Logic For Islamic Rules

  1. Preface
  2. Do We Have the Right To Ask About the Logic Behind Islamic Laws?
  3. How To Ponder On the Philosophy of Islamic Laws?
  4. Why Should We Do Taqlid (follow a Mujtahid) in Religious Problems?
  5. Why Should We Worship Allah? What Is the Philosophy of Prayers, Fasting and Hajj?
  6. Why Should We Do Taqlid of the Most Learned Scholar?
  7. Why Pray in Arabic?
  8. Why To Face the Kiblah in Prayers?
  9. Why Do We Pray Five Prayers in Three Times?
  10. How Do Prayers Keep a Person Away From Sin?
  11. What Is the Purpose of Prayers of Ayaat?
  12. Why Should Women Cover Themselves in Prayers?
  13. Why Are Alcoholic Drinks Impure?
  14. What Is the Difference Between Perspiration and Urine?
  15. What Is the Philosophy of Bathing the Dead Body and Bath For Touching the Dead Body?
  16. Why Are Illegitimate Children Kept Away From Some Posts?
  17. The Harmful Effects of Pork On the Health of a Person
  18. Why Is an Unbeliever Impure?
  19. What Is the Purpose of Jizya (capitation Tax)?
  20. The Dress of Ihram
  21. Why Is the Meat of Sacrifice Wasted?
  22. Why Is It Forbidden To Read the Deviated Books?
  23. Why Cannot the Holy Quran Be Given To Any Non-muslim?
  24. The Reason of Strictness in Proving Certain Sins (crimes)
  25. Why Should the Animals Be Slaughtered in a Particular Way?
  26. Circumcision
  27. Philosophy of Halalah
  28. The Psychological and Physical Dangers of Sexual Promiscuity (psychological View of a Physician)
  29. Marriage Among Blood Relations
  30. Music From the Islamic Point of View
  31. Why Does Allah Subject People To Tests?
  32. How Can Tayammum (dry Ablution) Be Performed in Soil Contaminated By Germs?
  33. Are Other Religions Right?
  34. Prayer For Correct Guidance To the Right Path
  35. What Is the Purpose of Creating the Heavens and the Earth in Six Days?
  36. What Is Meant By Seven Heavens?
  37. Where Are the Two Easts and Two Wests?
  38. The Earth Being Spherical and the Holy Quran
  39. Rotation of the Earth
  40. What Is the Exegesis of This Verse?
  41. Importance of Laylat Al-qadr
  42. How Did Zulqarnain See That the Sun Set in Dark Water?
  43. Holy Quran and Control Over Planets
  44. Does This Verse Point Towards the Artificial Means of the Present World?
  45. Do These Verses Support the Theory of Evolution?
  46. Is This Verse Contrary To Islam Being Universal?
  47. Why Has Allah Used Plural Pronouns For Himself?
  48. Hearing and Sight in the Holy Quran
  49. Why Would the False Gods Be Put in the Fire?
  50. Is It Allowed To Prostrate Before Anyone Or Anything Other Than Allah?
  51. What Is Meant By Tauba-e-nasooha?
  52. Is This Verse Contrary To the Issue of Abiding Forever?
  53. What Is the Benefit of Uttering Allahs Name Before Starting Anything?
  54. The Quran Is Safe From Distortion
  55. The Order of Revelation of Surahs of the Holy Quran and the Scribes of Revelation
  56. Interpretation of Quran Based On Personal Views
  57. What Is the Aim of Repetitions in the Quran?
  58. The Tree of Knowledge
  59. Why Is There No Bismillah in the Beginning of Surah Tauba?
  60. Are There More Than One Creator?
  61. Why Is Charity Compared To an Ear Having 700 Grains?
  62. Son of Nuh (a.s.) in the Holy Quran
  63. Is the Verse in Accordance With the Infallibility of the Holy Prophet?
  64. What Is the Meaning of the Words: Everything Will Be Destroyed Except His Face?
  65. How Did Yusuf Allow That His Brother Should Be Falsely Implicated For Theft?
  66. Should We Laugh Less and Weep More?
  67. Would There Be Interrogation On the Day of Resurrection?
  68. Does the Prophet Also Seek Counsel?
  69. What Are Light and Grave Sins?
  70. Are Graver and Lighter Relative Terms?
  71. How Many Grave Sins Are There?
  72. What Is Lying For a Hidden Wisdom?
  73. Is It Allowed To Give Physical Punishment For Women?
  74. Islamic View On Artificial Insemination
  75. What Is the Command Regarding Contraception?
  76. What Is the Legal Position Regarding Abortion of Illegitimate Fetus?
  77. Blood Transfusion
  78. Is the Sincerity of Intention Beneficial To the Deed?
  79. Why Do We Sometimes Recite the Afternoon Prayers At the Time of Noon Prayers?
  80. Does Prayer Have a Role in Acceptance of All Deeds?
  81. How To Pray and Fast in the Polar Regions?
  82. Prayer At the Earliest Hour
  83. Why Do We Pray Facing the Kiblah?
  84. What Is the Decree Regarding the Game of Chess?
  85. How Should Latin Speaking People Perform Prayers?
  86. Prostrating To the Imams Tomb
  87. What Is the Command Regarding Those Games?
  88. Questions of an American Muslim
  89. What Are the Causes of Advancement of the Muslims in the Past Ages and Their Downfall in the Modern Era?
  90. Why the Youth of Today Avoid Religious Thgatherings?
  91. How Can We Control the Misuse of Polygamy?
  92. Has Islam Prescribed the Duties of Women?
  93. Is the Universe Dependent Upon Allah For Its Continued Existence?
  94. What Is the Islamic View Regarding the Sneeze?
  95. Is the Dream Having Any Truth?
  96. Is Khums the Recompense of Prophethood?
  97. Is Not Khums a Cause For Social Difference?
  98. Why Is There Still Ignorance Despite So Many Efforts For Popularizing Knowledge?
  99. Should the Good People Also Pray?
  100. Is Man Superior To Angels?
  101. Maturity of Boys and Girls
  102. Following (taqlid) the Religious Maraja (mujtahid)
  103. Tawalli and Tabarri
  104. Did Imam Ali Depend On the Tradition of Ghadir To Prove His Caliphate?
  105. Is Sacrifice and Offering Possible?
  106. The Aim of the Verse: He Deviates Whomsoever He Likes and Guides Whomsoever He Likes?