Islamic Views On Human Rights: Viewpoints of Iranian Scholars

Today's world, plagued by war and greed, and media are inundated by the issues pertaining to human rights. What is the position of the Islamic Sharia regarding The Human Rights, as they are understood internationally? Does the Islamic law adhere to The Human Rights? does it respect some of the decrees and reject others?Why? Does Islamic law reject The Human rights altogether? The present book does a magnificent job at offering a comprehensive, lengthy and thorough investigation to answer all the above questions.

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  1. Dedication
  2. Introduction To Irano-Islamic Views On Human Rights
  3. Sources Of Human Rights In Islam
  4. Individual Rights In Islam
  5. The Development Of The Concept Of Human Rights
  6. Survey Of The Similarities And Differences Of Human Rights In Islam And In The West
  7. Political Rights Of People In Islam
  8. Criticism And Study Of Cairo Declaration Of Human Rights In Islam
  9. Human Rights: The Clashes Between Individual And Collective Rights
  10. Human Rights And Asian Values (With emphasis on Eastern Asia)
  11. Primary Principles Of Law In Islam
  12. International Rules For Women's Rights: A Challenge Of Values
  13. Independence And Economic Rights Of Women
  14. Reproductive Health And Rights
  15. International Humanitarian Law In Islam And Contemporary International Law
  16. International Human Rights Regime: A Theoretical Approach To Regime Formation And Persistence
  17. The Impact Of The Changes Of International System On The Concept Of Human Rights
  18. Human Rights In Practice:The Violation Of The Muslims’ Rights Throughout The World And The Position Of The United Nations Towards This Issue
  19. Human Rights Developments After The Second World War