The Third Example

Writers of Ahlusunnet, with their different specializtions related to islamic sciences, persisted in charging shi’ites with excessiveness of their Imams, and that they give them a stature which they don’t deserve, they exaggerate of attributing virtues to them, perhaps some of them charged as with saying that they i.e our Imams, know the unseen truths by themselves i.e their selves are initially the reason of the disclosure of existent beings.

And that we say that they have the right or the ability to dispose of universe by themselves e.t.c of their views which are summurized in saying that we raise them above human level to avery exaggerated one.

The first thing her I begin with is that I hint that most of those who read shi’itic thought he doesn’t read it written by shi’itic pens rather it is written either by the pen of their opponents or pens that didn’t reach enough maturity in understanding religious procedures, digesting their expressions so they confuse that Imams,

knowledge is overflowed on them by Allah the Glory in away or another just as our brother Ahlisunnet say relating that to ordinary peaple as it will be stated – confused that with their being know by themselves this resulted in this wrong understanding of shi’ites’ views.

I refer to another issue, it is that some writers may find an aberrant view of an extinct person or group then he considers it as the view of all shi’ites, som writers also may find anarration, as he has no specialization in this field to trace whether there is another narration contradicts with it or not, or whether there is what explains it generally,

or what explains some of it’s concomitants, following the way of treating with narrations and reports in the jurisprudential procedure, so he states that narration without all that, deducing from it and involving unfactual judgements.

There may be who knows and masters sciences like these but he has a disease in his heart so he follows in his work the way of “there is no God without saying But Allah”, generally I will intimate in this Quick discussing shi’ites’ views with enough evidence then I will shift to Ahlusunnet’s view or views on their Imams to see where excessiveness is:

1) Imamieh concluded that extremists “ghulaat” are infidels and shi’ites is claimed them one of their evidences is Allah’s saying in the 77th verse of “Sureh Almaaedeh” “Say: O followers of the Book! Be not unduly immoderate in your religion, and don’t follow the low desires of people who went a stray before and led many astray and went astray from the right path’.

2) Imam Ali (A.S) says (two kinds of men are perished of me, an excessive adorer and a resentful detester).

3) Imam Sadiq (A.S) said: we are no more than Allah’s slaves, who created us and chose us I swear by Allah that we have no plea before Him, we have no indulgence, certainly we are dead and held responsible, that he who loves “ghulaat” has hated us, he who hated them has loved us, “ghulaat” are infidels “mufaweeza” are polytheists, Allah may curse “ghulaat” they be christians, would they be “khuderiea” would they be “Murje’ea” or “Herooreia”.([^1])

4) They consider “ghulaat” as soiled persons don’t perform the ritual ablution “khusul” for their dead, don’t bury their dead “Zakaat” can not be paid to them, don’t give a moslem woman in marriage to them, don’t inherit moslim but moslem inherts them, all these rules are agreed on by Imamieh jurisprudent([^2]).

5) Sheikh Almufeed says in his book “sherhil akaeid elSadooq” (interpretation of Alsadook’s beliefs): “Alghulaat” are of those who pretended to be moslem, are those who attributed Amirel mou’amineen Ali Ibne Abitalib and the Imams from his progeny to godhood and prophethood, they attributed so much of superiority in religion and present life to them in which they exceeded all limits and deviated from moderatoin so they i.e “Alghulaat” are aberrant and infidel persons.([^3])

These texts we have presented as examples indicate clearly Imameiahs view concerning excessireness and excessiveists, I don’t think that those who accuse shi’ites with excessiveness haven’t been acquainted with them but malice prevailed in their hearts, we depend on Allah to endure what they practise.

Here we take a short stop in the course of sunnit thought to see whether an excessiveness there is or not, I state for you some of these examples:

1- Alladin Dedeh stated in his book “Muuhazaratel awaeilwa musamar awakhir”, he said: an Earthquake took place in Almedeeneh Aumer hit land with his stick saying: be steady.

There upon the earth rested and earth quake finished.

He also said: when the water of the Nile river in Egypt decreased, Aumer Ibn ela’as has been the governor of Egypt on that time, Egyptians wanted – as it was their habit – to give it a bride by throwing her in it, Aumer Ibn ela’as forbade them to do so, then he wrote to Aumer Ibn Ilkhataab about the issue, so Aumer sent to him a letter, thrown in the Nile, so the river brimed.

Then he stated the incident of “Sareyetel jabal” and the incident of putting out a fire by the Caliph Aumer, then he followed up that with his saying: he has been –i.e Aumer – mastering over the four constituent, water, air, dust and fire, the meaning of this is “Alwiliah al tekweeneia” I.e, the genetic authority, so had tens narrations like this excited Ahlusunnet, certainly no, if it had been related to one of Ahlilbeit Imams it would has been excessiveness rather an infiedlity and apostasy.

2- “Ibnil jawzi” stated in “Menakib Ibn Hunbal” narrating of Ali Ibn Ismael said: I saw as if –i.e. in a dream – the Day of Resurrection happened people came to an arch way, at this archway no one is let to pass unless he bring forward a signed letter,there was a man sitting aside sealing and giving people, I said who was this? They said: “Ahmed Ibne Henbel”.

3- Al-Mekki cited in the second volume of his book “Menaakib Abi Haneefeh” he said: Abuhaneefa has been seen sleeping on a bedstead in an orchard, he had a parchment on which he was writing the award of some people, he was asked about that he said: Allah accepted my work and my doctrine so He accepted my intercession for my nation, now I am writing their awards, it is said to him: what is the least extent of the knowledge of those to whom you write award? He said: if he knows that “Tuemum” can not be performed by using ashes instead of dust.

4- Albaghdadi stated in his history in the 14th volume narrating from Abiumameh quoting from the prophet (s.w.a) he said: I entered paradise until he said: when I was at the door ascale was brought, then I was put in it, my nation was put in the other scale, I outweighted my nation, then Abubakr was brought and put in a scale and my whole nation was put in the other scale Abubekr outweighted my nation, my whole nation was put in the other scale, Aumer outweighted my nation also then the balance was lifted, Alhekeem altermethi also stated that in “Nawadir eleusuul”.

5 – Alaubeidi al-maaliki in “umdetel tehqeeq” says; when prophet (s.w.a) has been at two bows’ length from Allah (to whom be longs might and majesty) he felt gloomy and alone, then he heared there Abubekr’s there upon he felt tranquil and at ease with his companion’s voice.

Up to this, to those who accuse us with excessiveness I say: we have so many of your sources which weave like this texture that we can compose a complete encyclopedia without any exaggeration, we don’t want to waste our time and be absorbed in it, not to help your writers to achieve their goals in propogating dispute amonge moslems,

busy in these wrangles instead of using their pens to defend their religion or to disseminate its charms, I don’t doubt for aminute that this is an aim of so many suspected pens that continued to take pleasure in lacerating moslems, in purchasing from the market of dispersion, in ruminating from astored spite that should be melted in a spirit of belief or in a blessed aim strives for unifying moslems on the basis of “There is no god but Allah”.

No one of you must think that we say so because of fear of you as we have nothing to fear you for, and we have no hope in so many of you to return to the path of equity, except that few of pure – spirited who seek rightness and truth, so, for those we write and for their sake we strive and after all that we seek Allah’s contentment who ordered us and cultivated us in his saying “This your nation is one nation and I am your creator so worship me”.

O my God, we worship you and we don’t take attributes with you, we belive in your Book, prophet and religion you are our God and guardian so treat us with Your mercy, you are the most mercyful.

(1) Beharel anwar, Almejlissi, 3/51 edited by Iran company 1301.H

(2) Allumah Aldemeshkeia: 1L 18/ Nejaf.

(3) P. 131 vol.5, 2nd book, Dar almufeed 1993, Beirut.