Basic Shares of the Most Common Heirs

Heir Children of Deceased Basic Shares FATHER deceased had a child 16.66% (1/6) deceased had no child whatever remains after share of the mother and/or the spouse       MOTHER deceased had a child or brother (*) 16.66% (1/6) deceased had no child or brother (*) 33.33% (1/3)       HUSBAND wife had a child 25% (1/4) wife had no child 50% (1/2)       WIFE husband had a child 12.5% (1/8) husband had no child 25% (1/4)             CHILDREN: 1. Whatever remains after giving the shares of the parents and/or the surviving spouse. 2. a male child gets twice the share of a female

* - In presence of a parent (or a grandparent) or a child (or a grandchild), the brother of the deceased does not get anything. However, he affects the share of the mother: instead of 1/3, it becomes 1/6.