Kitab al-Ghayba: The Book of Occultation

Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibraheem bin Jafar al-Numani authored this important work entitled Kitab al-Ghayba following the Major Occultation of the Twelfth Imam. The work tried to prove the necessity of the Twelfth Imam’s occultation by relating traditions on the authority of the Prophet and the Imams predicting its occurrence.

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  1. Dedication
  2. Preface by the Verifier
  3. The Author’s Introduction
  4. Chapter 1: Preserving the secret of the Prophet’s Family
  5. Chapter 2: Keeping to the “Rope” Of Allah
  6. Chapter 3: The Imamate and the Will
  7. Chapter 4: Twelve imams determined by Allah
  8. Chapter 5: Pretenders of being imams
  9. Chapter 6: The traditions narrated by the Sunni
  10. Chapter 7: Doubting any of the twelve imams
  11. Chapter 8: Allah does not leave the world with no authority (Hujjah)
  12. Chapter 9: Al-Hujjah must appear
  13. Chapter 10: Disappearance of the expected Imam
  14. Chapter 11: Being patient in waiting for deliverance
  15. Chapter 12: Disagreement among the Shia during the disappearance
  16. Chapter 13: Al-Qa'im’s aspects and deeds
  17. Chapter 14: The signs preceding the appearance
  18. Chapter 15: The distresses before the appearance of al-Qa'im
  19. Chapter 16: Forbidding timing and naming al-Qa'im
  20. Chapter 17: The distresses al-Qa'im meets from people
  21. Chapter 18: The rising of as-Sufyani
  22. Chapter 19: The Prophet’s banner
  23. Chapter 20: The army of anger
  24. Chapter 21: The Shia when al-Qa'im appears
  25. Chapter 22: Islam began strange and returns strange
  26. Chapter 23: The age of al-Qa'im
  27. Chapter 24: Issma'eel, the son of Imam as-Sadiq
  28. Chapter 25: Knowing one’s imam
  29. Chapter 26: The period of al-Qa'im’s rule