Mikyalul Makarim Fee Fawaaid ad-Duaa Lil Qai’m vol. 1

This text titled "Mikyalul Makarim" authored by Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musawi Isfahani is a two-part book about the perfection of morals among the benefits of praying for our 12th Living Imam (aj). The first part addresses the recognition of the Imam and the rational proofs discussed. Among other topics, the second part of the book discusses the times and conditions emphasized for supplicating.

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  1. Dedication
  2. About the Author
  3. Author’s Preface
  4. Part 1: It Is Incumbent To Recognize The Imam of The Time (as)
  5. 1) Rational Proof
  6. 2) Textual Proof
  7. Part 2: Proofs of the Imamate of His Eminence, Hujjat bin al-Hasan al-Askari (aj)
  8. Section One: Some Mutawatir Traditions that Particularly
  9. Section Two : Regarding some miracles and faith healings of the Master of Age that are Mutawatir
  10. Part 3: Regarding some rights and favors of His Eminence upon us
  11. The First Right: Existence And Being
  12. Second: Right Of Survival In The World
  13. Third: Right Based On Relationship To The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.)
  14. Fourth: The Right Of The Bestower Of Favor On Whom He Bestows And The Right Of Being The Medium Of Favor
  15. Fifth: The Right Of The Father Upon His Son
  16. Sixth: The Right Of The Master Over His Servants And Protégés
  17. Part 4: Regarding the Qualities and special merits of Imam al-Zamana (as) due to which it becomes incumbent to pray for him
  18. The Letter Alif (as)
  19. The Letter Ba (B)
  20. The Letter Ta (T)
  21. The Letter Tha (Th)
  22. The Letter Jeem (J)
  23. The Letter H’a (H’)
  24. The Letter Kha (Kh)
  25. The Letter Daal (D)
  26. The Letter Dhaal (Dh)
  27. The Letter Ra (R)
  28. The Letter Za (Z)
  29. The Letter Seen (S)
  30. The Letter Sheen (Sh)
  31. The Letter S’aad (S’)
  32. The Letter Z”aad (Z”)
  33. The Letter T’a (T’)
  34. The Letter Z’a (Z’)
  35. The Letter A’in (A’)
  36. The Letter Ghain (Gh)
  37. The Letter Fa (F)
  38. The Letter Qaaf (Q)
  39. The Letter Kaaf (K)
  40. The Letter Kaaf (K)
  41. The Letter Laam (L)
  42. The Letter Meem (M)
  43. The Letter Noon (N)
  44. The Letter Waw (W)
  45. The Letter Ha (H)
  46. The Letter Yaa (Y)
  47. Part 5: Good Consequences of Praying for Deliverance
  48. 1. Tawqee Of His Eminence
  49. 2. Increase In Bounties
  50. 3. Expression Of Inner Love
  51. 4. A Sign Of Anticipation (Awaiting)
  52. 5. Revival Of The Command Of The Purified Imams (as)
  53. 6. Distress And Fear Of The Satan
  54. 7. Deliverance From The Mischiefs Of The Last Age And Remaining Safe From Satanic Traps
  55. 8. Part-Fulfillment Of The Rights Of His Eminence Upon Us
  56. 9. Honoring The Almighty Allah, The Religion Of Allah And The Messenger Of Allah (S)
  57. 10. Prayer Of His Eminence, The Master Of The Time For Those Who Supplicate For His Early Reappearance
  58. 11. Becoming Eligible For The Intercession Of His Eminence On Judgment Day
  59. 12. Eligibility For Intercession Of The Holy Prophet (S) And Attaining The Great Intercession
  60. 13. A Means To Allah, The Mighty And The High
  61. 14. Acceptance Of Prayers
  62. 15. Recompensing Favor Of Prophethood Of The Holy Prophet (S)
  63. 16 & 17. Warding Off Calamities And Increase In Sustenance
  64. 18. Forgiveness Of Sins
  65. 19. Becoming Eligible To Meet His Eminence In Person Or In Sleep
  66. 20. Return (Raja’t) To The World During The Time Of Reappearance
  67. 21. Brotherhood Of The Holy Prophet (S)
  68. 22. Hastening Of The Matter Of The Reappearance Of The Master Of The Time (as)
  69. 23. Following The Prophet And The Holy Imam (as)
  70. 24. Fulfillment Of Divine Covenant
  71. 25. Those Who Pray Would Gain The Rewards Of Doing Goodness To The Parents
  72. 26. Safe Keeping Trust And Returning It Honestly
  73. 27. Spread Of The Effulgence Of His Eminence In The Supplicant’s Heart
  74. 28. Increase In Lifespan
  75. 29. Cooperation In Good Deeds
  76. 30. Help Of Allah, The Mighty And The High
  77. 31. Guidance By The Effulgence Of The Holy Qur’an
  78. 32. Recognized By The People Of The Heights (Araaf)
  79. 33. Reward Of Seeking Knowledge
  80. 34. Security From Punishment Of The Hereafter
  81. 35. Glad Tidings And Moderateness At Time Of Death
  82. 36. Response To The Call Of Allah And His Messenger (S)
  83. 37. In The Same Level As That Of Amirul Momineen (as)
  84. 38. Best People In The View Of Almighty Allah
  85. 39. Most Respected Persons In View Of The Holy Prophet (S)
  86. 40. He Will Enter Paradise At The Recommendation Of The Messenger Of Allah (S)
  87. 41. The Prayer Of The Holy Prophet (S) Would Be There In His Favor
  88. 42. Forgiveness Of Sins And Replacement Of Sins With Good Deeds
  89. 43. Almighty Allah Helps In Worship
  90. 44. Removal Of Divine Chastisement From The People
  91. 45. Rewards Of Helping And Supporting The Oppressed
  92. 46. Reward Of Honoring And Respecting One Who Is Higher In Status
  93. 47. Reward Of Avenging The Blood Of Imam Husain (as)
  94. 48. The Noble Benefits
  95. 49. Brightness of his light on Judgment Day
  96. 50. His intercession for seventy thousand sinners
  97. 51. Prayer of Amirul Momineen (as)
  98. 52. Enter Paradise without accounting
  99. 53. Safe from the thirst of Judgment Day
  100. 54. Forever in Paradise
  101. 55. Scratching the face of Satan
  102. 56. A special gift on the Judgment Day
  103. 57. Servants of Paradise
  104. 58. Vast shade of the Almighty Allah
  105. 59. Reward of a believer’s Well-wisher
  106. 60. In the presence of the Angels
  107. 61. Allah prides
  108. 62. Angels seek forgiveness
  109. 63. The best people after the Imams (as)
  110. 64. Obedience of the Ulil Amr (those in authority)
  111. 65. Pleasure of the Almighty Allah
  112. 66. Source of happiness of the Holy Prophet (S)
  113. 67. The Favorite Deed
  114. 68. Rulership of Paradise
  115. 69. His accounting will be easy
  116. 70. A Kind Companion in Barzakh and Qiyamat
  117. 71. The best deeds
  118. 72. Cause of removal of sorrow
  119. 73. Praying during the period of occultation is better than doing it in the time of reappearance
  120. 74. Angels pray for him
  121. 75. Dua of His Eminence Sajjad (as) for the Supplicants
  122. 76. Attachment to the Two Weighty Things (Thaqlayn)
  123. 77. Clinging to the Divine Rope
  124. 78. Perfection of Faith
  125. 79. Reward of worshippers
  126. 80. Respecting the Divine Signs
  127. 81. Reward of one who is martyred in the company of the Messenger of Allah (S)
  128. 82. Reward of being martyred under the flag of His Eminence, Qaim (aj)
  129. 83. Reward of doing a favor to our master, the Master of the Time (aj)
  130. 84. Reward of honoring and fulfillment of rights
  131. 85. Reward of honoring a great personality
  132. 86. Inclusion in the party of the Imams (as)
  133. 87. Elevation of ranks in Paradise
  134. 88. Security from a bad accounting
  135. 89. Getting the highest stations of martyrs
  136. 90. Getting the intercession of Lady Fatima (as)