Mikyalul Makarim Fee Fawaaid ad-Duaa Lil Qai’m vol. 2

This text titled "Mikyalul Makarim" authored by Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musawi Isfahani is a two-part book about the perfection of morals among the benefits of praying for our 12th Living Imam (aj). The first part addresses the recognition of the Imam and the rational proofs discussed. Among other topics, the second part of the book discusses the times and conditions emphasized for supplicating.

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  1. Part 6: Times and conditions emphasized for supplicating
  2. 1. After Every Obligatory Prayer
  3. 2. After Zuhr Prayer
  4. 3. After Asr Prayer
  5. 4. After Morning Prayer
  6. 5. After Every Two Rakats Of Namaz-E-Shab
  7. 6. In Qunoot Of Prayers
  8. 7. In Prostration (Sajdah)
  9. 8. In Thanksgiving Prostration (Sajdah Shukr)
  10. 9. Every Morning And Evening
  11. 10. In The Last Part Of Every Day
  12. 11. Thursday
  13. 12. Friday Eve
  14. 13. Friday
  15. 14. Navroz Day
  16. 15. Day Of Arafah
  17. 16. Eid-Ul-Fitr
  18. 17. Eid-Ul-Azha
  19. 18. Dahwul Arz Day - Day Of Earth’s Expansion
  20. 19. Ashura Day
  21. 20. Eve Of 15th Shaban
  22. 21. Day Of 15th Shaban
  23. 22. Whole Month Of Ramadan
  24. 23. Eve Of The 6th Of The Month Of Ramadan
  25. 24. 8th Day Of The Month Of Ramadan
  26. 25. Eve Of The 12th Of The Month Of Ramadan
  27. 26. Day Of The 13th Of The Month Of Ramadan
  28. 27. Day Of 18th And Eve Of The 19th Of The Month Of Ramadan
  29. 28. 21st Of The Month Of Ramadan
  30. 29. After Remembering The Tragedy Of Imam Husain (As)
  31. 30. After Reciting The Ziyaarat Of Imam az-Zaman (Aj)
  32. 31. While Weeping Due To The Fear Of Allah
  33. 32. After Renewing Of Every Blessing And Passing Away Of Every Calamity
  34. 33. At The Time Of Sorrow And Grief
  35. 34. In Hardships And Difficulties
  36. 35. After The Prayer Of Tasbih
  37. 36. Before Praying For Oneself And Ones Family
  38. 37. Day Of Ghadeer
  39. 38. All Possible Times Of The Day And Night
  40. 39. While Present In The Gathering Of Opponents And Usurpers Of The Rights Of The Imams (As)
  41. 40. To Pray For Forty Consecutive Days For The Reappearance Of The Imam
  42. 41. Month Of Muharram
  43. Places Emphasized For Supplicating For Imam az-Zaman (aj)
  44. Part 7: Value of praying for the hastening of the reappearance of the Imam of the Age (aj)
  45. First Aim: Some Points Discussed
  46. Second Aim: Value Of Praying For The Hastening Of The Reappearance Of The Imam Of The Age (aj) Openly Or Secretly
  47. Third Aim: Regarding Some Supplications Related From The Holy Imams (As) About This
  48. Part 8: Duties of people towards the Imam (aj)
  49. 1: To Obtain Knowledge About The Special Characteristics Of Imam (aj) And To Have Information About The ‘Certain’ Signs Of His Reappearance
  50. 2: To Be Respectful While Mentioning Him
  51. 3: Loving Him
  52. 4: Making Him Popular Among The People
  53. 5: Awaiting His Reappearance
  54. 6: Expressing An Eagerness To See Him
  55. 7: Relating The Praiseworthy Qualities Of Imam (aj)
  56. 8: Grief Of A Believer Due To Imam’s Separation
  57. 9: To Be Present In Assemblies Where The Fadail And Manaqeb Of Imam (aj) Are Discussed
  58. 10: To Organize Gatherings Where The Fadail Of Imam (aj) Shall Be Discussed
  59. 11-12: Composing And Reciting Poems In Imam’s Praise
  60. 13: To Stand Up With Respect At The Mention Of Imam’s Name
  61. 14-15-16: Due To The Sorrow Of Imam’s Separation One Should Weep, Make Others Weep And Make A Sorrowful Expression
  62. 17: To Pray To Allah That He Bestows Us With The Marefat (Recognition) Of Imam (As)
  63. 18: To Pray For Imam (aj) Regularly
  64. 19: Steadfastness In Praying For Imam (As)
  65. 20: Reciting Supplications During The Period Of Ghaibat
  66. 21: Knowledge Of The Signs Of Reappearance
  67. 22: We Must Be Submissive As Well As Impatient
  68. 23: Giving Sadaqah On Behalf Of Imam (aj)
  69. 24: Giving Sadaqah For The Safety Of Imam az-Zaman (aj)
  70. 25-26: Performing Hajj On Behalf Of Imam (aj) Or Sending Someone as a Proxy For Imam (aj)
  71. 27-28: To Perform Tawaf (Circumambulation) On Behalf Of Imam (aj) Or To Send Someone For Performing Tawaf On His Behalf
  72. 29: Ziarat Of The Holy Prophet And Imams (aj) On Behalf Of Imam (aj)
  73. 30: To Send A Pilgrim For Ziarat On Behalf Of Imam (aj)
  74. 31: Striving For Imam (aj)
  75. 32: Organizing Help Of Imam az-Zaman (aj)
  76. 33: Having A Firm Intention Of Helping Imam (aj) In Event Of His Reappearance
  77. 34: Renewal Of Oath At The Hands Of Imam (aj) Every Day - Every Friday
  78. 35: Helping Imam (aj) With One’s Property
  79. 36: Monetary Assistance To The Pious Shias And Friends Of Imam (aj)
  80. 37: Pleasing The Believers
  81. 38: Being A Well-Wisher Of Imam az-Zaman (aj)
  82. 39: Ziarat Of Imam (aj)
  83. 40: Meeting The Righteous Believers And Socializing With Them
  84. 41: Reciting Salawat And Salutations Upon Imam (aj)
  85. 42: Gifting The Thawab Of Prayers To Imam (aj)
  86. 43: Gift Of A Special Prayer
  87. 44: A Special Prayer In A Particular Time For Hadiya Of Imam az-Zaman (aj)
  88. 45: Reward Of Reciting Qur’an For Imam (aj)
  89. 46: Tawassul And Seeking Intercession Through Imam az-Zaman (aj)
  90. 47: To Ask From Imam (aj) And Address Him In Supplications
  91. 48: Inviting People Towards Imam (aj)
  92. 49: To Take Care Of The Rights And Duties Towards Imam (aj)
  93. 50: Humility And Soft-Heartedness While Remembering Imam (aj)
  94. 51: The Scholars Should Make Their Knowledge Evident
  95. 52: To Practice Taqayyah With Mischief-Makers And To Maintain Secrecy From People Of Other Faiths
  96. 53: To Bear Hardships, Denials And Other Testing Circumstances For The Sake Of Imam (As)
  97. 54: Pray To Allah For Patience In Imam’s Separation
  98. 55: Enjoining Patience During Ghaibat
  99. 56: We Should Not Sit In The Assembly Where Disrespect Is Caused To Imam (As)
  100. 57: To Feign Support To Tyrant Rulers
  101. 58: Avoiding Fame
  102. 59: Self Improvement (Development)
  103. 60: Unity And Co-Operation In Imam’s Help
  104. 61: Sincere Repentance And Fulfillment Of Rights
  105. 62-63: To Remember Imam (aj) And Act Upon His Teachings
  106. 64: Praying To Allah That We Do Not Lose The Remembrance Of Imam (aj)
  107. 65: Humbling Our Body For Imam (aj)
  108. 66: Giving Precedence To The Wish Of Imam az-Zaman (aj) To Our Wishes
  109. 67: Respecting All Those Who Are Near To Imam (aj) Or Those Who Are Associated With Him
  110. 68: Venerating The Places Visited By Imam (aaj)
  111. 69-70: Not To Fix The Time Of Reappearance And To Falsify Those Who Fix The Time
  112. 71: Falsifying All Those Who Claim Special Deputyship During The Greater Occultation
  113. 72: To Pray For Seeing The Imam (aj) With Forgiveness And Faith
  114. 73: Following Imam (aj) In Moral Behavior And Deeds
  115. 74: Restraining Our Tongue Except For Allah’s Remembrance
  116. 75: Prayer Of Imam az-Zaman (aj)
  117. 76: Weeping For Imam Husain (as)
  118. 77: Visiting The Tomb Of Imam Husain (as)
  119. 78: Excessively Cursing The Umayyads, Openly And Secretly
  120. 79: Active Involvement In The Fulfillment Of Rights Of Brothers-In-Faith
  121. 80: Awaiting For The Reappearance (Zuhoor) And Making Preparations For It
  122. Bibliography