Poisonings Acts of Hypocrites

There are only few jobs easier than “poisoning” the minds of people who have not extended knowledge of a matter, because this is like destroying a building. Sometimes it takes several years to build a building, while it is possible to destroy it in only few seconds.

Therefore, if we see that evil temptations of frails around us have effects on some simple thoughts, it is neither because of power and logic of tempters nor weak principles of Islam, but this is the attribute of poisoning among people who have not enough knowledge of a matter; and the best of fighting this poisoning is to increase the level of knowledge of people in Islamic matters, because if the sun of science and knowledge rise in hearts then witch moths will hide themselves rapidly.

Accordingly, it is decided, by almighty god’s will, to prepare and publish brief and precise but calculated and logical booklets in different Islamic issues and those which are related to Shiite and Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) that hypocrites poisoning on them for informing the public in order not to remain a place for cavillers.

Here it is necessary to acknowledge respectful scholars Ahmadi, Ashtiani, Imami, Imani and Asadi who helped in collecting the contents of this booklet.

Qom, Amiral Mu’minin School
Nasir Makarim Shirazi