Necessity of Religion

Religion is a very sensitive issue. We have to be very careful when we are discussing religion. Even though religion is based upon intellect, in its practice people do not use their intellect, but instead they put forth their own desires over what the religion truly says. To make one’s desires become obedient to one’s intellect is an extremely difficult task. You will see examples of this while reading my book. You will see how many difficulties I have had to face, but I want the people to understand it is necessary to not only search for the truth but to also accept it. Kufr (Disbelief) is not such a thing which can be seen with one’s eyes. If you consider a person a kafir (disbeliever), then he also considers you a kafir (disbeliever). Real kufr (disbelief) is ignorance and rejecting of truth when it is presented to you. This is such a state in which the human thinks that only whatever knowledge he possesses is true haqq (truth). There is nothing beyond his knowledge. Whatever is beyond his knowledge, he considers as outside of his religion. The other state in which a human gets trapped in is where he gives his intellect to others. He simply follows the scholars blindly without using

any thought of his own. Whatever they say is a part of religion, he simply accepts without any research or thought into the truth of what they are saying.

This is ignorance and absolute kufr (disbelief). This is the root from which the tree of kufr (disbelief) grows. When this tree grows, it can reach to such a level that a person is prepared to become an enemy of Moula (as). According to a German researcher, 99% of people adopt religion because of social pressure. They spend their whole lives defending their new religion without any thought as to whether it is true or not. The percentage given in the research is the researcher’s own findings, but according to me, if you find one person in a million who is researching in his religion, then it is equivalent if not greater than those who are doing absolutely nothing. Apart from the percentages given, the researcher is absolutely correct. If you see in Pakistan, every year hundreds of Muslims become Christian. Is it because they know the religion of Nabi Isa (as) very well and are impressed with the teachings of Nabi Isa (as)? No, it is not because of this reason. In reality, they change their religion because of social pressure. After they change their religion, their financial situation and other aspects of their lives become greatly improved. They spend their whole life defending this religion without truly knowing its real meanings or history. I have discussed religious matters with so many different peoples. When they became unable to reply to my questions, then they will admit that my religion (Shia Islam) is the true religion. When I ask them, why then do you not become Shia? They always reply if we do so our whole family will turn against us. They will throw us out into the streets and boycott us.

This is what is considered as social pressure. In reality, every human being is suffering from a state of confusion. It does not matter what religion they belong to. They always change their religion because of social pressure. If the person is always in this state of confusion, why should he then follow a religion? Why should he put restriction upon himself? Do this,

do not do this, eat this, and don’t eat this. Why? Why should I not live a free life? What does religion give to the people? We do not know if there is truly a judgment day or if it is only an illusion. Why should I make my life a hell because of some imaginary fear? Why should I not follow the saying of Emperor Babar “Why should Babar not enjoy his life? Who knows if we will get this life again or not? Who knows if you will come again in this world or not?” This is why you must understand the psychological state of a person before you try to teach religion to him. If he is not satisfied with the answers to his basic questions, then he will never accept religion from his heart. Before answering these basic questions, we must understand the difference between the life of a human and an animal. Life and the necessities of life are common in both animals and humans.

Animals and humans both have five senses. Both go in search of rizq (sustenance). Both animals and human reproduce by having children. Both do whatever is necessary for survival. When so many things are similar, then what is the difference between the two of them? The difference is animals live their lives by instinct. The animal has no idea about how to reason. If a scorpion is sitting on a rock, he will instinctively sting the rock. Even though his poison will have no effect on the rock, he will still do this because of his instinctive nature. A human’s life is not ruled by instinct. It is ruled by intellect and reason. Before performing any action, every human will search for the reason or purpose of the act. Then they will use their intellect to decide whether or not to perform the action. Even the people who commit the most horrible crimes, they also have a reason for doing these things. Just think about this for a moment and decide for yourself if life is this way or not? If you agree with my ideology, now we will look at the social aspect of human life. Aristotle says humans are social animals. Even if Aristotle did not say this, it would not have affected the social aspect of human life. This is a truth whether or not anyone states it.

Humans want to live amongst others because this is his nature. In order to live in such a social climate, every society must have limits and laws in order to maintain and protect itself. As I said before, humans search for a reason before they do any thing, and the implementation of this reasoning is a law. It is very necessary for every society to have laws. Otherwise the whole society will collapse into disarray and disorder. The law demands that whosoever goes against it must be punished. Now I will explain the religion using this ideology as an example to make it easier to understand. “When a person follows the laws and rules of religion, he will be rewarded. When a person disobeys the laws and does not follow them, then he will be punished. It is the same in religion as in society.” Now that it has been proved that every society has a punishment for the breaking of its laws, so no nation or any human can deny religion doing the same. This is the reason why a human must follow some religion. Humans have certain needs instilled in their nature. One of those needs is rules and laws. Without them he cannot function properly. When it has been proved no human society can survive without law, and then comes the question as to who will make those laws? From this question, two ideologies have been established. One group decided they will make the laws themselves. While the other group decided,

a human who is created cannot make the laws. The laws are only in the hands of the Creator.

The people who decided they will make the laws themselves, they based their laws upon their own ideologies instead of upon a religious or a higher being’s laws. The people who believed only the Creator can make the laws; they adopted the word deen (religion). This is the way the word “deen (religion)” became associated with the Creator’s laws.

Beginning of Religion

Just as a human is one day born and then one day will die. The ideology of religion is similar. It begins with the Creator and ends with the Creator. The human must know he has a Creator. He must believe there is an afterlife. Whatever he has done during his life, he must answer for it to his Creator. When a human forgets his death, this is when he rebels against the laws of the Creator. Now I will give an example for death which no one can deny. Maybe you will even be amazed, but this is an ultimate truth. In this world, no one believes he will die one day. People are afraid of death, but they do not truly believe in death. If they did believe they would die one day, then its effect could be seen on their faces and in their actions. You must remember a few years ago the metrology department announced a hurricane was advancing towards Karachi very rapidly. They told it would destroy the whole city of Karachi.

When the people heard this, the whole city was stunned. Fear spread throughout the city, and every person was extremely worried. This was only news which could have been true or not. This is what happened to the people, but the storm did not come. The death is not news. It is a test for the humans. We see thousands of people dying. We bury hundreds of people ourselves. Have you ever seen one person whose face and actions could tell that he really believes in death? Ameerul Momineen (as) described this reality in these words“The people think the death is not for them. They think that it is only for others. The people who we see dying are travelers who soon will come back to us. The moment we bury them we start eating whatever he left behind as if we will always live in this world . (Najul Balagha saying 133 )”  InUsool e Kafi book Iman o Kufr page no. 158 hadith no. 9 Imam Riza (as) said,“I am amazed at the person who knows of death and is still happy.”

Who will make the laws?

As I have said before and will say again, no human or human society on this earth, even the most uncivilized of nations, can deny that there is always a punishment for crime.

So we have got to know that this principle is in human nature. Now we have to ponder upon how many criminals cannot be caught. So if the criminals cannot be caught, then does this suspend the principle of the need for laws in a human society? Is the punishment only for those who get caught? This is against the human nature as well as human intellect. Every person will agree that neither the nature of a human nor that of nature can be suspended. Every criminal has to be punished. When this has been decided, then we have to admit that if someone does not get punishment in this

world, he will get punished in the next world. So now we come to the point as to who has the right to make the laws? Does the Creator have this right or does the human himself have this right? If we give this right to the humans, then so many problems will arise. The purpose of making laws will die itself. Whatever law the human will make, it will be weak in nature. Firstly humans do not have full knowledge of the true necessities of humans.

If he does not have knowledge, then he cannot make the laws. This is why in today’s societies throughout the whole world we see that one day a law will be bringing peace to the people of that nation then the next it will bring about its destruction. Only the one who knows every big and small thing of this world and has full knowledge of the nature of every thing in it has the right to make the laws.

Who created humans? Every creator knows what his creation needs and what is best for them. Secondly, when the whole of humanity is participating in the very acts which bring about the necessity of laws, then how is it possible to give the right to make the laws to humans when he himself is filled with greed, lustful desires etc and would then need to be punished by the very laws he has created? It is the same as allowing a scavenger to be the caretaker of meat.

Two Religions

Wherever you find the ideology of religion present, you will always find two different types of religion. One is religion of fear. The second is free religion. The third one which people do not pay attention to is the religion of love. It is necessary to look into the religion of fear. This is the religion in which humans are always afraid. If he does this, this punishment will happen. If he does that, then he will be doomed for eternity to a horrible punishment. So he lives his life in constant fear. From this religion of fear, two horrible results have come about.

The first result is that some people thought that if they missed one prayer time or if they missed one day of fasting that they will go to jahannum (hell). Due to this fear, they do many different things which have nothing to do with the real religion. One act they do out of fear is they wear their pants high above their ankles. They also increase the size of their beards. They forget everything except the prayers in which people will see them doing. Out of this religion of fear grew up a violent and extremist type mentality in regards to how to perform religious acts of worship.

They forget everything including Allah, RasoolAllah (saw), and Ahlul Bayt (as). Even they have forgotten the greatest of ibadats (act of worship), the azadari (remembrance) of Imam Hussain (as). They believe the greatest act of worship is the killing and harming of those who criticize their religious leaders. You can see with your own eyes the violence which this type of religious extremism has brought to our society. The second group was then established. The second group, in order to rid themselves of this religion of fear, stopped following any type of religion entirely. Moula Ali (as) in only five words handed down a decision in regards to these two groups which is“Love is greater than fear .”(Najul Israr page 60)

Usool e Deen (Principles of Religion)

Allama Hilli in his bookAhsanul Aqaid page 115 explained the principles of religion in these words:

“The basis of any religion is its principles. Its principles are what it is established upon. If you deny even one of those principles, then the whole religion will collapse. If the recommended acts are denied or given up, then the religion will not collapse.” In the same book on page 14, Allama Hilli says “Usool e Deen (principles of religion) is absolutely wajib (compulsory).”

Recognition of the Principles of Religion

In the same book on page 15, Allama Hilli says “recognition of the principles of religion is compulsory through proofs not through taqleed (blind following of a scholar).” If you use your intellect in order to recognize the principles of religion, then you will find your intellect insists that you have proof that the religion you are following is greater than all other religions. If we do not recognize the religion through our intellect, then we cannot prove our religion Islam is greater than all other religions. Now we will prove this through the hadiths of Masoomeen (as).

Imam Musa al Kazim (as) said, “Momins will be asked in their graves, “Who is your Rabb (Lord)?” They will reply, “Allah”. Then they will be asked, “What is your religion?” They will reply, “Islam”. Then they will be asked, “Who is your prophet?” They will reply,” Muhammad”.

Then they will be asked,” Who is your Imam?” They will reply and call the name of the Imam of their times. Then they will be asked,” How did you recognize your Imam?” They will reply,”This was amr (absolute wajib) which Allah guided me and kept me on this”.* (This is the peak of intellect)Then the angels will say, “Keep sleeping such a sleep which is free of worries, and the angels will open a door of paradise in front of him.” They will ask the same questions to others. When they ask others the question how did you recognize you’re Imam, they will reply,” They heard about who He was from other people. Because others said such and such was the Imam, I followed what they said blindly”. At that moment, the angels hit him with whip in such a way that whole of creation altogether cannot bear its pain .(Haqul Yaqeen Urdu Second Edition Page 73)*

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said,“Allah says ignorance does not blind the eyes. Instead it blinds the hearts which are inside one’s chest. How will he be guided, if he does not understand? How will he understand if he does not ponder upon things ?” (Usool e Kafi Kitab e Hujjat chapter 7 hadith no. 7 )

In reality if the basis of your religion is only from hearing what others have said, this is not a real religion. This is why when the people claim to follow a certain religion, but upon hearing its real truth they reject it.

Allama Hilli writes in his bookAhsanul Aqaid page no. 25 , “If someone remains ignorant of the principles of religion, then he will be excluded from those who are considered as momins. He will stay in hell forever.” Moula Ali (as) says,“The people are the enemy of the things which they do not understand.” (Najul Balagha saying no. 173 ). It has been told from the sayings of Moula Ali (as) that one who is not aware of the principles of religion is an enemy of the religion despite of believing in those very principles.

So we have given you the initial information about religion. Now say bismillah (in the name of Allah) and with the help of Imam Zamana (ajf) step into the valley of marifat (recognition). They will take you to your destination.

Ghulu (Exaggeration)

When Iblees (shaitan la) refused to recognize Nabi Adam (as) by His Noor instead recognizing Him (Nabi Adam as) by his physical appearance, this was the first instance in which doubts were created in the way of recognizing Masoomeen (as). The majority of people today are still following his (iblees la) way of recognizing Masoomeen (as) by Their physical appearances instead of by Their Noor. Then the offspring of Iblees created a second hurdle for humans in order to cast doubt upon the attributes of Masoomeen (as) which were so clear and apparent that no one was able to reject them. They created the ideology of ghulu (exaggeration), and in this way clouded the extremely apparent attributes of Masoomeen (as) with doubts. In reality, today’s Shia has fallen into this trap of declaring everything which is in praise of Masoomeen (as) as ghulu (exaggeration). Whenever any attribute of a masoom is reported, immediately it is declared as an exaggeration by the majority of today’s shias. Unfortunately, this has become a common belief.

With this one doubt, they (offspring of Iblees la) were able to cast doubts upon not only the attributes of Masoomeen (as), but also upon everything else in the religion including oneness of Allah, justice, prophet hood, imamate, and judgment day. They filled the people’s minds with such doubts that they were able to change the whole truth of what the real religion is. These doubts have become so strong the people hesitate to accept any truth about the religion if it differs from their own so called truths. They (offspring of Iblees la) used all their energies to degrade the status of Ahlul Bayt (as) as others (wahabis etc) have used all their energies to degrade the status of RasoolAllah (saw) in order to lower Them (RasoolAllah saw and Ahlul Bayt as) to their level. In this way the wahabis can feel superior as if they

know more about the religion than the ones who originally brought it. Slowly with the passage of time these doubts have been able to cause the people to be unable to understand what the true meaning of marifat (recognition) is. Iman (faith) by one’s tongue only instead of in one’s heart and the showing off of one’s ibadat (acts of worship) has become the “real” religion of the people of today. We have reached the point today where the sacrifices made by previous shias who gave up their lives trying to defend the truth about the attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as) has been rendered futile. Now so called shias of today openly insult Ahlul Bayt (as) whether it be intentionally and unintentionally. Not only do they do this by their tongues but also in their writings. But yet no one has enough belief in their heart to stand up and say to these so called shias “Stop”. They allow them to go on insulting Ahlul Bayt (as) and then accept those insults as truths. They drink these words of kufr (disbelief) in the same way a baby drinks the milk of its mother. Still somehow they call themselves “shia”.  The root of all of this evil is the ideology of ghulu (exaggeration). These so called scholars have scared the shias of today so much by using the word “ghulu” that the shias are afraid to accept the truth of the attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as). Not only do they not accept these truths, but they will not even listen to anyone who tries to speak them out of a so called imaginary fear. They are so afraid of

becoming a “ghali” (exaggerator) because in narrations a ghali has been proved to be a kafir (disbeliever). The people have only heard of this word ghulu, but no one truly knows what its real meaning is. If you give Masoomeen (as) a status which is above that of a great scholar, devotee, or a man of great strength, then it is considered ghulu (exaggeration). This is not ghulu. This misconception about ghulu has forced me to give it such great importance in this book. I feel compelled to clear the doubts of the Shia nation so that they may know not only the truth of Masoomeen (as) but also what is untrue. In this way I hope to remove the fear which is hidden in their hearts.

After reading this chapter, it will become so easy for you to understand the beliefs of Shia. The verdicts which have been given by scholars of Kufr (disbelief) and shirk (polytheism) will become meaningless in your eyes. Both of us should pray that we can solve this problem and find its true solution. In this way the problem will be corrected, and we will know the truth of our beliefs, be able to recognize the true status of Aal e Muhammad (as), and get rid of the fear of religious looters (so called ayatollahs). Then we will truly be able to call ourselves Shia, and only then will we be deserving of the attributes which were revealed for true shias.

Are all Muslims nusairis (one who believes Moula Ali (as) is Allah)?

Since the time of Ameerul Momineen (as), there has always been a group of people who considered Moula Ali (as) as Allah. This is not a permanent religion. Neither does it have compulsory principles nor recommended acts of worship. In our society, they are famously known as “nusairis”. Even though, in different times, they were known by different names. For example, “sajeela”, “sabia”, “gharabia”, “nusairis”, etc. I am very sorry to say when I studied about the different sects of Islam except for a few people, all the Muslims were either nusairis or very near to these beliefs. I will try to make you understand this in six sentences.

Claims of Nusairis

creation and death is only in the hand of Allah

these two acts were revealed by Moula Ali (as)

so it has been proved that Moula Ali (as) is Allah

Claims of Muslims

creation and death is in only in the hand of Allah

it has been proved Moula Ali (as) is not Allah

all those narrations revealed by Moula Ali (as)  regarding creation and death are false

Even though you will see these two groups have very different claims, they have in common the belief of tawheed (Oneness). If the narrations which have been denied one day are proven true, then there will be no difference between nusairis and Muslims. The two groups mentioned above were established because no one could accept the truth of the attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as).

Everyone who likes justice has to admit that whatever understanding of tawheed (Oneness) a person has, due to their own intellect and knowledge, is not the true attributes of Allah. It is simply the level of understanding that

person has reached. It does not mean that Allah is limited to the level of knowledge and understanding which a person has. As one person’s level of intellect determines his understanding of Oneness in the same way a momin’s ideology determines his understanding of wilayat. The stages of faith are different for each person. Those narrations, which reveal the truth of the attributes of Masoomeen (as), you, cannot deny them simply because you cannot accept them as truth. If you deny them simply on this reason alone, this is a proof of mental illness. In order to examine the hadiths, the first thing you have to do is to correct your belief. When belief has been corrected, then any hadith which agrees with your belief you must accept. It does not matter if the hadith is mutwater (consistent), sahih (authentic), hasan (reliable), motaber (authentic), or zaeef (weak). When your strongest belief is, after Allah, Aal e Muhammad (as) are the greatest from everything, Their attributes are uncountable, but yet after all of these absolute proofs from Quran, when you see a hadith which is not authentic or weak regarding the attributes of Aal e Muhammad (as) and you reject that hadith simply because it is weak, this is an undeniable proof that your belief is weak and not real. No saint, peer, mujtihid, scholar, so called ayatollahs, absolutely no one has reached the status in which Hazrat Salman al Farsi (as) has reached. He ( Hz Salman al Farsi as) himself says,“ If I reveal the very few attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as) which have been revealed to me, the people will call me insane and pray for the forgiveness of the one who will murder me.”

What is Ghulu (exaggeration)?

Ghulu is when you exaggerate the truth of what something is by giving it attributes that it does not possess or by raising its status to a level which is higher than what it truly is. This is what ghulu is commonly known as. I have not seen in any dictionary where this word has been used for one specific purpose or group of people. Anyone who gives a higher attribute to a person who does not possess those qualities is considered a ghali. If someone considers others as “Qibla tul Islam” (honor of Islam) or “Marja anam” (great scholar), he will be considered as a ghali. Also one who gives himself these titles will be considered as a ghali. These are the true meanings and explanations of this word “ghulu”, but unfortunately in Shia Islam, this word is specifically used for Ahlul Bayt (as). For Shia, ghulu means when you exaggerate the attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as). Until now the shias take this as the true meaning of the word “ghulu”. This is such a great tragedy that no matter how much grief one suffers from knowing this it will never be enough. Even though it has been proved that when you have marifat (recognition) of two beings, and you knowingly give the  attributes of the one who possesses a high status to the one who possesses the lower status, then this is ghulu. It means that you know the status of Ahlul Bayt (as) and know their limitations and boundaries maa’z aallah. In this case one who uses the word ghulu for Ahlul Bayt (as); he is himself a mushrik (polytheist).

He becomes a mushrik (polytheist) because he claims he knows the boundaries or limits of Allah’s attributes (astarfghullah). The only way we can exaggerate the status of Ahlul Bayt (as) is by claiming They are Allah.

In this book we will prove this statement is absolute truth. In reality it is impossible to exaggerate the status of Ahlul Bayt (as). Even if you consider what someone is doing to be an exaggeration of Their status, in reality he is not doing exaggeration, he is doing taqseer (lowering Their status). This is because no one can know the true limit or boundaries of Ahlul Bayt (as). So when you do not know the limit of something, then it is impossible to exaggerate its status.

“O’ Ali (as), people accuse me that I use “ghulu” when I

describe Your attributes. While in reality, I am unable to

describe Your Attributes. I can never be able to describe

Your attributes (even if I was given thousands of years of

life and I described Your attributes day and night, even then

it would be like a raindrop falling into the ocean).”

The people who consider the sayings of Masoomeen (as) as “ghulu” amaze me, and then they insult Masoomeen (as) openly, while at the same time following so called ayatollahs blindly and giving them (ayatollahs) the respect that should only be given to Masoomeen (as).

Exaggeration in the Favor of Ahlul Bayt

There is no doubt about it that in all narrations both ghali and ghulu have both been condemned by Masoomeen (as). Before becoming so afraid of these words, we have to find out what the true meanings of these words are according to Masoomeen (as) and not according to other people.

Masoomeen (as) explainedAyah 171 of Sura al Nisa in this way:

Moula Ali (as) said,“Do not disassociate Us from the status of abduiyat (servants of Allah). Other than this, whatever you say in regards to Our attributes, you will never be able to describe Our true attributes. Listen! Be aware of “ghulu” (exaggeration)! Be aware of what the Christians did to Isa ibn Mariam (as)! They made Him as their god. I have no relation to those who will do this to Us.”

Moula Ali (as) said,“ I am far away from “ghalis” (exaggerators) the same way Isa ibn Mariam (as) disassociated Himself from Christians.”

Imam Zainul Abideen (as) said,“Jewish love Hazrat Uzair (as). They made Him as their god. So neither they are from Uzair (as) nor is Uzair (as) from them. Christians love Isa ibn Mariam (as). They also made Him as their god. So neither they are from Isa (as) nor is Isa (as) from them. I am the same way. If a group of our Shia loves us and says the same for Us as the Jews said for Uzair (as) and the Christians said for Isa (as), then I am not from them nor are they from Me.”

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said, “Our Rabb (Lord) is Allah. We always look towards Him for assistance. Other than this you can describe Our attributes in any way you wish.”

Moula Ali (as) said,“Be aware of “ghulu”. We are Allah’s servants and His Worshippers. Allah is Our Rabb (Lord). Apart from this, describe those attributes given to Us by Allah as you wish.” (Haqaiqul Wasiyat First Edition page 96-100)

In these five hadiths of Masoomeen (as), it has been clearly proven that “ghulu” is only when you consider Masoomeen (as) as your Rabb (Lord) in such a way that you have no other Rabb (Lord) other than Them. Apart from

this, whatever belief we have about Ahlul Bayt (as), it can never be considered as “ghulu”. Masoomeen (as) Themselves said it does not matter how much we describe Their attributes, but we will never find the limit of Their attributes or Their boundaries. When we are not aware of the limit and

boundaries of Ahlul Bayt (as), then how is it possible to increase and go beyond that limit?

Kinds of Ghulu (Exaggeration)

Allama Majilisi inBihar ul Anwar Seventh Edition page 365 has explained the different kinds of ghulu. We are mentioning these fromHaqaiqul Wasiyat First Edition page 101 . Even though we do not agree with what was said, because it is an extract, we will write it as it was written in the book. Allama Majalisi says, “We must be aware of the different kinds of ghulu for the Prophet (saw) and the Aimmah (as).”

Consider Them as your Creator.

to believe They have the same attributes as Allah, They are distributors of rizq, and the creators of everything

They have the ability of resurrection

There is no difference between Allah and Them, They are as One

They have full knowledge of unseen without it being revealed to Them either from Allah or His Angels

Their souls can be transferred (like the “Arya” believed that a soul can be transferred from one body to another either as a punishment or as a reward)

To consider the Imams (as) as prophets

Whenever a person gains Their marifat (recognition), that person then believes there is no need for prayer, fasting, or any other wajibats (obligatory acts of worship), and there is no such act they will do which will be considered as a sin against themselves in which they will be punished for on judgment day nor will they have to repent for it to gain the forgiveness of Allah.

Alhamdulilah no true momin believes in these kinds of ghulu (exaggeration). After writing the different kinds of exaggeration, Allama Majalisi says, “Some scholars used exaggeration themselves in order to explain the meanings of ghulu. They did this because they (scholars) do not have true marifat (recognition) of the Imams (as) and do not know the truth of Their wonderful attributes. Therefore it caused them (scholars) to deny those authentic narrations in which the true attributes of Masoomeen (as) were written.

These so called scholars also wrote that believing the Imams (as) are without mistake, have knowledge of past and future events, and other such attributes are an exaggeration. Even though in various hadiths Masoomeen (as) Themselves have said,“Do not consider Us as Allah. No matter how much you describe Our attributes you will never reach Their limit.” Masoomeen (as) also said,“To describe Our true attributes is very difficult, but to understand those attributes is even more difficult. Only those angels, prophets, and true momins whose faith has been tested by Allah are able to understand the truth of Our attributes.” There is also another hadith which states that if Hz Abu Dhar (ra) knew the truth of Hz Salman al Farsi (as)’s iman (faith) regarding Ahlul Bayt (as), then Hz Abu Dhar (ra) would kill

him. There are so many hadiths; some we have already written and others we will write later in this book. So it is completely wajib (compulsory) on true momins to not deny the true attributes and miracles of Ahlul Bayt (as) in a hurry simply because those attributes are beyond their knowledge or understanding. Unless it has been proved from:

the sayings of Masoomeen (as)

the verses of Quran

is outside of the religion itself

is inconsistent or only mentioned in one instance

If any scholar does not prove a hadith is false by using one of the above mentioned ways, then you cannot deny that hadith. Every true momin believes Ahlul Bayt (as) are creators, give rizq (sustenance),  bring the dead back to life and give death to the life, are present everywhere at all times, and have full knowledge of unseen with the understanding that Allah has blessed Ahlul Bayt (as) with these attributes. Allah is Only One. Ahlul Bayt (as) were created from the attributes of Allah.

Ghulu (Exaggeration) and Taqseer (Lowering the status of Ahlul Bayt as)

Apparently there are two opposite ideologies regarding Masoomeen (as). One ideology is that They have full command over everything.

The other is that They are unable to do anything. This is the reason the ideologies of ghulu (exaggeration) and taqseer (lowering the status of Ahlul Bayt as) were established. Those who have the ideology that They have full command over everything became ghalis (exaggerators). Those who have the ideology They are unable to do anything became muqassir (defamators). These foolish people could not understand that the reason Masoomeen (as) remained silent and took no action against Their oppressors and lived Their worldly lives in a state of such poverty was to show Their followers that They (Masoomeen as) were servants of Allah.

If I say, in front of my teacher, I am an ignorant person, and it causes my children to believe I am ignorant; it is nothing other than foolishness. If a person has a limited ability to understand, and he himself is unable to understand the teachings of any learned person, then when he relates any information, even if it be the truth, he will relate it in such a way that no one will be able to understand it in its true sense. For example, “Ghalib” (a very famous Urdu poet), he has been considered as a poet whose writings are not understandable by the vast majority of people. When people understood the true meanings of his poetry, they then came to know he was a great poet. He was such a great poet that his poetry is still being read and loved by the people of today. When the sayings of a human are so difficult that every person is unable to understand them, then how will we be able to understand the sayings of Allah and Masoomeen (as)? If you relate all of those narrations which give Masoomeen (as) a high status to the ghalis, then it is nothing but pure ignorance. This is why Imam Riza (as) said, “When the “ghalis” saw such servants of Allah (Ahlul Bayt as) who were blessed with such supernatural abilities and used those abilities in such a way as to show the people how to worship Allah, the ghalis took this in the wrong way and believed Us to be Allah himself. When in reality, We are merely servants of Allah. Even though Allah has blessed Us with full command over everything, still We were showing people with Our ibadats (acts of worship) the greatness of Allah.” (Haqaiqul Wasiyat First Edition page 104 ref. Ahtejaj Tibarsi)

On the other hand, there are such people who upon seeing the condemnation of ghalis (exaggerators) in narrations became so afraid of becoming a ghali themselves that they denied all those narrations which tell of the high status of Masoomeen (as). They allowed their fear to become greater than their iman (faith), and due to such weakening of iman, they became unable to accept that such greatness could exist in the form of Masoomeen (as).

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said:

“A group of Our shia did taqseer (lowering one’s status) in recognition of Us.” The Imam (as) further said,” If Our shia ponders upon Quran, then certainly they (shia) will never have any doubts in regards to Our attributes.” (Haqaiqul Yaqeen Second Edition page 40 ). As in regards to such people (muqassireen), we will mention a few hadiths so that you will come to know what a great sin taqseer (lowering one’s status) is.

InManaqib ibn Shahr Ashoob First Edition page no. 447 , the author says: We saw Jabir ibn AbdullAllah Ansari (ra) holding his walking stick wondering the streets of Medina saying,

“O’ Ansarians (helpers)! Put the love of Ali(as) ibn Abi Talib (as) in your offspring. One who will deny the attributes of Moula Ali (as) must look at his mother (meaning he is an illegitimate offspring).”

(We must note that here the hadith is not referring to denying Moula Ali (as) Himself. It is simply referring to the denial of His true attributes.)

InYanabiul Muwaddat page 202 , RasoolAllah (saw) said about Aimmah (as),“Those people in my nation who will deny the attributes of My Ahlul Bayt (as) and do not have any care as to Their relation to Me, there is only destruction for those people. My intercession will never reach to such people.”

InNajul Israr First Edition page 78 , Ameerul Momineen (as) said,“One who denies Our wilayat is a kafir (disbeliever). One who denies Our attributes is also a kafir.”

InManaqib ibn Shahr Ashoob Second Edition page no 119 , Moula Ali (as) said,“I swear by my Lord, anyone who will decrease Our attributes, Allah will decrease his reward both in this world and in the hereafter.”

Masoomeen (as) never took notice of such so-called shias who were of a jealous and envious nature or of those who were Shia by name only. These so called shias are the same as the nasibis (enemies of Ahlul Bayt as). The friend is one who even upon hearing a false admiration of his friend, he becomes happy. I cannot understand what type of shia they are that they cannot bear to accept the true attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as) which were given to Masoomeen (as) by Allah.

InBihar ul Anwar Twelfth Edition page no. 614 , Moula Ali (as) said;“Only those true shias whose hearts are filled with Our love and whose intellect can bear Our attributes can guard Our hadiths.” It is really

amazing that Masoomeen (as) always hide Their true attributes. Despite of this, whatever attributes reach to us, we still cannot accept them. Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) said, “We are afraid the people will go astray because of Us and will consider Us as Allah.”   Yet we do not accept even those true attributes which are proven by narrations and sayings of Masoomeen (as) Themselves.

The Worst Thing is Lowering the status of another not Exaggeration

Not a single person can deny that the beginning of sins and deviation began the moment when shaitan refused to do sajdah (prostration) to Nabi Adam (as). Now decide for yourself.

Did shaitan do ghulu (exaggeration) or taqseer (lowering one’s status)? Did he exaggerate the attributes of Nabi Adam (as) or did he decrease them? He ignored the true recognition of Nabi Adam (as), and only looked at His (Nabi Adam as) physical appearance. On the basis of his own qiyas (conjecture),

shaitan thought he was greater than Nabi Adam (as). He (shaitan) became the true reason of deviation in religion. So the story of Nabi Adam (as) is enough for our proof. The beginning of deviation came from taqseer (lowering one’s status). The first muqassir (defamator) was Iblees, and after him, his whole offspring. (this includes so called shias, ayatollahs, usoolis and all enemies of Ahlul Bayt as)

Muqassireen (One Who Lowers the Status of Ahlul Bayt as)

Muqassireen (defamators) have a strange weapon in their hands. Whenever they read or hear such hadiths in which Ahlul Bayt (as) introduce Their true attributes, they (muqassireen) issue a fatwa (verdict) that the narrators of these hadiths were “ghalis” (exaggerators). They use this excuse of “ghali” so that they will not have to provide any proof to their followers, and their followers will simply accept without using any of their own intellect and without insisting the scholars provide proof of their claims. These people relate all the sayings of Masoomeen (as) to “ghalis”. They insult Masoomeen (as) behind the cover of ghalis. It is amazing that such people who in the enimity of Ahlul Bayt (as) have forgotten their own ilm e rajjal ( knowledge of “men” ie ruwat, narrators).

Neither do they tell the names of these so called ghalis nor do they tell their nation, their tribe, their time, or why such narrations were even narrated to begin with. They do not give any sources to prove their claims. They only know of one word which is ghulu (exaggeration). They tried to hide their defamation behind the veil of exaggeration.

Even though there is not one word in those hadiths which is against the Oneness of Allah.

These people do not ponder upon a very important point. If all these narrations and sermons which tell the true attributes of Masoomeen (as) are unauthentic and written by ghalis, then I make this challenge to all the so called ayatollahs to bring even one sentence which is similar to those wonderful sayings which is written in the sermons of Ahlul Bayt (as) where They Themselves are telling of Their true attributes. I have no doubt that not

one so called scholar will be able to do such a thing. So it brings us to this point. If no one today is able to reproduce such eloquent writings, then who actually wrote those so called unauthentic sermons? It can only be the words of Masoomeen (as) because if it were the words of any human, then it could easily be reproduced. A great scholar Syed AbdullAllah Shah Abd writes in his wonderful book“Al Ali Sultan un Naseera” on page 117 , Ameerul Momineen (as) said,“Two kinds of people will go into hell in regards to Me. The first kind is a ghali, one who loves Me in the wrong way. The second kind is a muqassir, one who does not know Me and lowers My status.” This saying proves that both ghalis and muqassir are regarded by Masoomeen (as) in the same way. So we have to create criteria for both ghulu and taqseer. Then we have to separate them from the narrations.  After understanding what is ghulu and taqseer and removing those two things from the narrations, then from the remaining narrations, we will be able to find the true attributes of Masoomeen (as). If people do not do this, then they cannot prove what they are saying to be true because it will become possible to a label a true momin as a ghali and a muqassir as a true momin. As well we also have to correct the Quran. There are so many verses which were revealed in regards to Ahlul Bayt (as), but the scholars have changed the tafseer of these verses so that the truth of Ahlul Bayt (as) has become hidden from the people.

So it has been proved that anyone who will deny those narrations will become a wahabi. The reason is that the wahabis also have these same invented beliefs about Masoomeen (as) such as They are normal human beings who cannot do anything. If one has such beliefs, then you automatically will not be shia anymore. (the Imams (as) have said one with these beliefs is amongst Our enemies). After this Shah Saheb said, “Masoomeen (as) never called Themselves “Allah”. They always said, “We are servants of Allah.” First They prayed to Allah and then described Their attributes. When the hearts of the muqassireen do not believe these attributes, they immediately without proof say these narrations are from ghalis. Due to this so called reason, these narrations become unacceptable. Those narrators and scholars who brought these attributes of Masoomeen (as) to us are the same scholars and narrators of hadiths regarding the other aspects of Islam such as Islam, iman, usool e deen, and furoo e deen. Muqassireen do not object to these narrations. They follow them whole heartedly. If they truly consider those narrators to be ghalis and kafirs, then why do they accept their narrations regarding other aspects of Islam? This is a very strange thing that when these narrators describe the other aspects of religion they are authentic, reliable and true, but when they describe the attributes of Masoomeen (as), they become ghalis, kafirs, unauthentic, unreliable, and untrue. So it has been proven that these narrators are not the issue. In reality, these muqassir intentionally do not want to accept the true attributes of Masoomeen (as) and use the excuse of “ghalis”. The rejection of these narrations without proof is enough to prove one is a muqassir.

Our fifth Imam (as) (Imam Muhammad Baqir as) said, “I am amazed on those who claim to be our friends, lovers, and followers, and consider Us as their Imam, and obey Us the same way they obey Allah, but due to the weakness of their intellect, they break their promise, oath, and allegiance to Us and become their own enemy. They lower Our status. They accuse Us in front of those people whom Allah has blessed with Our full recognition and who are in full obedience to Us.” (Bihar ul Anwar First Edition page 114)

Who is worse, an exaggerator or one who lowers the status of Ahlul Bayt (as)?

We will not decide which is worse ourselves. We will prove this from the sayings of Masoomeen (as) so that no one can have any objections to our decision. In religious groups, it is a very common thinking that a muqassir can be forgiven but a ghali cannot be.  Where this type of thinking originated from, we have absolutely no idea. But here are some hadiths of Masoomeen (as) which will reveal the whole truth.

*Quaid ul Sharia fi Aqaid Shia page no. 22 ref. Ahtejaj Tabrisi First Edition page no. 77, in the Sermon of Ghadeer RasoolAllah (saw) said, “O’ People! I contain the Noor of Allah and after Me it will continue in Ali and His offspring until Imam Mahdi (ajf) who will take the rights of Us and Allah.*

Because Allah has declared it as a  hujjah (proof) on all muqassireen (those who lower the status of Ahlul Bayt as), rebels, opponents, untrustworthy peoples, sinful peoples, and the oppressors throughout the whole world.”

If you had read this hadith carefully, you will know in this hadith RasoolAllah (saw) mentioned “muqassireen” as first among His enemies. This was the last sermon given by RasoolAllah (saw) and in it you will find absolutely no mention of ghalis.

Quaid ul Sharia page no. 24 ref. Bihar ul Anwar Seventh Edition page no. 275, Moula Ali (as) said,“Anyone who believes in My attributes is a true momin. Anyone who doubts, hesitates in believing, or is surprised; he is a muqassir and a nasibi (enemy of Ahlul Bayt as).”

You will notice that Moula Ali (as) declared both the muqassir and nasibis as one.

Quaid ul Sharia page no. 25 ref. Bihar ul Anwar Seventh Edition , Imam Zainul Abideen (as) said,“These people are muqassireen. They are not your friends. Jabir asked, “O’ Son of RasoolAllah, who are the muqassireen?” Imam (as) replied, “The people who are negligent in the recognition of Aimmah (as) and those who are negligent in the matters of commandments by Aimmah (as), then those people are the muqassireen.”

In the same book page no. 26 ref. Amarat ul Anwar page no. 81 , Imam Zainul Abideen (as) said,“One who neglects in the recognition of Aimmah (as) is a muqassir. Even though he may believe in Our Imamate.”

Quaid ul Sharia ref. tafseer Noor ul Saqlain First Edition page no. 135 , Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) said, “Ghalis will come back to Us. A muqassir can only be related to Us through truth. Otherwise he will never be.”

Quaid ul Sharia ref. Sahih Fatul Abrar Second Edition page no. 365, Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said,“Muqassireen are those who Allah blessed with Our knowledge and guided them towards Us, but they doubted. One who

will become ghali in Our Love, we will return him back to Us. He will become steadfast and accept Our obedience. When we will call the muqassir to relate with Us and invite them to accept Our attributes, he will never be steadfast and accept Our obedience nor will He relate to Us. Nasibis are your (shias) enemies. Muqassireen are Our enemies.”

In the context of these hadiths, we want you to pay attention to one very important point. The main principle of friendship is that a friend of a friend is your friend.

The enemy of a friend is also your enemy. So it can be said without any doubt, Masoomeen (as) consider Their shias as Their friends. Masoomeen (as) fulfill Their friendship in such a way that They issued very strict orders against the enemies of Their friends. We have been ordered, after shaking hands with a kafir (disbeliever), to go and rub our hands on the wall. Because nasibis are the enemies of shias, we have been ordered, after shaking the hand of a nasibis, to go and wash our hands with water. Furthermore, if two people are dying of hunger, one of them is a kafir (disbeliever ie Hindu, Buddhist, etc) and the other is a nasibi, you are to feed the kafir first. Do not feed the nasibi. It clearly means Masoomeen (as) were not as strict against Their own enemies as They were with Their friends’ enemies. I ask you a question. In this situation, is it not wajib on us that we also fulfill our friendship towards Masoomeen (as) by condemning Their enemies (Muqassireen) in the same way that Masoomeen (as) condemn our enemies?

I have invited you towards the truth. My invitation is for every person who claims to be a friend of Masoomeen (as). I have told you the hadiths of Masoomeen (as) regarding taqseer (lowering the status of another). Now the decision is in your own hands. Now it is your duty to look around yourself and see who is trying to divert you from the recognition of Masoomeen (as).

Do not be deceived by their prayers which are done only for showing off to others and not for the love of Allah. According to Moula Ali (as), this world is full of shaitan’s spider web. This is why a true momin has to be very careful. Otherwise he can fall into shaitan’s trap. Who is a ghali and who is a muqassir? Insha Allah we will discuss this using strong proofs in our next chapter.

Ideologies of Ghulu (exaggeration) in the time of Sheik Sudooq

If once someone suffers from the disease of taqseer (lowering of one’s status), then how does he go astray and what types of actions make him become astray? You will see the answers to these questions in this chapter.

Shahadatul Salisa page no. 50 ref. Bihar ul Anwar Seventh Edition page no. 263, the teacher of Sheik Sudooq, Sheik Abu Jafar Muhammad bin Hasan bin Walid Qumi says, “The first stage of ghulu (exaggeration) is when you refuse to believe that a prophet or imam cannot make a mistake.” (This same ideology can be found in the book “Tareek e Quran”.) It clearly means anyone who believes that a prophet or imams can never make any mistake is considered a ghali. On the base of this ideology, muqassireen accused the narrators of ghulu.

They made doubtful the hadiths regarding the attributes of Masoomeen (as) and opened the door of deviation forever. Apart from Sheik Sudooq, no one has said these narrations are exaggerations.

Shahadatul Salisa page no. 51 ref. Marat ul Anwar page no. 42 , Allama Mirza Abul Hasan al Shareef also mentioned the muqassir beliefs of the scholars of Qum. He wrote, “Among the scholars of Qum, the majority of scholars deny all those hadiths which tell the true attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as). They accused these narrators simply because they mentioned the true attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as). For example, Muhammad bin Sanan, Mufasal bin Umar, Unis bin AbdurRahman, etc. If you look deeply into this, most of the narrators which were accused of being ghalis were the ones who narrated those hadiths which clearly show the very high status of Ahlul Bayt (as). Our great scholars wrote these narrations in their books. This means they fully believed in these hadiths. Otherwise, they would not have included them or would have mentioned they did not believe in them. If you ponder upon this with a true heart, you will never be able to find any type of exaggeration in any of these hadiths. Allama Majalisi realized this injustice which was being done by these so called scholars. He wrote,

“The people reject all of these hadiths based upon their own opinion even though the narrators of these hadiths are very trustworthy and pious people. These muqassireen intentionally lower the status of Ahlul Bayt (as) and accuse all the narrators of such hadiths which tell us the high status of Ahlul Bayt (as) of doing ghulu.”

Is this ghulu (exaggeration)?

After the demise of RasoolAllah (saw), when Salman al Farsi (as) was proving Moula Ali (as) as the most deserving person for the caliphate, he said, “If you had accepted Ali (as) as your leader and absolute wali, then you would have been blessed greatly. After accepting if you had ordered the birds which were flying, they would have obeyed your words. If you had called the fish to come out of the rivers, they would have come to you as well.” Upon hearing these words, Umar said, “O’ Salman! It does not matter what you say now. It has happened now.

(Abu Bakr has been chosen as caliph). Allah has taken the right of caliphate from Ahlul Bayt (as) who you (Salman al Farsi as) have considered as your Rabb (Lord).”

(Now we have known the inventor of the ideology that when you are describing the attributes of Moula Ali (as) it means you automatically must consider Him (Moula Ali as) as your Allah.)

Haqaiqul Wasiyat Second Edition page no. 65 ref. Ahtejaj Tabrisi , RasoolAllah (saw) said in the Sermon of Ghadeer, “O’People! Allah has blessed Ali (as) with uncountable attributes. You can never know all of the attributes of Ali (as). Whenever someone describes the attributes of Ali (as), agree with him because whatever he is saying, Ali (as)’s status is much higher than that, and your knowledge is limited.”

Bihar ul Anwar Fourth Edition page no. 54 , Malik Jehni said,“I asked Imam Muhammad Baqir (as), “Allah has blessed You with such greatness and declared You as His Hujjah (Proof upon the Creation) After hearing

these words, and Imam said, “O’Malik! We are much greater than what you just said.”

Speech of Masoom Bihar ul Anwar Fourth Edition page no. 117 , Poet Kumaat said a few lines of poetry in front of Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) in praise of the Imam (as). The explanation of his words was “if I am describing the attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as) and even if I am exaggerating. I still would not in reality be exaggerating because whatever I say it will be truth”. Upon hearing these words, the Imam (as) kept silent.

Bihar ul Anwar First Edition page no. 23 , Imam Hussain (as) said, “We are the offspring of Allah and the inheritors of the Prophet of Allah.”

Bihar ul Anwar Ninth Edition page no. 25 , Imam Muhammad Taqi (as) said,“I swear by Allah if there was not such a danger that the followers of falsehood and the offspring of kufr and polytheists would attack Us, I would have revealed such truths of Masoomeen (as) upon hearing the whole of creation would be so surprised. After this Imam (as) put His hand on His mouth and said, “O’Muhammad! Keep silent the way your forefathers remained silent.”

Haqaiqul Wasiyat Second Edition page no. 48 , Imam Zainul Abideen (as) said,“I have such great knowledge, if I reveal it, the people will say I am an idol worshipper. The Muslims will issue a fatwa that I deserve to be killed.”

Bihar ul Anwar Third Edition Caliphatul Elahiya ,“We have such relations with Allah that sometimes We become Him and sometimes He becomes Us. Despite of this, He remains He and We remain We.”

Absolute Wilayat

Wilayat is the center of belief. This whole universe, its whole realities and secrets, revolves around wilayat because belief is based upon the recognition of religion and the promise of allegiance. This is why before discussing belief it is necessary to understand the true meanings of religion. In this way you will know why we begin with wilayat. For explanation of religion, we will consult Quran and tafseer of Masoomeen (as).

We will reach our decision based upon Their sayings and not upon our own opinion.

30 ar-Room (The Romans): O’Prophet of Allah (Muhammad)! Keep on the deen from a pure heart. This is the nature which Allah has made, and from this nature He created humans. No change can be possible in the creation of Allah. This is the true deen (religion), but the vast majority does not know this.

In order to explain the tafseer of this ayah, we will use the words of Imam Muhammad Baqir (as).(Usool e Kafi Tafseer Qumi and Tafseer Safi) Imam (as) said, “According to this ayah, the religion is the wilayat of Ameer ul Momineen (as). This is the nature, and this is the right religion.”

42 ash-Shura (Consultation) 13: He (Allah) declared sharia (laws) from the deen (religion) for you whom We have given to Nuh and we revealed this upon you. Which We also have given to Ibrahim, Musa, and Isa. So stay on this deen (religion) and do not divert from it.

InTafseer Safi and Qumi Masoomeen (as) have said,“Religion is the wilayat of Moula Ali (as).”

9 at-Tawba (Repentance) 33: Allah is the One who sent His Rasool with guidance and true religion. So that He could rectify all other religions even though the mushrik (polytheists) dislike it.

InUsool e Kafi Kitab e Hujjat chapter 107 hadith no 91 , Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said,“True deen is wilayat of Moula Ali (as).”

  1. 61 as-Saff (The Ranks) 9: (The meaning of this ayah is the same as the one above)

In the tafseer of this ayah, Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) said,“Allah gave an order to His Prophet, Muhammad (saw), to inform the people the true religion is wilayat of Moula Ali (as).”

5 107 al-Ma’oon (Almsgiving) 1: “O’Prophet of Allah (Muhammad)! Have you seen such a person who denies deen (religion)?”

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) and Imam Riza (as) wrote in the tafseer of this ayah, “Deen is wilayat of Moula Ali (as).” (Akmal ul Deen Bay Wilayat Ameerul Momineen (as) page no. 355)

We have only mentioned five ayahs from Quran. You can understand easily for yourself that the meaning of religion according to Allah is the wilayat of Moula Ali (as). We have been ordered to gain its marifat (recognition). This is the key to gaining the marifat of Usool e Deen (principles of religion). If you do not have the marifat of wilayat, then you will never be able to gain the marifat of principles of religion. This is why according to those great scholars the religion is wilayat of Ameerul Momineen (as). As Allama Dast Ghayab wrote in his book“Wilayat”, “the true religion is wilayat of Ameerul Momineen (as).” Allama Bahraini in his book“Al Hujjah” narrates the sayings of Masoomeen (as),“The true religion is wilayat of Ameerul Momineen (as)”. First of all, we have to understand that wilayat is not like prophet hood and imamate. In fact, wilayat is a commandment upon everything. So basically, wilayat is the physical presence of Allah’s attributes upon the earth.

Allah has said about Himself, “I was a hidden treasure.” No one can know the limits of the Oneness of Allah because Allah Himself has said that it is hidden. When this hidden treasure revealed itself, it revealed itself in the form of wilayat. When it is revealed in human form, it comes in the form of Moula Ali (as). This is why in book“Saleem bin Qais page no. 271”, RasoolAllah (saw) said,“O’ Ali! The one who denies Your wilayat has also denied the Oneness of Allah.” All the attributes of Allah can be found under wilayat. Not one single attribute can be recognized without wilayat. Moula Ali (as) is the caliph of Allah. Every single creation in the whole universe is under His rule except Allah. This order of Allah is absolute wilayat. All the prophets and messengers are also under this absolute wilayat. No one can write anything on this topic because we are so ignorant to the truth of wilayat. Even if Moula Ali (as) blesses someone with the ability to explain, and they try to write about wilayat, then the people would simply deny what was written and reject it as if it was an untruth. No one can understand all the secrets of wilayat nor is anyone permitted to reveal those secrets even if they are able to understand.

“How can we praise You. Our tongues can’t say

Anything because Your attributes are so

Pure and our tongues are so impure.”

Abu Dhar (ra) was a great saint (arif). He had knowledge of the secrets of wilayat. He was also the religious brother of Hz Salman al Farsi (as). Despite of this, Hz Salman (as) had such a status that even Abu Dharr (ra)’s iman could not bear knowing his (Hz Salman as) iman regarding Ahlul Bayt (as). Anyone who cannot bear the attributes of Ahlul Bayt (as) should do the same as Gibrael (as) did and admit their ignorance. You cannot deny the attributes of Masoomeen (as) simply because of your ignorance. This denial does not make you become a scholar. Moula Ali (as) came into this world in human form after passing through 70,000 veils. Even then He is still considered as Allah by some. Human intellect became stunned. Their tongues became speechless. No one could understand even one attribute of Moula Ali (as). At this point, humans became totally flabbergasted. This is why Ibn Abi Al Hudeed (very famous Sunni scholar) said, “There is no doubt Ali (as) is human,

but what type of human is He that the attributes of Allah have been revealed through Him? He is the essence of creation, but His attributes have the essence of Allah. Even the intellect of the wisest of peoples is surprised by Him. What type of surprise is this, which no one can understand.” Imam Shafi (one of the four Sunni “imams”) said, “The greatness of Moula Ali (as) is such that the people consider Him to be Allah. And I (Shafi) could not understand even on my deathbed who was my Rabb (Lord), Ali (as) or Allah?” Imam Shafi also said, “Someone once asked me to praise Ali (as) because the remembrance of Ali (as)’s extinguishes the fire. I said, “How can I praise such a person for whom even the intellect goes astray and starts to pray to Him?”

It seems that Allah revealed Moula Ali (as) for the purpose of testing His creation. One who could understand the difference between Oneness and wilayat will be rewarded with the highest levels of paradise. Moula Ali (as) ‘s attributes are so strange that our intellect and understanding can never truly grasp the truth of all His attributes. Allah revealed Moula Ali (as) in His own House. No one even today can understand this secret.

Mullah Jami says, “Sheik (a scholar) went towards Kaaba, and I towards Najaf. I swear by the Lord of the Kaaba, in this matter, Haqq (truth) was with me. The difference between me and Sheik is I went towards the pearl and he went towards the oyster.”

It is an absolute proven truth that Sura Ikhlas is purely tawheed (Oneness). In this sura, Allah used the word “ahad” (One) for Himself.

Now let’s look at the charismatic personality of Allah’s absolute wali, Moula Ali (as). There are seven days in a week. Every day is associated with some Masoom (as). For example, Friday is associated with Imam Zamana (ajf). Monday is associated with RasoolAllah (saw). The day which is associated with Moula Ali (as) is Sunday. Sunday in Arabic is called “ahad” (One).Kokab Durri page 339 , Moula Ali (as) said,” People of the heavens write my name as “Ahad”. On the fifth heaven, my name is Ali. Allah has given Me a very high status and named me Ameerul Momineen.” In thesame book on page 156 ref. Arbaeen and Firdusul Akhbar ,

Rasool Allah (saw) said, “Ali is to the people the way “Qul hu Allahu Ahad” is to Quran.”

Even with only mentioning one attribute of Moula Ali (as) it becomes clear what a great charismatic personality He is. It does not matter which attribute you look at, you will reach this same conclusion, and if you ponder deeply upon the true meaning of Moula Ali (as)’s name, then it will become so difficult to differentiate Moula Ali (as) from Allah that for some people it will cause them to go astray.  Belief in the wilayat of Moula Ali (as) is the “pul e sirat” (bridge between Hell and Paradise) which everyone will have to cross. It is their belief and recognition of the wilayat of Moula Ali (as) which they will be measured on. This belief will determine how easily or how difficult it is to cross this bridge.

When the Oneness of Allah appears in other than Allah or When others appear to be the Oneness of Allah

Wilayat is a collection of three things, knowledge, commandment, and order (rule).

All of these things must be fully authentic and complete. The knowledge is such a knowledge that it contains absolutely no ignorance because ignorance is the opposite of knowledge. It is such a knowledge which not only has full command over what has already been created, but it has full command over those things which have not been created yet. So if you doubt in the knowledge of the absolute wali, it means you doubt Allah Himself. The command is such that there is no doubt in His ability to be able to fulfill His commandment. Having such doubts in the commandment of the absolute wali of Allah  or just thinking He has the ability to do one thing but not another is equal to doubting Allah’s commandment. It is such an order/rule in which this whole universe is obedient to His order/rule. Allah’s absolute wali (Moula Ali as) is the absolute ruler of the whole of creation; those things which are already in existence and those things which have not yet come into existence. His rule is Allah’s rule. If you try to create a limit from your own opinion for Him, then you are challenging Allah’s commandment and rule. When these three things, knowledge, commandment, and rule, are at their peak, it is called absolute wilayat. The one who possesses these three things at their peak will be the absolute wali. In Quran in various verses, whenever Allah has mentioned wilayat, He also mentioned ilm (knowledge), qudrat (commandment), and hukm (order/rule). We will present here a few Quranic verses and hadiths so that this will become even clearer.

6 al-An’aam (The Cattle) 127-128: “And whatever they have been doing, they have a wali, and one day He will gather them. Certainly Allah is most wise and all knowing.”

In these verses, Allah has mentioned wilayat with knowledge. This is why Allah’s absolute wali, Moula Ali (as) said, “I have knowledge of everything .” He also said,“I am the caretaker of the knowledge of Allah. ” Not only does He have full command on this knowledge, but He blesses others with knowledge. No one can even touch the knowledge unless he gives himself in complete obedience to the One whose knowledge is the

same as Allah’s knowledge, Moula Ali (as). As Moula Ali (as) Himself said,“I know those secrets of Allah which no one except Allah Himself knows.(Khutba Tuntunjia).

42 ash-Shura (Consultation) 9:“Have they created their own wali other than Allah? Allah is the only wali and He is the one who gives life to the dead. He has  absolute command over all  of  creation”

46 al-Ahqaf (The Dunes) 32-33: “Those who do not obey the Ones who call you towards Allah, they will never be able to do any harm against Allah on this earth. There is no wali except Allah. Do they not ponder upon that Allah who created the heavens and the whole universe without any need of rest, He is the One who gives life to the dead, and certainly He  has  absolute command over the whole universe”

In these verses, Allah has mentioned commandment with wilayat. We will explain it in more detail by using the sayings of Masoomeen (as).

Allah has full confidence in His commandment.Usool e Kafi Kitab Tawheed chapter 6 hadith 2

He created things with His commandment and wisdom.Usool e Kafi Kitab Tawheed chapter 11 hadith 3

The wonders of His commandment has no end because everyday He creates something new.Usool e Kafi Kitab Tawheed chapter 22 hadith 7

When this commandment of Allah appears in the form of Moula Ali (as), He Himself then says,“Allah has given Me command regarding His knowledge .”(Usool e Kafi Kitab e Hujjat chapter 14 hadith 1) . So who is there who can even imagine what is the commandment of Moula Ali (as)? That Ali (as) which, according to Quran, is at the status of Allah’s nafs (self). In regards to this nafs of Allah, (Moula Ali as), Masoomeen (as) have said, “Allah listens and sees from His nafs .”(Usool e Kafi Kitab Tawheed chapter 13 hadith 2)

3 aal-Imran (The Family of Imran) 20: “Allah has warned you about His Nafs (self).”

Aqaee Khoemeni writes about this point in his book“Misbah ul Hadaya Ala Calipha wa Wilaya page no. 53” , “Moula Ali (as) has all the same attributes as the Oneness of Allah, and He has full command over all of those attributes. He also has full command over the whole of creation of Allah, but He never revealed these attributes in their full detail to the people because these attributes in their full sense can only be known and seen by Allah.” Since Khomeini has mentioned taqseer and tawheed, we have included it in our book, but we will explain its meaning in a simpler way. When you draw a circle around another circle, then you draw another circle around that one. Then you keep doing this continuously. It does not matter how many circles you draw, but the center and original circle will remain unchanged. This is the explanation of when Allah appears in the form of others and others appear in the form of the Oneness of Allah. It does not harm or change the Oneness of Allah. This also is not shirk (polytheism) nor is it ghulu (exaggeration). It is an established fact.

2 Al Baqara (The Cow) 17. “Don’t you know the rule of the heavens, earth, and whole universe is only for Allah and there is no wali or helper other than Allah.”

at-Tawba (The Repentance) 115-116: “Certainly the rule of the heavens and the earth is only   for Allah. He is the one who gives life and He is the one who gives death. There is no wali or helper other than Allah.”

In these verses, Allah has mentioned wilayat with order/rule. An absolute wali who has such a rule over all of the universe that it cannot be limited simply to prove He is the leader of any specific area such as Mecca, Medina, etc. When you limit His rule in this way, you are insulting Allah directly. He (Moula Ali as) is “Maalik ul Mulk” (owner of the whole universe).The whole universe is in His obedience, those things already created and those which will be created. Hazrat Miqdad (ra) asked Moula Ali (as),“Are the matters which are in the heavens also under Your commandment?” Moula Ali (as) replied, “O’Son of Aswad, I am the Hujjat (proof) on every creation of Allah which is in the heavens and upon the earth, and upon the angels which are in the heavens. The angels of the heavens cannot even move without My permission.” (Najul Israr Second Edition page no .222)   InKhutbat Al Bayan Moula Ali (as) said,“I am the owner of all affairs from the beginning til the end.”

After Moula Ali (as) ordered the sun to return to an earlier position, the people thought this to be a great miracle. This was nothing more than an ordinary reflection of His unlimited rule. It is a common belief that Moula Ali (as) did this on two different occasions. This is the reason people consider it as a miracle. According to certain researchers Moula Ali (as) ordered the sun to change its position on at least 15 different occasions.(Manqib ibn Shahr Ashoob First Edition page no. 387) By doing this on so many different occasions, it is a proof this is not a miracle of Moula Ali (as). It was a normal thing which was so easy for Him to do, but ignorant people like us consider such as this to be a miracle.

Absolute Master

Because Allah Himself does not come onto the earth to rule, then He must have some entity upon the earth in which He can reveal His rule through. In Quran it is written Allah does this through the personality of Moula Ali (as). Therefore Moula Ali (as) is the absolute master over the whole universe, those things created and those things which have not yet been created.

In order to understand the true meaning of our topic, it is necessary to ponder upon the word “olil amar” (absolute master). In this way you will be able to understand the true rule and commandment of Allah. In order to understand the meaning of absolute master, it is necessary to first understand the word “amr” (absolute commandment). In this book we cannot explain “amr” (absolute commandment) in its full details. However, we will discuss “amr” (absolute commandment) in a few sentences. In Quran this word was used upon different occasions and with different words. To understand absolute commandment, we will use three Quranic verses as references. These three verses will explain the true meaning of absolute commandment comprehensibly.

36 Yaseen 81-83:“The One who created the heavens and the earth, does He not have the commandment (ability) to create that which is likened to them? Yes! He is the One who can create anything, and He

has full knowledge of everything. No one else except Him can say “Kun” (BE) and then it will be. Allah is the most pure. He has full commandment over the whole universe in His Hands. Every creation will return back to Him.”

The first thing notable in these three ayahs is that Allah mentions all three aspects of wilayat (knowledge, commandment, and order/rule). He describes absolute commandment by using the reference of “olil amr” (absolute master). This is an ultimate proof that whoever will be the absolute master will also have the knowledge, commandment, and rule in the same way as Allah. In other words, absolute master can only be the one who is the absolute wali of Allah. If you use this for any other person, it will be a shirk (act of polytheism). It has been revealed in these verses that what has been created and what will be created is all under the command of the one who is the absolute master. Allah has limited the meanings of “amr” (absolute commandment) after saying “innama” (one and only). By limiting the meaning of the word “amr”, Allah Himself has ordered that the word “amr” (absolute commandment) can only be used in relation to the one who is the absolute master, Moula Ali (as). So we can say that the only thing which is not under absolute commandment is Allah. Every single creation, whether it has already been created or will be created, is under the rule of the absolute wali. The absolute wali has full commandment over every single thing and the arrangement of every thing in the whole universe is in His hands. In Sura Qadr we find phrase “Qul e Amr”. The explanation of the meaning of absolute commandment in this ayah tells us that the absolute commandment can only be for the absolute master who was also the absolute master in the time of RasoolAllah (saw). (The Women) 83: “And when they heard any news of peace or fear, they spread this in all directions. If they had passed this onto RasoolAllah (saw) and the Absolute Master, then They would have told them the whole truth……”

In order to confirm our statement, we will present two hadiths which are related to the Sura Qadr. In which Allah has mentioned the absolute commandment which is revealed through the absolute master.

1. RasoolAllah (saw) said,“Believe in the night of revelation of the Quran! Shab e Qadr (night of Power) is associated with Ali (as) ibn Abi Talib (as) and the eleven Imams (as) which will be from His offspring .”(Usool e Kafi Kitab e Hujjat chapter 124 hadith 12)

2.97 al-Qadr (The Power, Fate): “And the angels and the spirit came down and brought “Qul e Amr” from Their Lord.”****

In the tafseer of this ayah, Ibn Abbas narrates, “In those months during Laylatul Qadr (night of revelation of Quran) Gibreal (as) use to come to Moula Ali (as) and say salam from Allah.”(Manqib ibn Shahr Ashoob First Edition page no.352)

We have briefly discussed the topic of knowledge, commandment, and order/rule. We discussed only what was necessary so that you may understand our meaning in relation to our topic. However, if you wish to go into full detail regarding these three things, then you can write countless books on each topic. This is the reason we have only discussed those

matters which are directly related to our book and left those things which were not necessary to make our point clear. It has been proven these three things are compulsory for wilayat. Whatever level of knowledge one has in regards to these three things, his level of wilayat will also be at that same level. The level of wilayat which is with Moula Ali (as) and His Offspring (as) will be explained later in our book. At this point we will explain the ideology of ordinary wilayat. In this way it will become clear to everyone.

A Common Example of Commandment

Someone is thirsty. He cannot remove his thirst unless he has command over the waters. First of all, he has to have the knowledge of the location of the water. Suppose he knows where the water is located, but he does not have the necessary means to reach the water. In this case, he cannot remove his thirst. Now suppose he finds a way to reach the water, but he does not have the commandment to get the water because the person who owns the water does not give him permission to drink from the water. Despite of having knowledge and power, he will stay thirsty unless he can somehow gain the permission of the owner of the water.

When he gets all of these things, then he has full commandment over the water and can remove his thirst. This is the first stage of wilayat. Now he can drink the water, but he only has command over the removal of his own thirst. He cannot remove the thirst of any other person. Whoever will get this commandment where he can remove the thirst of others;

his wilayat will be greater than the one who can remove his own thirst but not that of others. Now he has the commandment to remove the thirst of others, but he does not have the commandment to make juice from the water. The one who has this commandment to make juice from the water, his wilayat is greater than the one who can remove the thirst of others but cannot make juice from the water. If we go further, instead of finding the water, we ponder upon how the water was created. We will see that almost every person knows the scientific formula for water. Almost every person knows when you combine two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, you will make water.

Even if someone has this knowledge, he still cannot create water from these two things. Only when someone has the knowledge of applied science, and these things are provided to him, then he can create water. This is the lowest stage of wilayat. If this person has been given a commandment to create hydrogen and oxygen, then he will be on a higher level of wilayat than the person who simply knows of these things but cannot create them himself. If he has been a commandment to obtain these things from their source of origin instead of from another person or place, then he will be on an even higher level of wilayat.

If he has been given the commandment to create these things himself without the help or need of any other person or thing, then this wilayat will be greater than all previous mentioned wilayats. Now keep increasing the stages of wilayat. When you see such personalities whose knowledge is the knowledge of Allah, whose commandment is the commandment of Allah, and whose order is the order of Allah, then imagine what is the level of His wilayat? This is the point where you cannot be anything except astonished.

You have to admit your ignorance, and you have to submit yourself to this authority. Only shaitan and his offspring will doubt, deny, or speak any word against this authority.

Creation and Establishment is related to Wilayat

When the will of Allah desired to be made known, the process of creation and establishment was started. This will of Allah appeared from the knowledge of Allah. It is called wilayat. Wilayat is the purpose of the creation of the whole universe. From this

Wilayat, the process of creation, establishment, and invention came about. The attributes of Allah must be revealed through the one who is the absolute wali (Moula Ali as). He is not Allah, but He is the creator of the whole of universe. He is not Allah, but His wilayat is the wilayat of Allah. He is the one who created the process of creation. Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said,“Before anything there was the will of Allah and from the will of Allah came all of creation.” (Usool e Kafi Kitab Tawheed chapter 14 hadith 4)

In Quran Allah mentioned creation in relation to wilayat. We will point out some Quranic verses which will help to explain this.

6 Al-An’aam (The Cattle) 14: “O’ Rasool! Say to these people, “How can I believe in any other wali except Allah who is the creator of the heavens and the earth?”

13 ar-Ra’ad (The Thunder) 16: “O’Rasool! Say, “Who is the creator of the heavens and the earth? Say, “That is only Allah.” Say, “Have you again believed in a wali other than Allah? Those which cannot give any benefit even to themselves.” Say, “How can one who is blind and one who can see be equal to each other? How can darkness and noor (light) be equal? Have they as proof of their wilayat created any such creations the way Allah has? Say, “Allah is the only creator.”

  1. 18 al-Kahf (The Cave) 50-51: “Do you believe in Him (shaitan) and his offspring as your wali instead of Me (Allah)? They are your enemies.Calamitous is the exchange for evil-doers. Imade them not to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor their own creation; nor choose I misleaders for (My) helpers.

  2. 29 al-Ankaboot (The Spider) 19-22: “Have they not seen how Allah produced the creation and how he will reproduce it? Certainly, it is very easy for Him.

O’Rasool! Say, “Travel throughout the land and see how He originated creation, Allah is able to do all things. He punishes those whom He wills and shows mercy to those whom He wills, and turns unto Him. You cannot escape from Him on the earth or in the sky, and other than Allah there is no wali or helper.”

32 as-Sajda (The Prostration) 4: “Allah is the one who created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six days. Then He sat upon the Throne. Other than Him, you have no wali or helper.”

12 Yusuf (Joseph) 101: “O’Creator of the heavens and the earth! You are my only wali in this world and in the hereafter.”

It has been proved from these ayahs that wilayat is the reason of creation and establishment. Absolute wali is the creator of the whole universe, that which has already been created and that which will be created. As in

Khutbat ul Bayan , Moula Ali (as) said, “I am the creator of all creation .” In order to maintain the belief regarding tawheed, Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) said,

“Talk about the Creator. Do not talk about Allah.” (Usool e Kafi Kitab Tawheed chapter 8 hadith 1) We do not need to go into details of this saying. These are the true beliefs of Shia. We will present only two hadith, one from Moula Ali (as) and the other from Imam Zamana (ajf).

Moula Ali (as) said to Ammar Yasir (ra),“O’Ammar! My “ism” (name) established the whole universe and its inhabitants. I am the One who created the seven heavens .”(Najul Israr First Edition page 447 Bahar ul Moarif) In this hadith it is very important to notice that Moula Ali (as)’s “ism” is the creator of all things, but Moula Ali (as) is the creator of His “ism” Himself.

Imam Zamana (ajf) said,“Allah is Our Creator. We are the Creators of all other things .” (Tareek ul Irfan ala Sahib ul Zaman Second Edition ref Ahtejaj Tabrisi and Bihar ul Anwar)

I do not care about non shias, but it always astonishes me the people who call themselves Shia can still have doubts regarding these attributes of Moula Ali (as). Even though creation is not a very great attribute of Moula Ali (as) that it should astonish you so much yet this one attribute seems to amaze the majority of people and they look no further into the truth of Moula Ali (as) because they are blinded by this one attribute which is so easy for Moula (as) to do. For Him it is absolutely nothing. Aqaee Khoemeni is one very popular religious personality of present times.

In Pakistan a vast majority of people follow and respect him greatly. If the people have no interest in the sayings of Masoomeen (as), then at least they should see what their scholars have written. The people follow their scholars blindly in all other matters. They should also follow blindly those things which their scholars have said regarding Ahlul Bayt (as). We are mentioning an extract from“Akmal ul Deen bay Wilayat Ameerul Momineen (as) page no. 54” in which Khoemeni has written in his book“Misbal ul Hadaya ala Calipha wal Wilayat” ; “RasoolAllah (saw) has mentioned a certain group of momins who were given such a high status even before their creation. So when they enter jannah, due to their high status Allah will speak to them and say, “Allah who is “hayyo ul quyyum” (one who will never die) and these momins will also never die. When I say “Kun” (Be), it immediately is. I have also given this to you. When you say “Kun” (Be), things will be created.”  So those momins have reached such a high status that whenever they say “Kun”, then that thing will be created.

People must ponder upon this. When those who are the lowest slaves of Moula Ali (as) have the ability to create, then imagine what is the status and ability of Moula Ali (as) Himself who has the same command as Allah. If even these momins can be given the ability to create, then you should understand why this attribute should not amaze you and why the ability to create is no great difficulty to Moula Ali (as). The only reason one would doubt in Moula Ali (as)’s ability to create is that their hearts have turned towards shaitan and they have lost their iman. Not only does Moula Ali (as) have full commandment and rule over the whole of the universe, but He also

has this commandment that He can give this attribute to anyone. We have written that wilayat is directly revealed from the knowledge of Allah. In order to explain again we will repeat the sayings of Moula Ali (as). “Allah gave Me commandment in His knowledge.” It clearly means that even before the appearance of Moula Ali (as), He had absolute commandment over the whole universe.

Nearness of Allah

This whole universe was created because of certain reasons. Every reason has a reason itself. This is why there is a huge distance between the true Creator and His creation.  This distance can never be removed. There is no possibility its removal will ever happen. The One whom Allah revealed first, He revealed Him from Himself (Allah). The One whom Allah revealed first (Moula Ali as) is the one who created the whole universe.

Allah is for Him, and He is for Allah. We start every ibadat (act of worship) with this as our niyyat (intention) “Qurbat til illah” (to gain the Nearness of Allah). The purpose of every ibadat (act of worship) is to gain the nearness of Allah. However, no one can reach Allah directly. It does not matter whether you try physically, spiritually, through prayers, fasting, etc. The true purpose of these acts of worship is not to reach Allah Himself directly but to reach His Mazher (Moula Ali as). This is the only way you can reach to Allah. Any way other than this is impossible. How near this Mazher (manifestation of Allah) is to Allah you will see from these hadiths.

“Touched” in Allah

RasoolAllah (saw) said,“Do not ever say anything against Ali (as) because He is “touched” in Allah.” (Kokab Durri page 161 ref Halyatul Auliya) This is a very famous hadith. We have to explain what does it means. Mumsoos means “touched” by Allah. RasoolAllah (saw) did not say that Moula Ali (as) is touched “from” Allah. RasoolAllah (saw) said Ali (as) is touched“in” Allah. You know very well the difference between from and in. Now you can understand how near Moula Ali (as) is to Allah.

At this point I think I should keep quiet because I do not want to become a target of accusation for the enemies of Moula Ali (as), but it is necessary to mention the way these so called narrators, scholars, and translators have explained this hadith. In Arabic “mumsoos” is also used for a person who is possessed (“touched” in his mind) by a spirit or jinn and becomes insane. So many of the modern day so called narrators and scholars in their explanations of this hadith (maaz’ Allah) have said that RasoolAllah (saw) is saying Moula Ali (as) has become “insane” in the love of Allah so do not say anything against Him. These callous people who so easily will sell their iman consider Moula Ali (as) (naudbillah) to be insane simply because their filthy hearts do not want to accept the truth about Moula Ali (as).

After explaining what it means to be near to Allah in regards to Moula Ali (as), now we will prove it fromSura Kahf ayah 50-51: “Do you believe in Him (shaitan) and his offspring as your wali instead of Me (Allah)? They are your enemies.Calamitous is the exchange for evil-doers. Imade them not to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor their own creation; nor do choose I misleaders for (My) helpers.”

In these verses Allah has declared, in the same way as it is declared there is no Allah other than Allah, there is no wali other than the absolute wali, Moula Ali (as). From this ayah we can understand that the absolute wali of Allah is a witness not only to the creation of other things, but is also a witness to the creation of His own self.

Being a witness on His own self is a proof of His nearness to Allah. It clearly means there was no witness at the time when Allah revealed Moula Ali (as) from His nafs (self). Whatever was created after Him, He is a witness of that creation. From the beginning of time until present day, it is a common belief among the people that the universe was created simply by the word “Kun” (Be). All of the intellectuals and scholars agree upon this principle that in one single moment one essence appeared from one other essence. So we have to believe the essence which was revealed from the nearness of Allah was only one in the same way that Allah is only One. Now we have to recognize Him. We will not be able to recognize Him from the opinions of so called philosophers, scholars, or self made ayatollahs. We will recognize Him from the “tongue of Allah”, Moula Ali (as).

Manaqib ibn Shahr Ashoob First Edition page no 455 ,“All the prophets are a witness upon their own nations. Our Prophet (saw) is a witness upon all other prophets. Moula Ali (as) is witness on RasoolAllah (saw) and His Own Self.” This is an ultimate proof there was no witness at the time of the appearance of Moula Ali (as).

Kokab Durri page no. 200 , Moula Ali (as) said,“I am the first person whom Allah created as His Hujjat (Proof of Allah upon all creation).”

InKhutbat ul Bayan , Moula Ali (as) said,“I am the one that looked everywhere and did not see anything except myself. I am standing in the skies where only souls are able to travel and I am the only ‘one’ who is able to breath there.” (Najul Israr First Edition).

In order to reveal the nearness of Moula Ali (as), Allah Himself did such an arrangement of the universe which will remain until the end of time. The first house made by Allah on this earth was the house of Ali (as). In Quran Allah says, “The first house in which people were ordered to do tawaf (circulate) of was in Mecca and is

so holy it guides the whole universe.” We will not try to prove the Kaaba is the house of Moula Ali (as) instead of being the house of Allah. It is true that Allah associated this House towards Himself, but the word “bait” (house) itself is a proof that only the person who at least spent one night in the house can be the owner. That person cannot be other than Moula Ali (as) and His Holy Mother both of whom spent three nights there. We will present a very authentic extract which we took fromNafsul Rasool Second Edition whose author is Allama Ali Haider. This is an extract from Aini Nazami’s essay.

In this book while discussing about “nuqta baye bismillah” (the dot on the “bay” of bismillah) he has provided very convincing proofs. These proofs I will write for you word for word. Now it is up to you how much you ponder upon his words and what you take away from his sayings. Anyone who has “noor e wilayat” (light of wilayat) in his heart will find no

difficulty in obtaining the truth from this extract.  I am not speaking to those who do not wish to understand. Aini Nazami says:

“If we look into beliefs, we will find that there are only two things which are necessities of deen (religion). It is compulsory to believe in both of those things. Those two things are tawheed (Oneness) and “Maad” (Judgment Day). There are also two acts which are compulsory to perform. They are to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. These same four things are also in Sura Al Fatiha and in bismillah. Now we will come to the

letter “bay” which is a relationship between “abd o Rabb” (Mabood; creation and Creator). Upon the emergence of this relationship, the human automatically becomes the slave of Allah. “Bay” cannot exist without the dot. The whole reality of “bay” is based upon this dot. This dot is Moula Ali (as). In the dictionary of saints the first appearance of love is “bay”. The dot was the first creation from the existence of “bay”. If this dot is not there, neither will “bay” exist nor will it ever be seen. Without this dot, no creation can be created. If this dot did not exist, then no human would have existed as well. If the human does not exist, then how would the hidden treasure of Allah become known?

This is why Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said,“If We had not appeared in this world, then no one would have known or prayed to Allah.” This dot is what connects “abd o Rabb” (creation and Creator).  For saints this dot (Moula Ali as) is the source of wahadat (Oneness of Allah). In sharia the source of wahadat (Oneness of Allah) is the Imam (Moula Ali as). It means that for us ignorant people who can never truly understand this attribute of Moula Ali (as) and can never reach that height of understanding, we must directly look at Moula Ali (as) in order to understand and gain nearness to Allah. “

Even though this extract is very brief, but from its depths, you can gain so much knowledge about the truth of the status of Moula Ali (as). The complete explanation of the topic of our book can be found in this extract if you take the time to ponder upon the depths of its meaning. In Aini Nazami’s discussion, he has taken our topic even one step further. He gives more detail and insight into the relationship between Moula Ali (as) and Allah than we have done in our book. We were discussing Moula Ali (as)’s appearance before all other creations, but Aini Nazami is not discussing who appeared first or who appeared last. He is saying the only true existance is Moula Ali (as), and all other creations are only in existance because of Moula Ali (as). If there had not been Moula Ali (as), then there would have been no other creation.