Second Example

On the day of Ashura, which is in reality the Day of Judgment, we tear our clothes, put dust on our heads, and such strange scenes can be seen on that day. On the Taboot of Imam Hussain (as), which is suppose to be a replica of His funeral, we see apples stuck on the taboot. They are called "mannati apples".

If our mannat is fulfilled, then next year we will give more apples. Zuljenah is a replica of that horse who gave the news of Imam Hussain (as)?s martyrdom to His Family. People will hold the legs of Zuljenah and make different duas.

People will bring their unmarried daughters especially to the juloos and majalis of Imam Hussain (as) and put the mehndi which is taken out in the remembrance of Hz Qasim (as) on their daughter?s hands so that their daughters will get married. Now tell me honestly. Do mourners behave like this? Do the loyal people act like this? I am very sorry but I must say these people are like those who go to the place of an accident and while helping the injured, they steal the watches and money from the pockets of the injured. It is really very shameful. Only Allah knows who established these evil customs.

Third Example

The previous examples were related to common people. Now we come to the scholars and zakireen who use fake narrations to make people cry. Even though Imam Mazloom (as) said, "One who narrates such sufferings which We did not face is considered amongst Our killers".

When the people use fake narrations, in reality they are saying they wish the Imam (as) would have suffered in this way. Then we would have found another way to make the people cry. The people also read such fake narrations which clearly insult Ahlul Bayt (as).

We will present two examples. Every scholar and zakir reads these fake narrations. Before we describe the first narration, we want to write a brief incident which is related with Hz Ameer Mukhtar (ra). Then everything will become clear.

When Ameer Mukhtar (ra) was a teenager, his father took him to see Ameerul Momineen (as). Moula Ali (as) lovingly put His hand on the head of Ameer Mukhtar (ra) and said, "This boy will kill 100,000 people from Bani Ummah".

After a long time, Ameer Mukhtar (as) was arrested by the accursed Hajjaj bin Yousuf (la). He ordered Ameer Mukhtar (ra) to be killed. Mukhtar?s head was fixed in the guitine. Hajjaj (la) saw Mukhtar laughing. Hajjaj (la) became so amazed and thought, "This man is about to die but he is still laughing".

He (la) asked Mukhtar ,"Why are you laughing?" Mukhtar replied, "I am laughing because you are arranging for my murder, but you will never be able to kill me".

Hajjaj (la) became infuriated and asked, "Why can I not kill you"? Mukhtar replied, "My Moula (as) told me I will kill 100,000 people from Bani Ummah. If you kill me now, then who will kill those 100,000 from Bani Ummayah? My Moula (as) is the Lord of Truth. Whatever He said to me, it will become truth."

The purpose of narrating this incident was to tell you Moula (as)?s ordinary slave has such belief on the sayings of Moula (as) that even in such occasions where a normal person would lose his mind from fear and anguish, he remained without any fear or worry.

Now we come to those narrations which all the scholars and zakirs often read. When Hz Abbas (as) was going to the battlefield, Syeda Zainab (sa) gathered all the women and said, "When I left Medina, I was responsible for the protection of Your veils. Now I take this responsibility back.

When I was a child, one day I was sitting on My Father?s lap, and My Father was kissing My arms. When I asked Him why He was doing this, My Father said, "Your arms will be tied with ropes." I use to think I have a brother such as Abbas (as). Who on this earth has the courage to tie My arms with ropes in the presence of Abbas (as)? Now when Abbas (as) is going, I am sure My arms will be tied with ropes."

We wrote the whole incident word by word. Now if your iman lets you believe in this. Then we will keep quiet. Those who have great iman and intellect will definitely think an ordinary slave of Moula Ali (as) had undoubtable belief in the words of Moula (as) and was laughing while looking death in the eye, but the Daughter of Moula Ali (as) such as Syeda Zainab (sa) (maaz?Allah) She is not ready to believe in the words of Her Father.

Our heart cries tears of blood when we hear such fake narrations in the majalis. I can only request and beg to our scholars and zakirs not to read fake narrations in majalis. The second narration which often is read in the majalis is when Ahlul Bayt (as) were released from the prison of Shaam and all the heads of the martyrs were brought to one house.

When the heads of the martyrs were brought, every Bibi (as) took the head of Their child and wept. Only two heads were left sitting and no one was crying over Them. Narrator asks, "Did the Mother of these children die"? Syeda Zainab (sa) replied, "No. I am Their Mother, but I will not cry over Them. I will cry on My Brother Hussain (as)." This narration is mentioned to make people cry.

They do not realize when they mention this narration they make the Holy Bibis (as) who were weeping become disloyal to Imam Hussain (as).

The people who have marifat (recognition) of these loyals will certainly think how is it possible the females of Imam Hussain (as)?s family would have left the head of Imam Hussain (as) alone and start crying over Their children? If They had such love for Their children, then why did They prepare Their children themselves to be sent into the battlefield in order to help Imam Hussain (as)?