Juristic Questions

These are juristic questions discussed in a clear and firm way. They depend upon the true evidences and follow the straight way. It is enough for them to be a result of a high learned mind and a wonderful pen depending upon the accurate scientific theories so that they are directed easily towards the bright way of rightness and assisted by those accurate theories.

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  1. The Publisher’s Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. Offering Two Prayers At One Time
  4. Is Bassmala A Quranic Verse? Is It To Be Recited In Prayers?
  5. Reciting Quran In The Prayer
  6. Takbeeratul Ihram
  7. Traveler’s Taqseer And Fast Breaking
  8. Temporary Marriage
  9. Wiping The Feet Or Washing Them In Wudu’
  10. Wiping Over Slippers And Socks
  11. Six Disputable Questions