them, we also have hundreds of Hadiths recited by those concerned with the honourable prophetic sunna.

As to Ali’s attitudes, there are in the books of “sieerah” what is enough to enchant minds and hearts, all that called forth, that a group of “Sahabah” gathered around him and preferred him to others, others took a negative attitude against them regarding them as an apposed group when power was taken by the other groups.

They mobilized against them all what rulling groups often mobilize against the opposition.

2 – Because Ali Ibnaabi Talib’s debts of Qureish bloods were very heavy beginning from “Alsaraia” battles ending to the big wars whose number was eighty three small and big battles. Ali’s share was the most. In “Badr” battle half of the murdered were killed with Ali’s Sword, in “Auhud” battle the number of those killed with his sword was eighteen in addition to the Arabic families of whom he killed some persons.

Those wars inspite of being Islamic wars against infidel sides i.e they didn’t take place for a special motive or a tribal aim rather it was a conflict between infidelity and Islam fulfilled by moslem fighters against infidel fighters but the responsibility of those killed in those battles was not accounted to Islam as a religious side but the prophet (s.w.a) and his household were hold accountable for them and Ali ibn Abitalib (A.S) undertook its complete responsibility.

This responsibility extended to include those who gathered around him for this Ali’s shi’ites were exposed to a revenge in different shapes ranging from shed blood, plundered right, wasted esteem and finally floods of accusations and slanders against them.

The least of those accusations was to drive them out of Islam, then all that had been fulfulfilled by Qureish rulers whose period of rule lasted for a long time, in reality it was a revenge on shi’ites by those whom Ali (A.S) has killed their infidel ancestors.

3) During that the shi’ites’ theory of rule integrated and whose right it has been was identified, the political nature of shi’ism became clear.

This nature formed an itellectual conflict in the field, the pens of the two sides were animated to it, the intellectual abilities of the two sides were mobilized to form two wrestling currents one of them defends (shi’ites current), the other attacks (the current of rulers) and the governed masses who are mostly follow the religion of their kings, and this was the stronger side rather there is no place for comparison between them.

Some of those means were the pens called up to carry on a continuous war in which history was betrayed, responsibility to one’s word disappeared, rather the honest word vanished, exchanged with a blasphemy which islamic treatment and honest pen don’t accept, the issue reached to an extent of impoliteness that makes every ardent moslem feel sad.

As a result of that a large amount of slanders about shi’ites accumulated and stretched out since the first day till nowadays, rather now it has become more violent and more wild because it is norished by two flowing veins of money and grudge, they supply pens and furnish the fire with fuel least it goes out only, Allah can save moslems from this fire through His mercy.

4) A compelete conviction dominated the Islamic field that reigning has been fixed at the hands of sunnis, certain geographic, racial and ideological factors helped that fixation, here is not the proper time to explain them in detail but here we merely hint to them, it is clear that the party which holds power attracts all energies but some exceptions and that was what exactly had happened as the proponants of the party in power monopolized every thing in the field using different means while shi’ites were forced out of the field, the belief that rule remains at the hand of sunnies resulted that shi’ites were antagonized by opportunists.

5) shi’ites’ thought and jurisprudence is known of its literal alherance to sacred texts, they don’t subject the text to other considerations such as interst, or to the viewpoint of the doctrine when it contrasts with the doctrine as a result of that there is no room here for that who wish to gain a share or that who wants to jump over the signification of texts to reach one of these aims at the time which the signification of text has been extended in order to open a vast space for the expectation searching for a vent to go through for its interest eventhough at the expense of religion for this reason and other reasons people overlooked shi’itic thought,

then this overlooking of the shi’itic intellect developed into an attack under the guise of sluggishness and the disability to keep with the spirit of the text, a pretext used to veil their interest although it was covered with another guise.

This trend formed big funds which created a tradition difficult to be dissent from, the proponents of this tradition attacked what contradicts with it even though by distorting truths. These are merely some examples and samples of many factors which resulted in creating that huge amount of slanders against shi’ites and as a result of what we have mentioned the intellectual and social activities of shi’ites must dwindle because of successive blows on different levels.

The mass media such as press, books, radio and T.V at the others’ hand, the curriculums also are an attack against the shi’itic intellect and a praise to the other ideology, the apportunities of life are opened for sunnis intellectuals while they are shut for shi’ites rather they are shut for those who sympathized with them except a little personal activity here and there that form the least possible amount, and if there hadn’t been the divine providence for A’ali Mohamad’s ideology even this remnant would had gone.

6- If the reader doesn’t accept what we have metioned of reasons as a justification or an accuse for the attack on shi’ites across centuries there shouldn’t remains single factor which is summurized in the truth.

That the motives of blockading shi’ism since it’s early days were political, aiming at driving them out of power by expelling their Imams from reign, justifications for this expel must be created.

Ideological justifications were the most important, in the course of time a generation emerged, nourished with shi’ite’s hatred by mass media because they are “deviants from religion” This generation began to form a tendency proliteraled and inherited by generations, believing that the deviations contributed to shi’ites has been truths, their adherance to their religion and their observation of Islam prompted them to take a negative attitude towards shi’ites,

especially with the presence of pens that continue the campaign, supply the fire with fuel to keep with the dominant tendency in order to protect their interests and dignity that may be lost if they say the word of right, and correct the cours, they may be subjected to dangers if they venture to treat shi’ites with equity,

the attitude of Ahlilsham toward Alniss’ei had not been forgotten or eliminated from people’ memory when they asked him about the comparison between Ali (A.S) and Mu’aweia ha said; is it just to say that Mua’weia may be equal to Ali(A.S) aside from being better than him? So they trampled him under foot until he died.

But loyality to history, feeling the responsibility of word, saying the word of right, all of these remain as motives for thinkers and men faithful to religion to reveal the word of right, dot the i’s and cross the t’s, we hope that their feeling of responsibility for islamic interest, the prestige of islamic nation and the nation’s unity would prompt them to find that difficult task facile in order to gain Allah’s satisfaction and the eternal abode considering the profits of islamic unity when it is acheived.

That is a hope which fills every spirit with no fanaticism, became faithful to Allah, although that is an advantage difficult to be obtained, but every important and dear aim cannot be achieved without passing through obstacles, plunging into difficulties, especially now, truths have become evident because of mass media prevailing, the sources of shi’itic thought became available and moslems inter mixing with one another.

All that has been to disperse darkness and to identify realities, wasn’t the alegation of having aspecial Quran of shi’ites enough to come across a single copy of that Quran, and if it is difficult to obtain a copy of it, there they are the sources of shi’itics “Ahkaam”, the books of shi’ites’ jurisprudence are available and one can specify their documents as they are clear, for that who has a mind or listens for the truth and accept it.

So the summary of this last respect is that hostility towards shi’ites and slander against them is a movement resulted from the powerful continuoust movement of those who attempted to drive them out of the field.