Second Stage

After stopping the processions, they made "shair Allah" (replicas, ie alams, Zuljenahs, taboots, etc) a target. These "shair Allah" are a sign of the juloos of Imam Hussain (as) and the life?s breath to all Hussainis. Upon seeing these "shair Allah", even an ignorant person will remember the message of Karbala.

Now they have started to speak against Alam, Zuljenah, taboot, jhoola, and tazia. They distribute pamphlets during the Ashura juloos criticizing and making fun of these "shair Allah". Maaz?Allah they are issuing fatwas which declare these "shair Allah" as haram (forbidden).

Simply by changing their appearance, the offspring of yazid (la), who have been opponents of these "shair Allah" for the last 50 years, have been able to gain entrance into our religion. Now a new war has begun between the true Shia religion and these so called scholars, but the enemies of Imam Hussain (as) have been defeated until the day of judgment. Their fate is ever lasting turmoil.


Once again the people have started opposing the Alam. They say ,"Why do these ignorant people buy a stick for 20 rupees and a piece of cloth for 10 rupees? They then put the cloth on the stick and give it so much respect. They kiss it and put it on their eyes." These so called scholars call this "idol worshipping?.

All the political parties have their own flags. You can see them on the buildings, houses, and roads. Their evil tongues do not say a single word against these type of flags, but when it comes to the Alam of Imam Hussain (as), their evil tongues start barking against it. If they are really true in their words, then show us a fatwa against the flag of Pakistan.

Everyone knows when the Pakistani flag is raised, it is compulsory to stand and give it the honor and respect its due. Now issue a fatwa against this. After they go to jail for ten years, all of their "scholar ness" will disappear.


In Iran the taking out of Zuljenah is a crime punishable by jail. Iranian people call it "horse worshipping?. As per my knowledge, I know they have martyred a Zuljenah in Iran.

The animals we buy for Eid ul Adha are a replica of that animal which was slaughtered in the place of Hz Ismael (as). The people decorate the replica of this animal and take it out into the streets and roads.

No one says a single word against these practices, but they hate the loyal and mujahid horse of Imam Hussain (as). In reality, it is not the Zuljenah itself which they hate. They actually hate Imam Hussain (as). For momineen it is a great honor to kiss the feet of Zuljenah. It is considered a source to take their tears to the Holy Mother of Imam Hussain (as).

If the enemies of Imam Hussain (as) call it horse worshipping, then tell me why is it that when those same people go to Mecca and kiss the cover of the Kaaba, do they not think this is cloth worshipping? The horse of Imam Hussain (as) is a thing which has life, and that is only a piece of cloth.

When you stand in front of Hajar e Aswad and say "O?Hajar e Aswad! Be my witness that I have fulfilled my promise". You do not remember the stone worshipping at that time. In reality when we circulate around the Kaaba and kiss it, our purpose is not Kaaba. Our purpose is that which is associated with Kaaba. Likewise, when we kiss the Alam and Zuljenah, it is Imam Hussain (as) which is in our minds.

Third Stage

Now they have taken a third step. The enemies of Imam Hussain (as) knew matam of zanjeer and qama zani is the spirit and life of the Ashura processions. This macabre act is in the heart of the people.

It has such great influence over the people that numerous individuals become Shia every year after witnessing this act. The enemies of azadari waited a long time, but not even cruel government oppressors could destroy these acts of matam. The fitna that comes from our own house is the most harmful.

In order to be able to fulfill their shaitanic purposes, a fatwa was issued from the highest authorities. They declared zanjeer and qama zani to be a haram act. When this fatwa was issued, a severe earthquake tore through the entire Shia world. People became confused. A war began between those who follow love and those who follow sharia. Those who follow love would say "Get up and hurt your body so Syeda (sa) becomes pleased". Those who follow the so called sharia will say "Stop! Don?t do this so that mulla becomes pleased".

Matam e Hussain (as) was not begun by a fatwa nor will it end by any fatwa. May Allah protect our matamis and azadars for completely denying this shaitani fatwa. Amazingly the zanjeer and qama zani increased after this fatwa was issued. We want to present that fatwa for you and will discuss its different aspects.

"Philosophy of Azadari" by Agha Khamenei page 18-20.

"Qama (sword matam) is one of those acts which is wrong. It is wrong for the people to take qama (sword) in their hand and hit their heads causing their blood to flow. What is the purpose of this act? This is not azadari by any means. This is a false act and has nothing to do with religion. Certainly Allah is not pleased with such acts.

Therefore, we should refrain from doing such acts as these. By doing such acts, the great Islamic society whose honor is Imam Zamana (ajf), the great sacrifice of Imam Hussain (as), and holy name of Ameerul Momineen (as), becomes an ignorant and uncivilized society in the eyes of non muslims and muslims alike. You should abstain from doing such acts because I am not pleased by these acts.

If someone does qama zani openly, I become angry from within my heart. I do not know upon what basis they perform this act nor do I know which hidden hands are encouraging such acts in our Islamic and revolutionary society."

You read this fatwa and certainly you have understood the main points which were mentioned in this fatwa.

  1. Fake, baseless, ignorance
  2. It has nothing to do with religion.
  3. Muslims and non muslims make fun of this act.
  4. Mr. Mufti is angry from his heart and it is most important to make him pleased even if Syeda (sa) becomes angry.
  5. Zanjeer and qama matam was invented recently.(It was not in existence in previous times and some hidden hands established this act.)

Only that person who has nothing to do with the love of Imam Hussain (as) can use such false and evil words. Such a person has not even the minutest amount of respect for Imam Hussain (as) in his heart, he has no fear of Allah, and he gives no importance to the anger of Syeda (sa) at all. Whoever disassociates the Matam e Hussain (a) from the religion does not understand that Imam Hussain is Himself the religion.

Without Imam Hussain (as), the religion of Allah loses all of its worth and value. As far as people making fun of these acts are concerned, people also make fun of the acts of hajj. So should we then abandon performing hajj because people make fun of it?

Claiming zanjeer and qama zani is a recent invention is also a false claim. This matam was established in the Shia nation centuries before. This is not a recent invention nor is it associated with a specific group of people. A vast majority of different people from every part of the globe do this type of matam.

On the day of Ashura in Karbala, the numbers of those who perform zanjeer and qama zani are more than one million. We see these scenes on the television with our very own eyes. If Mr. Mufti cannot see these scenes, this is not our problem.

In reality matam has nothing to do with fatwas. In previous times a lot of people, even our Aimmah (as), use to practice phlebotomy (The act or practice of opening a vein by incision or puncture to remove blood as a therapeutic treatment) causing a tremendous amount of blood loss. It proves the loss of one?s blood in order to maintain your health is a sunnah of the Imams (as). Therefore we must think very carefully.

If sharia remains silent, when we lose our blood for the benefit of our health, then how is it possible for sharia to say one single word against our shedding of blood in the love of Imam Hussain (as) who is the owner of sharia? Even if we look at the sharia aspect, we see a human is put into two conditions in this world.

One is "halat e ikhtiar?. This is when you have no choice except to follow sharia laws. If it is haram (forbidden) then it is always haram and there is no exceptions for it. If it is halal (lawful), then it is always halal and there is no condition which makes it haram (forbidden).

The other condition is "halat e istrar?. This is when you can ignore the sharia laws under certain circumstances and not become sinful. If you find yourself in such a situation where nothing is available to eat and you are in danger of losing your life, then you can even eat a dead dog.

The same way when the grief reaches its maximum level, at that moment whatever you do will not fall under the scope of sharia. When Hz Owais Qarni (ra) broke all of his teeth, RasoolAllah (saw) did not object.

When Syeda Zainab (sa) hit Her head on the bar of the camel which She was sat upon, the Imam of Her Time (as)(Imam Zainul Abideen as) remained silent. These incidents are undeniable proofs that the love of Imam Hussain (as) does not need any permission from sharia.

When someone injures his body in the love of Imam Hussain (as), there is no sharia law which forbids it.

When we look at halat e ikhtiar, we see it is the will of Allah to have those who love His Beloved to endure the same intense pain and suffering as His Beloved endured.

Because Imam Hussain (as)?s dead body was left in the sunshine, Syeda Rubab (sa)(wife of Imam Hussain (as);mother of Hz Ali Asghar (as) and Syeda Sakina (sa)) never sat in the shade for the remainder of Her life.

This was happening right in the front of the eyes of the Imam of the Time (as) (Imam Zainul Abideen as), but He did not object. This is a sharia law for us. When we look at the incident of Hz Hajar (as) and Hz Ismael (as), we see Hz Ismael (as) was so thirsty and His Mother circulated around Safa and Marwa seven times in search of water.

This act of Hz Hajar (as) was so pleasing to Allah; He made this act wajib upon the people to circulate seven times around Safa and Marwa during Hajj. Even though they are not thirsty nor are they in search of water. The act is deliberate and intentional.

The same way if a lover of Imam Hussain (as) wants to feel the same pain which the Imam (as) felt, then certainly his act will be pleasing to Allah. It does not matter if you injury yourself intentionally or unintentionally, so called fatwas will never be able to stop the azadari of Imam Hussain (as).