The Second Example

The slander of saying that Gibraeil had mistakened by decending revelation to Mohammad (S.W.A):

One of the established principles of moslems’ beliefs is that: Allah Has sent the prophet Mohammad (S.W.A) to all people and He ended off prophethood with him(S.W.A), the Quranic texts emphasize on that: Allah (Glory to Him) says “O prophet we have sent you as a witness, auspicious, and aherald), He also says “Mohammad is Allah’s prophet” He also says “It is He who Has sent to the illiterated” a prophet from them selves”.

The issue is very clear to all moslems that prophet (S.W.A) has been sent by Allah and he is the last prophet of Him, so if a person claims that the prophet has not been sent by Allah but the angel who carries the revelation (Quran) from Allah (glory to him) to His prophets i.e Gibrael (A.S) has breached the trust and instead of decending revelation to Ali bin Abi Talib (A.S) he gave it to Mohammad (S.W.A). there is no doubt that who says that is infidal, outside Islam, cursed by Moslems because:

1) He contradicts with Quranci texts.

2) He denied one of the principals of religion.

3) He accused with treason Gibrael while Allah Has described him as trustworthy.

4) He indicated that Allah (Glory to him) approved Gibraeil’s mistake and didn’t reproach him.

5) He made the prophet (S.W.A) an extorter of others right.

6) He opened the door of suspicion about the purport of revelation because who breaches in delivering revelation he can be accused of treason in its contents and other defects.

The attribution of such a belief as we had described is enough to expel that group or sect from Islam, this is exactly what Ahlilsuneh attribute to shi’ites and they insist on it. We shall discuss this attribution after we reviwe their advocation of attributing that to shi’ites and their considering its consequences by counting shi’ites as not muslims.

Had he who attributed that to shi’ites been an ordinary person the issue would have been easy but the disastor is that who attributes that to shi’itics are weighty people, people of those whose production is read every day and put in the foremost part of islamic thinking, there are som of them:

1) Al-Fakhr Al-Razi

This man adopted the view that shi’ites believe in that idea when he interpreted Allahs saying (Noone can touch it but the purified)([^1]).

“I may not miss this chance to draw the reader’s attention that Ahlusunnet may name a party and then they attribute it to shi’ites while it is a single person in reality, indeed they indicate that as a party in order to make what is attributed to him is big and prevalent and as a result that idea considered as a viewpoint of a big section of shi’ites such as nominating them a section as “the Mohammadian section” relating them to Mohammad Ibn Abdullah the son of Imam Hassan Alsubbt (A.S) this section to whom some shi’ites were related didn’t come into being as that stated by Ibn – Tahir in his book “Alfareq beinal Feiraq” everyone who is famillar with moslems’ tradition knows who alfakhr Alraazi is,

and what is his scientific stature so when he wants to attribute some thing or aviwepoint to someone it cannot be imagined that he has not made sure of it or that he has depended on a rumor, if it is not so scientific principals lose their value, we will deal with the soundness of this attribution afterwards.

2- Alkurtubi Almaliki in his “The Big Interpretation”

This person is like his previous one, he is not an ordinary person, his interpretation is one of the important interpretations of Quran, his scientific stature is remarkable, rarely subject written in Quranic sciences without a refrence to this interpretation what is the reader’s attitude when he knows what alkurtubi attributes to shi’ites in this regard?

3- Ibn Taimeia

In the first volume of his book “Menheejels sunneh” in a comparison between shi’ites and jews he says: Jews dislike Gibrael and say He is our enemy of angles “Rafeza” also says that Gibraeil mistakened by giving revelation to Mohammad (S.W.A), this man has a heavy concern with shi’ites I appeal to Allah to punish shi’ites if what he attributed to them is true and I ask Him to punnish Ibnteimeia if what he attributed to them is no more than allegations.

I haven’t seen a person more nonchalant in dividing faith and infidelity among people than this man after those some people came and followed the traces of them such as “Aljebhan” in his book “Tebdeedd zalaam” and “Mahibideen elkhateeb” and their likes.

Just as another group began to take the consequences of that by considering shi’ites as nonmoslems because of their belife, so Al- baghdadi stated in his book “alfereq beinel fereq” that it is not right to pray on their dead, not to pray after him, his carcass is not halaal a shi’ites must not get married with a sunni woman a sunni cannot get married with a shi’itic woman if she has their belifes, the author of the book.

“Ala’nkehaal fassedah” Dr.Ameer also adopted the same Idea as it is accepted by a number of those who follow blindly their ancestors and became “mufti” in islamic countries, anyhow the issue is famous and it doesn’t need more explaination.

As a commentary that we say what they attributed to shi’its if it has been right – is enough to consider them infidels and there is no need to seek evidence to prove infidelity of those who deny one of religious principals but we say:

1 – On which document did those depend in their attributing that to shi’ites, we demand for – and that is our right – those to present only one of our sources which contains this view may they do afavor for us by doing that, and if they don’t find what props up their pretext do they deter from their slander, do they feel shy of these allegations or not, most likely they don’t deter because their motives are known.

2- If it is supposed that they have found one person who says so is it right and just to attribute a whole nation to that individual becausee a person of that nation says so at the time which all shi’itics’ resources prove the contrary, these are their resources in beliefs and jurisprudence fill libraries, they state frankly that Allah Has sent Mohammad (S.W) as the last prophet, and that Gibraeil is the trustee of Heaven revelation, Quran states that he is obeyed and trust worthy.

Al-kurkhi is one of Ala’hnafs’ Imams, he believes that Quran and sunneh must be changed in meaning if they contrast with the views of “Ahnaaf” jurisprudent. So do Ahlul- sunnet agree that we announce that they believe that Quran must agree with their views, does this saying if we declare it, coincide with logic.

There are so plenty of individual views of Ahlilsunneh in different branches of jurisprudental rules and beliefs that if we collect them they may form many books, some views don’t accord with islamic lines such as al-bukharis view in which he says that cow’s milk causes “Hurmh” i.e (if two persons drink the milk of a cow they become “muhram” so is it right to attribute this view to Ahlsunneh? In spite of that we ask them to give only one person of those who say that Gibraeil mistakened or committed a breach by giving revelation to Mohammad (S.W.A), let them guide as to him.

3- It is confirmed that Imam Ali (A.S) has been closer to the prophet (S.W.A) than his shadow, he was self-sacrificing in defending the prophet and Allah’s religion, he has been the prophet’s selfsame as the Holy Quran states so why hadn’t the stealing of prophethood left any effect such as a kind of rupture or an admonition at least between them?

Would you say that shi’ites – whose history has so many genius thinkers – don’t understand that but Aljeehan and his likes whom Allah Has sealed their hearts off understand that, had they believed in that they would have seen its effects on the relation between the prophet and his testament.

4 – Imam Ali (A.S) was 7 to 10 years old when revelation descended from Heaven, would you say that a boy 7-10 years old is sent as a prophet have we an example of such a prophet of those who preceded Mohammad (S.W.A) is this an ambiguous meaning that can not be comprehended? What happened to those people so they cannot understand a discourse?.

5- Quran says “we have sent before you but men” one is not called “man” unless he reaches maturity about 25 years old and Imam Ali (A.S) had been a boy as we said previously.

Notes like these should be considered before attributing this slander to Alshu’abi before he had been born, we confuted that in our book “The identity of shi’ism”.([^2])

After all that we say: these are our mosques “Azan” is read from their minarets in most of the world five times a day shouting “I certify that Mohammad is the prophet of Allah” don’t these minarets give a proof to refute this slander? Certainly those will say that you say so to be cautious to hide your real belief, we save them the answer before they utter it so we say:

In our “Azan” we declare publicly “we witness that Ali (A.S) is Allah’s “walei” we don’t fear, we also can disclose our views frankly in our mosques in Europe or other places if we fear to do that here.

Just as we could announce that in the counties ruled by shi’ites such as Egypt during the era of “Fatimieen”, and Iraq during the era of Buwaihhieen” and shi’itic Iran and other countries, in these countries we could announce that publicly without any fear, then why don’t we announce that? Do those, whom suspected sources nourish them and put them in charge of dividing moslems and stirring discord among them, answer us?

The answer is no, because they don’t search for truths, had they been truth seekers they wouldn’t have initially fabricated such slanders, inspit of that we are not deprived of – might we thank Allah – some conscienious men who refuted this slander such as “sheikh M-Algazzali in his book” A defence of belief” and Dr. Abdulwahid waafi in his book” between shi’ites and sunnis”.

([^1]) Altefseer Alkebeer: 10L 433 – Dar ehiaa ulturath, Beirut 1995.

([^2]) Haweiat Altesheia’a, P.193, Ahlilbeit insitution. Beirut sec. Edition, 1981.