Removal of Astonishment

You must be wondering that if the real and true religion is wilayat of Moula Ali (as), then how is it possible that it could be removed from the shia religion. Certainly this is a very important question, and it is absolutely necessary that one must find its answer. Remember shaitan (la)'s aim is not to make you drink wine, gambling, fornication, or involving you in other evils.

All of these sins can be forgiven. Suppose a person who has been drinking wine and committing countless other sins and after 70 years he realizes what he has done throughout his entire life, feels regret in his heart, and asks forgiveness from his Lord so because Allah has promised to forgive sins, then certainly Allah will accept the repentance of such person.

Like this shaitan (la)'s 70 years worth of hard work will go in vain. Shaitan (la) is not stupid. He does not force people to commit those sins which can be forgiven. He makes people commit those sins which can never be forgiven and where the door of repentance is closed forever. Because his purpose is to show the way of hell to the people.

He makes people to commit those sins which will take them into the fires of hell for all of eternity, and that sin is negligence and enmity of Ahlul Bayt (as). This sin is the most effective weapon of shaitan (la). He makes people so blind in following their apparent worships that no one even thinks of going towards Ahlul Bayt (as). This is not our own personal opinion. We shall confirm our words through our owner, Ameerul Momineen (as).

Najul Israr page no 266-268:

Ameerul Momineen (as) said to Kumail ibne Ziad, "O'Kumail! Do not be deceived by such people who pray numerous prayers and fast regularly, give sadqah, and think they are blessed. O'Kumail! I swear by My Lord, I heard RasoolAllah (saw) saying

"When shaitan (la) wished to enter a nation into evils such as drinking wine, usury, and other sins such as envy, then first he turns them towards numerous acts of worship and then traps them in the love of those imams which will lead them towards hell on the day of judgment". My Moula (as) is the truth of all truths. Now you can see with your own eyes that after making people become busy in apparent worships shaitan (la) then invited them towards a 13th imam. Many of the followers of shaitan (la) accepted this invitation.

From reading the sayings of Moula (as) you can clearly see in which way shaitan (la) leads the people astray. Mulvis follow the formula of their murshad (shaitan la) and make people become so busy in apparent worships that they forget everything else. They were told that the things which will take them into jannah are their acts of worship not iman (faith), marifat (recognition), and love.

They made the people become so afraid that they stopped thinking of anything other than their apparent acts of worship. We shall now show you a brief look at this fear so that you can see for yourself how deep of an effect this has had on the people and what the consequences of this effect are.

Toufah tul Awam published by NOL Kishor Press Lucknow 1946 page no 25 under the topic of "One who abandons prayer" the following poetry is written and is attested to by the renowned mujtihideen of that time:

"One who abandons even just one prayer has killed himself. If he abandons two prayers, then it is like he has killed a prophet. If he abandons three prayers, it is as if he has demolished the Kaaba. If he abandons four prayers, it is as if he committed incest with his own mother in the Kaaba.

If he abandons five prayers, he falls into such a horrible condition that Allah says to him "You abandoned My prayer and stopped obeying Me. Now you have become deserving of My full wrath. Get out of My earth and heavens.

Find another place for you."

Now you must fully understand that the process of making people become negligent towards Ahlul Bayt (as) has been underway for an extremely long time. The result of this is that the honor of Ahlul Bayt (as) has become so worthless in the eyes of people.

Once people started becoming negligent towards the wilayat and imamate people began to feel courage to call themselves "imam and wali". Shaitan (la) has placed them in such ignorance that they do not even take notice of what it is they are doing. People without any fear started calling non Masoom as imam and wali. Under circumstances such as these, who will remember the wilayat of Ameerul Momineen (as)?

Now we shall prove that not a single aspect of shia religion exists without wilayat and that religion which does not contain wilayat may be called anything, but it cannot be called the shia religion.

Kalima and Testimony of Wilayat

Sura Faatir ayah 10: "Unto Him good words ascend, and the pious deed doth He exalt" In this ayah "words" (kalima) is written in its plural form and there must be three "words" (kalima). Quran has decided that for all of eternity the testimonies which we are required to recite are 3 not 2. Now we must find what these three testimonies are.

When Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) was asked regarding the tafseer of this ayah, Imam (as) said, "The meanings of "good words" are the testimony of a momin in which he says "La illaha illalah Muhammad RasoolAllah Aliunwaliullah" (Tafseer e Safi, Tafseer e Murat ul Anwar, and Tafseer e Burhan)

Adhan, Iqama, and Testimony of Wilayat

Wasail Shia Fourth Edition page no 61, there are numerous narrations regarding the phrases of the adhan and iqama. In hadith no 18 it is mentioned that there are 38 phrases in the adhan and iqama; 20 for adhan and 18 for iqama. This is that adhan and iqama in which Aliunwaliullah is compulsory.

There is no other reason to reject this hadith except for one who simply bears hatred against Moula Ali (as). If we believe in this narration from amongst different narrations, then no one has any right to make accusations against us.

Prayer and Testimony of Wilayat

  1. There is a very famous narration from Ahtejaj Tabrisi which until today no one has been able to deny. In this hadith Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) says "Whenever someone from amongst you recites "La illaha illalah, Muhammadin RasoolAllah", then immediately after you must say "Aliunw aliullah"."

The question however is; is prayer excluded from this "whenever"? If not, then the testimony of wilayat of Ameerul Momineen is wajib (compulsory) in tashahud. Imam (as) has declared it as absolutely wajib to recite Aliunwaliullah. It is very important you take note that when the prophet hood of Muhammad (saw) cannot survive without the testimony of wilayat then how can prayer?

  1. Al Qatra min Bahar First Edition page no 277, Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said, "I love the wilayat of Ali (as) ibn Abi Talib (as) more than I love being from amongst His Offspring because the wilayat of Ali (as) is wajib while being from His Offspring is just an attribute."

  2. Here we are mentioning a dua from Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) which He use to recite after every prayer: (Tafseer Noor ul Saqlain Third Edition page no 491) "O'My Lord! You have bestowed a favor upon Us for testifying to Your Wali, and You made Us to recite this testimony. These personalities are Sirat ul Mustaqeem, Siraj ul Muneer, Nazar ul Munzir, RasoolAllah (saw), and His Successors (as). You completed Your religion through Their love and by disassociating from Their enemies.

As You have promised You bestowed upon Us all of Your blessings. You reminded Us of that promise of allegiance which You took from Us at the beginning of creation. This is Your great favor that You made Us from amongst those who accepted this promise of allegiance, and protected Us from being negligent in Your remembrance. We testify because of Your favor and mercy. There is no Lord other than You. You are Our Lord and Muhammad (saw) is Your servant and messenger and Our Prophet. Ali (as) is Master of all Momineen, the Greatest Proof,

and Greatest Sign. Ali (as) is that great news upon which the people have fallen into dispute. Because of Your favor and mercy We testify to His wilayat."

You should now realize Imam (as) did not thank Allah for giving Him the ability to pray. Imam (as) thanked Allah for giving Him the ability to testify to the wilayat of Moula Ali (as). We have very briefly explained our topic to you. It was not possible to write everything in detail in this book. Therefore those who wish to read this topic in detail should read our other books. This book Kashaful Wilayah today 15t h of September 2009 24t h Ramadan 1430 Hijra at 6:00 pm with the blessings of Allah and help of Imam e Zamana (ajf) has been completed.